When I answer this call, I am told all operators are busy! When they finally get on the phone, they say, Buenos Dias. I say, Pardon me. And they hang up! Hahahaha! Going to block the number now ...
 Nov 16th, 2012
HSBC Card services wants a payment.
 Jan 04th, 2012
This person calls me multiple times a day, and every time I have answered (which has only been 3 or 4 times), I get an automated speaker telling me that operators are busy and to wait. The 2 times I did get through to somebody, a woman (sounded like the same person both times) asked me for "Kevin Smith". My father's name is Kevin, but not Smith. I explained that I am under 18 and that what her company is doing is harrassment, but she continues to call 2-6 times a day.

*If you notice this comment on a different number, that is because it was meant for this number, but I" had previously looked up a different number and forgotten that it was still up.
 Jan 03rd, 2012
This is a computer dialed number that is continually calling customers of HSBC to solicit business for a third party. If you are a customer, on the website, when you log in and go into options, it will not give you the option to opt out of these solicitations, which according to written US law is illegal. Perhaps a mass lawsuit would drive the point home?
 Dec 11th, 2011
Called 4x each time I answered and they listened and hung up. Finally called back and it is a collection firm, not looking for me but with my number. Despicable behaviour looking to leave a message and not talk live, despicable
 Nov 24th, 2011
I have no accounts wih this bank but they call 5 or 6 times a day, 7 days a week do not leave a message, I have even unplugged my phone for several days only to have them call with in an hour of it being plugged back in. Drives me crazy
not given
 Nov 09th, 2011
Call and leave no message, hang up on me at least every two hours all day.
 Oct 30th, 2011
I've been receiving several calls each day from 800-395-2274. When I answer, no one is on the other end of the phone. I finally called the number back and discovered it was HSBC Bank's card services. I have told them that I do not now nor have I ever had any dealings whatsoever with HSBC Bank. They still continue to call. As far as I'm concerned, this is harrassment.
 Oct 11th, 2011
They call several times a day but when I answer they hang up. So now I just reject their calls. It is aggravating.
 Sep 12th, 2011
yes these people are relentless. Don't they realize that we are in a recession and alot of us are doing good to just pay the bills that we have to for us to live. They will be the last ones to get the money. they burn up my phone every hour.
 Jul 29th, 2011
 Jul 23rd, 2011
 Jul 23rd, 2011
How do I file a civil suit with HSBC for harassment? They call every 10 mins.
 Jul 02nd, 2011
 Jun 27th, 2011
GM Card Services
 Apr 15th, 2011
Who are these people? They recently started calling at 5:00 AM 7 days a week, about 2 weeks ago. I answer the phone and not one word is spoken, even after saying hello 3 or 4 times. I hang up, go back to bed and not a hour later, same call and same thing. They even call on Sunday and by the time we come back home from services, there are at least 8 calls on the caller id!! Any ideals?
Kay S.
 Mar 17th, 2011
 Mar 14th, 2011
*77 is my new best friend!!!
 Dec 26th, 2010
I have 2 cards through HSBC, an Orchard Bank and a Discover card. Last week I called all of my credit cards about a hardship program because my husband lost his job. HSBC Discover card told me if I paid $29 on 12/10 and another $29 on 12/17 that my account will be current and up to date with no questions asked and after I paid the first $29 there'd be no phone calls. I paid that $29 and all was silent until today, 2 days before the due date of my bill. So now instead of them getting my $29 they're only getting my past due of $15, yes folks $15 dollars...they're calling me for 15 FREAKING dollars...
 Dec 15th, 2010
Curious that someone reported this as an Allied Interstate call back in the Spring. AI is a third party collector and known scofflaw. (Not that Household Credit was much better in my experience) Wouldn't doubt they tried posing as an original creditor to duck Federal law. Last month they racked up a $1.75 million FTC bill, the second largest for the debt industry, for chronic violation of the FDCPA.

