This is a phishing scam number! I got the text message to claim that it is from Citi card fraud alert. First, I believed it; I texted it back x2 that I didn't purchase anything like it was said in the message. Then, I called the official number and found out that no transaction which was "reported" in the message was made. Surprisingly, there were two fraud transactions which were in pending. I guessed they're from two times I texted back to the fraud messages, and somehow it connected to fraud transactions (?). Do not text them back!
 Mar 08th, 2019
Number is from Citicard to confirm fraud activity. Number is not a scam
 Jul 31st, 2018
It is a Citicard Fraud telephone number. I wasn't sure at first so I called the number on the back of my card. I gave them the case number and got everything straightened out. The next day I got another call from 800-386-6624 so I called the number back and they said, "it looks like you already took care of it with another agent, have a great day".
 Nov 14th, 2017
Extremely suspicious
 Oct 20th, 2017
I received two vm msgs on my work number, one at 8:00PM and one at 8:00AM, both from a recorded message (not a live person) asking me to call the Citibank Thank You Points fraud department at 1-800-386-6624 regarding a recent transaction to my account. The recorded message also provided a "case number" - 6814646. I did not call the given number. Instead I went to the TY Points official website and dialed the number listed there and explained the situation to the customer service rep and gave her the 800 number and the case number. The customer service rep subsequently informed that she could not find that 800 number anywhere in their records, that she herself had dialed the number and gotten a message asking for a "pin number." She informed me that Citi would never ask for a pin number. She then reviewed my TY Points account, confirmed my official last transaction in 2016, and stated that there were no recent transactions. Conclusion: PHISHING SCAM.
New York
 Sep 15th, 2017
Thank you Citibank!!!!!!!!!!!
 Aug 21st, 2017
It is a real citicard call. How do I know? The only piece of personal information requested was the billing zip code on my account statement. I so much appreciate citibank's onging effort to stop credit card fraud. One day sitting at my office, phone rang. It was citibank. They wanted to know if I was buying a guitar in Indianapolis. Of course not. They disallowed the purchase and overnighted new cards to me.
 Aug 21st, 2017
It is a citicard call. They sent a text about fraudulent activity on my card. I called the number on the back of my card instead and they did verify that a charge of over $1000 was made online today for an event company I never heard of. They closed that card and now they are sending me a replacement.
New Jersey
 Aug 01st, 2017
i am being sued by citibank that i owed them money i did not apply for this credit card and they want to take me to court this is a fraud credit card. they said i open this in June of 1988, which i never did open this account.
 Apr 27th, 2017
It's legit. I called the number on the back of my card and there were 2 fraudulent charges.
 Apr 15th, 2017
I got a text message telling me to call this number. To be safe, I called the number on my card instead. There were actually fraudulent charges on my account. They closed the account and issued a new card.
 Apr 06th, 2017
This is legit. I received a call from this number with a fraud alert, telling me to call back at the same number. I was suspicious so I Googled the phone number and found this page. Then I called the number on the back of my credit card instead and was automatically routed to the fraud department. The call was real.
District of Columbia
 Mar 14th, 2017
Claims it's from CitiBank fraud department. I got the same message with the same phone number in an email, but the case number given in the phonecall was different than the one in the email. I called the number on the back of the card, and the (real) CitiBank service rep says that everything is fine on my card, and told me that I "did right" by calling the one on the back of the card, not the one in the email or phone call. The phishing email is well-crafted - all links go to appropriate websites, and the logo is correct.
 Nov 30th, 2015
Call from the fraud alert department (caller ID did not indicate true source). Call was to investigate two charges the last on declined which were approx 400-miles from the last charge to the care less than 24-hours before and a location I have not visited in over 10-years. Charges have been credited and the card cancelled. New card is due for overnight delivery.
 May 21st, 2015
I received an automated message stating it was Citibank Fraud early warning prevention and that it ws very important that I call them back at 888-296-0988. Instead of calling that number, I called the number on the back of my card. I was connected to the fraud alert department, and they asked if I had made any online purchases today. I said "Yes", and verified my purchases. They had allowed one purchase, but disallowed another. After I verified the purchases, they removed the hold on my card.
The same thing happened in November, but that time there had been 5 fraudulent online charges made using my credit card. Citi took care of cancelling the card immediately, sent me a new card, which arrived the next day by Federal Express, and cleared up all the charges and sent me a letter explaining their actions.
 Jan 13th, 2014
We just received a call today. This is a scam. Once they got our credit card numbers they spent thousands.
Bryan