Learn how to exercise your rights as an alleged debtor at FTC-dot gov.
 Nov 30th, 2010
I don't own any hsbc credit cards.
 Nov 30th, 2010
I do not own any credit cards and my cell number gets calls from this number 7 times a day. I refuse to pick the line. And i've had my cell number for years.
 Nov 18th, 2010
They start calling from 8:15 am till 9pm everyday and night. Never leave a message not even sure who or what they are calling about. Wish there was a way to stop there annoying calls.
 Nov 05th, 2010
HSBC - I blocked these ass clowns from from calling my cell phone once before. They called yesterday from 800-684-8429. Both numbers are now blocked by Verizon.
 Oct 26th, 2010
It is HSBC bank any credit card you have linked to them. I have an HSBC card from them and they call all hours I got one Saturday night after 9pm and Sunday they started at 8 sharp. Sad but I refuse to answer they do not have the courtesy to put a person on the phone just a recording saying hold if it is that important be there or leave a message. It is just horrible business practice - for a late payment or a sales call it makes no difference to them if they are interupting you 20 times a day. it is only 5:38 est and I have already had 6 calls from them today, NEVER a person.
Wendy G
 Oct 25th, 2010
These ass clowns used to call my cell phone constantly from another number 800-395-2274). Thankfully, Verizon lets you block incoming calls from from up to five telephone numbers.
 Oct 25th, 2010
AROUND 10 CALLS PER DAY INCLUDING SUNDAYS THEY START AT 815 AM today is Sunday after 8 PM, they call my cell too. no messages...

i will be forced to change all my numbers.
 Oct 25th, 2010
this is sears, not the store, but the credit card from sears
 Oct 24th, 2010
They call every 1 and a half to two hours every day starting at 8 am and ending around 9 pm. They also use 800-395-2274 to call from
 Oct 22nd, 2010
one frickin' day late and they call all day.
 Oct 19th, 2010
All of my bills are paid, why do they keep calling? When I answer, there is nobody there. What is the point of all the phone calls? I wish there was a way to make them stop calling all day long starting at 8:00 AM until about 9:00 PM.
 Sep 27th, 2010
These assholes keep calling for someone who I do not even know, when I told them to remove my number. They said they can not do that because the person who they are calling about has to do it!they can fuck off! I turned the phone completely off, now call me assholes
 Sep 25th, 2010
start calling at 8:30 am and keep calling every 45 mins....never leave a message.
 Sep 19th, 2010
At least 5 calls a day. Please stop it somehow!
 Aug 28th, 2010
The calls have started again. I called and raised hell a few months ago and asked them not to call again. I would not mind so much if they called for a reason or if there was someone on the line when they called. A computer probably auto-dials thousands of numbers at one time. If an agent is available he/she will be connected when you pick up the phone. If not, the call will disconnect and piss me off.
Allen B
 Jul 31st, 2010
they call all times of the day and hang up when the phone is answered
 Jul 25th, 2010
They are calling our place of business countless times a day - i just pick it up and hang it up!!! Thank God for caller id.
 Jul 22nd, 2010
After reading BJ's comment I checked my new cell phone and went to "calls missed". One of the options was to add the number to the reject call list.
 Jun 28th, 2010
Called them back. When recording asked for acct # I kept hitting 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 and hey transferred me to an accont person. I requested her to stop calling my prepaid number repeatedly & using up my minutes. After giving her my # she said it came up as Minh for the name. I said NO. She siad would delete that number. We will see.
 Jun 28th, 2010
The bill is paid but they keep calling and calling! I don't answer because there is nobody there when I do answer.
 Jun 01st, 2010
This continues to call several times a day, everyday @ set periods of time. I got no response when I called back and/or answered the call.
 May 25th, 2010
they call me at least 10 times a day
 May 25th, 2010
Calls four or five times a day -- no one on the line if you answer -- rings five times. What a nucence!
 May 25th, 2010
HSBC Finance Corp.
888-245-9364 & (800) 395-2274
961 N Weigel Ave
Elmhurst, IL 60126-1058
Principal: Ms. Vida Bostic, Manager Customer Disputes
Customer Contact: Ms. Vida Bostic, Manager Customer Disputes
Email Address:
TOB Classification: Financial Services, Banks, Consumer Finance & Loan Co., Credit Card Processing Service, Credit Cards & Plans, Credit Services, Furniture-Retail, Investment Advisory Service, Investment Securities, Loans, Mortgage Brokers, Stock & Bond Brokers
BBB Accreditation: This organization is a BBB Accredited business.
Additional DBA Names:
H S B C Securities (usa) Inc
HSBC Finance Corp
Beneficial Mortgage
American Dreamcard
Household Credit Services, Inc.
Polaris Star Card
Reward Zone Program
Household Recovery Services
Household Life Insurance Company
Household Financial Services
Household Mortgage Services
Household Bank VISA
Household Finance Corporation
Household Bank FSB
Household Automotive Finance Corporation
Orchard Bank
Beneficial Finance Corporation
HSBC Auto Finance
HSBC Card Services
HSBC Bank Nevada
HSBC Consumer Lending
HSBC Mortgage Services
HSBC Retail Services
HSBC Taxpayer Financial Services
Decision One Mortgage Corp.
HSBC Insurance
Metris-Direct Merchants Bank
 May 17th, 2010
I called this number from a phone that does not come back to me. They have been calling my cell phone (listed on FTC DNC list) for months. I send all unknown callers to voice mail. Finally I call them back to stop this harassment.

If you call, they ask for your account number. Press 0# a time or two and you'll eventually get a representative. I told them I get calls several times a day, and they look up my cell # (and last name only) and can't match it to any account. They tell me it must be the marketing department. I ask my number to be removed from their marketing call list and they act like they comply. They also tell me to put my number on the FTC DNC list (which it is). They may be lying, but they acted helpful.

Remember. Don't give too much info. I just gave them my number and last name, and I called from a number not important to me (a free IP phone number).
 May 10th, 2010
They called my cell, and when I didn't answer they called my land line immediately after. Pesky, and has a history of being crooked. DO NOT ANSWER!
 May 07th, 2010
Since April 19th have received any where from 5-7 calls each day. Never leave a message.
 Apr 29th, 2010
HBCS (Hospital Billing & Collection Service) was established in 1985 to provide billing and collection services for healthcare organizations. Currently, HBCS services more than 60 healthcare clients throughout the U.S.

Corporate Office
118 Lukens Drive
New Castle, DE 19720

Massachusetts Office
701 Edgewater Drive
Wakefield, MA 01880

Maryland Office
NorthGate Building 3
2424 Northgate Drive
Salisbury, MD 21801
 Apr 28th, 2010
It is only 10:21 am and these bastards have called my phone 4 times already! Since they just kept calling, never bothered to leave us a message. Ive decided to get out of bed and answer their call once and for all! A recording came on and it went on and on, and on AND ON saying the same thing...That they're a debt collection agency, Allied Interstate something..

When the phone rep finally answered, I immediately asked who they were and what they want. Told him that I thought I heard their recording say theyre ALLIED INTERSTATE. Still, I need him to verify this and tell me what their company name is..Well, guess what? He wouldnt say! He said that if my name isnt miguel so-and-so(my husband), then they cant talk to me. Also said that they were not obligated to answer my questions, that I am not the person theyre looking for. And when he finally listened to what I was saying..that I am the wife! He said that "I maybe the wife, still it is not I that they need to speak to but my husband instead"....

What the hell? are these people for reals?

I may be the wife, but I am also the one in charge of all our finances! Ive asked what the debt was, but they just wouldnt say??? These freaking people woke me up just so they could hung up on me????

Where can I complain? Who do I call? And whats the worst that could happen to these people, to Allied Interstate? will they get penalized or something? I really want to know because these people just ruined my Saturday morning!!!!
 Apr 03rd, 2010
It is only 10:21 am and these bastard have called my phone 4 times already! Since they just kept calling, never bothered leaving any message. Ive decided to get out of bed and answer their call. A recording came on and it went on and on, and onAND ON saying the same freaking thing...That they're a debt collection agency, Allied Interstate something..

When the phone rep finally answered, I immediately asked who they were and what they want. Told him that their recording said Allied Interstate, still I need him to verify their company name..Well, guess what?He wouldnt say! He said that if my name miguel so-and-so(my husband), then they camt talk to me. Also said that they were not obligated to answer my questions, that I am not the person theyre looking for. When he finally listened to what I was saying..that I am the wife! He said that "I maybe the wife, still it is not I that they need to speak to but my husband instead....

What the hell? are these people for reals?

I maybe the wife, but I am also the one in charge of all our finances! Ive asked what the debt was, but they just wouldnt say??? These freaking people woke me up just so they could hung up on me????

Where can I complain? Who do I call? And whats the worst that could happen to these people, to Allied Interstate? will they get penalized or something? I really want to know because these people just ruined my Saturday morning!!!!
 Apr 03rd, 2010
same as chad -- calls at least 4-6 times per day -- do not even have an account w/ these @ssh0les!
 Apr 03rd, 2010
These people called me 41 times today,37 yesterday and I feel harrassed
 Mar 27th, 2010
*77 on my AT&T phone called the Illinois State Police lol. And I don't live in Illinois.
 Mar 17th, 2010
If they're calling you on your land line, there are many things available from your phone company to stop the calls, such as call blocker, anonymous call rejection, privacy manager etc. . Just call your phone company and set these things to work. If they're calling you on your cell phone, go into your settings to the call manager. From there you have a list of options on who is allowed to call you. You can set it to allow everyone to call, no one to call, or only allow ppl in your address book. I have mine set to only ppl in my address book. So no one can call me except those whose numbers I have stored in my phone. And thats where all my friends, family, co-workers etc. are anyway. Guess it probably prevents me from receiving an occasional call from someone I might actually want to talk to. But for the most part, it does what I want it to do, none of these telemarketer idiots can even call me ! AWESOME !
 Mar 17th, 2010
HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) is using a "global calling center" based in Manila, Philippines; but, they obviously don't update their calling center's computer screens with either the fact that they've already called numerous times that day, or that they were told specifically WHEN to call back to reach the party they are interesting in talking to (nor to STOP phone calling, and just conduct business via mail).
After the 3rd call in one morning, I requested to speak to a supervisor (named "Anna Sanchez"), but neither the initial operator nor Ms. Sanchez would identify what city/country they were calling from, and wouldn't answer any simple direct questions about HSBC.
I called back into the toll-free number, and reached a friendly, co-operative male agent who answered several questions about HSBC (such as which "card services" they represented -- to try to verify if HSBC had an "established business relationship" or not) and that he was located in Manila.
Will have to "wait & see" if either his or Ms. Sanchez's "updates" stop the calls. (I informed both that we do NOT conduct credit card business over the phone, especially not over international lines.) I will contact HSBC Bank USA headquarters in New York (800-975-HSBC [-4722]) and relay my disgust over their "outsourced" calling center, and its methods of operation.
Dennis C.
 Mar 13th, 2010
I have Verizon and *77 turns on the anonymous call rejection feature.
 Feb 10th, 2010
 Feb 03rd, 2010
Okay, if you have comcast you can block these calls by dialing *77 and a recording will ask if you want to block the last number that called please press one for yes or two for no.

It may work on other phones as well, Give it a try and see if it works for you.
 Feb 01st, 2010
Keep calling this business number and no message ,, I am too busy on a switchboard for this ..
Great Lakes
 Jan 27th, 2010
Phone Number Report: 800-395-2274

They have called 8 times, starting on 1-8-10. They asked for "Don". My husband's told them "no Don here. Please stop calling me."

They are calling a truck driver's cell phone. They have awoken him several times now. The last time (before today) I called them from home. I told them to stop calling & that if they call again I was going to report them to the FTC.

Well, they called his cell phone number again today. I called them & demanded to speak to a supervisor or manager. Then, I put her on a 3-way call to the FTC & filed a complaint with them -- while she was on the phone. She kept trying to interrupt. I lost connection to the FTC & had to call them back.

I also told "Kathy", the supervisor, that if he has an accident because of being woken up by their phone calls -- I WAS GOING TO SUE THEM! Also, I've asked them what kind of scam they are operating. Phishing? What exactly is their purpose? I told them about all the numerous websites with complaints against them. I told them that one site listed complaints to FTC 7,952. I did not disclose this website's name.

The Do Not Call fine is $16,000 per violation. I told Kathy this. This fine is per call. 8 x $16,000 == STIFF PENALTY!
 Jan 20th, 2010
Phone God

Here's how I stopped the calls. I am going to post this information for every number listed here that my software "traps".

As you may be aware, you cannot block toll-free calls. That is because the creditor is not really calling from a toll free number. Toll free numbers cannot place outgoing calls. The creditors "spoof" the caller ID to look like it's coming from a toll free number, but it is not, which is why your phone service cannot block those numbers.

I am going to refer to two company's products, but I promise you I am not spamming... I am just saying what worked for me. And it works VERY well.

First up is a Zoom PCI V.92 3025C voice modem. You can find them at pacificgeek dot com for 20$

Second step is software called "CallClerk". (callclerk dot com). CallClerk software can hang up on these jokers before your answering machine picks up.

Run a phone line extension to the voice modem in your computer, and install the software. You can set the software to play a message before it hangs up on any number you want it to. I have the software set up to play a recording of "We're sorry, the number you have dialed has been disconnected" to a-holes like this. Actual phone company messages are available at

Turn off the ringers on your phone, and tell CallClerk to play a ring-tone for calls you want to accept. Unless you look at CallClerk's logs, you will NOT EVEN KNOW these jokers have called!

Sound complicated? In a way, yes, you need some kind of computer skills and some will to do this. But, let me tell you, it is SO worth it to take back control of your phone!
Phone God
 Jan 08th, 2010
when you answer the phone no one answers its a machine telling you that the operators are busy It doesn't identify the caller or the reason they are call nor does it ask for any one specific So what i want to know is if they have no one to speak with you why are they calling
 Dec 28th, 2009
These people from HSBC called me 12 times in the past two days. Since they identify themselves only as "Toll Free Call", don't say anything when you pick up the phone and won't leave messages, why would anyone ever deal with them? Honorable companies aren't afraid to leave voice mails. Judging by what I've read on this site, this is a very underhanded company and I personally won't answer the phone when these people call. They'll get their number blocked soon if they don't knock it off. Where on the FTC's web site do we post complaints?
 Dec 27th, 2009
5 times a day. Even called Sunday evening. Get an effin life!
 Dec 14th, 2009
These fuckers call me 5 times a day at least. Every two hours if I'm lucky. They have been calling me for two months now. Fuckers
 Dec 13th, 2009
I am sick of these people, they called yesterday 17 times from 8:18AM to 8:58PM on my home # and 16 times on my cell #. This has got to be harrassment at it's best. How do we block or stop them from calling?
 Nov 27th, 2009
Repeated calls from this number. No messages or voice mail. Appears to be computer generated.
 Nov 25th, 2009
This number called my home phone. We did not recognize the number so we did not answer. Immediately after our home phone stopped ringing, my cell phone rang - same number. I looked on this site and saw that some reported the number as belonging to HSBC. I checked all of my HSBC accounts. All were paid on time (early, in fact.) I then called the number back. The answer recording said "card services" and asked me to enter the last 4 digits of my acct. number. I did not. Then it asked me for the last four digits of my ssn, which I also elected not to enter. I was then transferred to an operator. I and asked him the name of the company I was calling. He said HSBC. I asked why he would be calling my number. He said he did not know. I said that the only reason I can think that he might be calling is if a payment was late, and nothing is late. He reluctantly admitted that he was calling from HSBC collections. He asked for the phone number that was called. I gave it to him. He asked if the name he had was my name. It was. He said that he could see my accounts and that there is absolutely no reason his department would be calling me, and that there was no record of calls made to my number. I told him that was very odd and a little disconcerting. He agreed. I told him that, shortly before calling him, I did a little research and it appears that I am not the only one that this is happening to. I suggested that he report that there may be some sort of computer problem that HSBC should probably look into. He agreed to do so and apologized for my inconvenience.

If anyone else has this difficulty, I would suggest reporting it to HSBC. Clearly there is some sort of problem.
 Nov 13th, 2009
on do not call so don't call
 Nov 12th, 2009
This number called five times in one day, left no message. We do not have anything to do with HSBC, and we want nothing to do with them. When we ask them to stop, they wanted to get our name, social security number, address etc. I said forget it. When we told them we have reported them, they said that they are not reportable because they are not making a sales call. HSBC has used up all our good will. We do not want to have anything to do with them in the future.
 Nov 12th, 2009
This number called me 3 times in 2.5 hours this afternoon. I did not answer it. It showed up on my caller ID and it was on my Cell Phone. No message was left.
 Nov 11th, 2009
They did not leave a msg however from what I see with others comments I believe it is Hsbc as we have business with them.
 Nov 04th, 2009
I get at least 2 calls a day from this number. If it is HSBC - they can go fly a kite! I want nothing to do with them.
 Nov 02nd, 2009
This number has called several times a day for weeks, and they are asking for (probably) the previous owner of the phone. I told them they were calling the wrong number, but they didn't stop even when I told them I would press charges for violating privacy and harassment. After talking to my phone provider (there was nothing they could do other than changing the number), they suggested I called 8003952274 back and pressed 0 to talk to someone else. It turns out that if you dial 8003952274 and press 1, you reach HSBC Retail Services and get to talk to someone. I asked them to never call me again and they told me they removed my number from their list. Regardless, this is harassment.
 Oct 28th, 2009
I have had at least 5 calls a day on my cell phone from this number. If it is HSBC calling, I have no business of any kind with them, nor will I ever do business with them or any of their associates!
I intend report the company to any state and federal agency that I can find for their calls to my cell phone.
 Oct 19th, 2009
Called my number 4 times today. No message. No way to identify who is calling.
 Oct 19th, 2009
Just called again, same number, why don't they check their computer records/payment records before making their stupid phone calls!? The bill has been paid!
Anon - again
 Oct 17th, 2009
Called at 8:30 am my local time (I believe the law states they can't call before 9 a.m.), didn't leave a message on my machine, but if it is HSBC calling about a "late payment"...I made the payment on the internet to their site DAYS ago (before it was due even)'s late because they're stupid company holds your payment for days after you make it rather than recording it the moment you pay. (or you can pay $15 for a 'rush' payment that records instantly). It's an electronic payment, it should be immediate, everywhere else it is without having to pay an extra freaking fee. So what are they doing then, holding it to make sure that you end up paying a late fee? Going to pay off this card soon then they'll be losing my business cause the card is getting cut up and the account closed. Bad business just trying to rip off their customers.
 Oct 17th, 2009
my cell rang, so i answered it, it was the Fucktard Association looking for "Lenny the lobster", last scene leaving a Wal-Mart with 10 gals of K-Y and some plastic tubing, oh and paper clips, pudding cups and a Halloween mask of jimmy carter. he was wearing camouflage so no one could see him, so if YOU see him call them back and please report the sighting. he is easy to miss, but you could pick him out of a crowd! Happy Hunting!
 Oct 03rd, 2009
I got 5 calls from this number and 10 from other numbers 866-748-4956, 866-576-1447, 866-929-5307, 866-759-5447, 866-210-1875, 888-748-4956, 866-510-9350) within a 2-week span. The calls were to my FAX machine (a distinctive ring on my regular phone line) and after the first few I started to answer before the fax machine picked up. They asked for a person whose name I've never heard (always the same person, except once), and each time I told them I didn't know that person, that the number they've called has been a fax number for 6 years, and that I don't want to hear from them again. In a few cases I missed the calls but found them on my caller ID and called them back to tell them to leave me alone. They answered the phone as "Card Services" and for my 16-digit account number. They were always apologetic and said they'd take my number off their list within 48 hours. Finally stopped, and I haven't heard from them for the past 4 days.
 Sep 21st, 2009
These people call my home number 10 times a day.... They never leave a message........ And now they are calling my cell phone and I don't even know how they got it...... If I don't answer the first call they hang up and call right back.... So my husband answered my cell phone and wouldn't you know it, it wasn't even for us..... But the man insisted that he was this person.....Of course it was someone who wasn't even this country calling... Some company's now give a link to people who are actually in another country the ability to call to the US using their US line.....

Once my account is paid off I will not use this company every again.......
 Sep 16th, 2009
This is most likely a scam. Since alot of people have accounts with HSBC, the just call millions of people, hoping one of your will think it is a legitimate business call. Then you give them all your personal info and your identity is stolen. Has anyone contacted the real HSBC to find out if this is really them calling?
 Sep 15th, 2009
said was a business opertunity
 Sep 10th, 2009
like i said stop fuckn calln me
u guys r soo fuckn annoying
La Guerita
 Aug 29th, 2009
this is my number 209-345-8075 can you please stop calling my phone thank you
La Guerita
 Aug 29th, 2009
Simply state to them IF you ever do talk to a human being the following:

In accordance with federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, please cease and desist from communicating with me by telephone. I've recorded this call and your phone number.

I'd also get a letter out to them stating the same.
 Aug 28th, 2009
you are a pain in the ass, you asses! Loose my frickin' number dumb ass!
K Bob Kod
 Aug 25th, 2009
these mutts should a the least show their company name.and not at 8:30!
 Aug 20th, 2009
I have connected my fax machine to P/U on the second ring, doesn't stop them
 Aug 12th, 2009
they let the phone ring several times, if no one picks up, they call right back. They do call 7 days a week, more than 5 or 6 times daily. I don't believe they should be calling at 8AM on a weekend!!! One time my husband answered and the guy tried to get him info from him, including his consent to take money out of my checking account. he's not even on this card with me. He kept asking for confirmation on my cell and work #s no matter what my husband told him. I was told that if you write these companies a letter, statig you ONLY want them to contact you via mail. then they should stop calling. have not done this yet, but will try
 Aug 11th, 2009
I am very disappointed in HSBC Services. I took the time out to speak with one of the associates and they informed me that I had until the 15th before any additional late fees and interest were added then a few days later another rep calls telling me that I owe $90 due to the additional late fees and interest added to the card. In addition to this, I just counted the amount of times these people called me in one day. They called 11 TIMES IN ONE DAY! Including the calls on my cell phone. If I am not mistaken, aren't creditors limited to a minimum of 3 phone calls per day?
 Aug 08th, 2009
i didnt answer this call...dont know who it is
 Aug 07th, 2009
5th call today>>lets get this fools
 Aug 06th, 2009
12 calls in a 5 hour period of time from this number
 Aug 01st, 2009
 Jul 30th, 2009
They called me 4 times today.. the second call I talked to someone and told them they had the wrong #. Of course two hours later they called me again..
 Jul 30th, 2009
They keep calling me but I've already reported them to the FCC. They asked for people unheard of who never were at this number, when they were not hanging up without a word that is.
 Jul 30th, 2009
Never anyone there robocal. One of a set of numbers that constantly call. I don't have ANY unpaid bills and don't know who these idiots are. Am also on the Do Not Call List, for all the good that does.
 Jul 26th, 2009
if answered silence or goes to an automated message, or hangs up!!!!!
 Jul 16th, 2009
I REALLY dislike this company and If I ever get another credit with anyone I will make sure it is NOT hsbc. i have complained to them directly about their calling and not leaving messages, and "it's not our policy" just doesn't fly with me. they call from morning to night, weekends and holidays and are a complete nuissance.
 Jul 16th, 2009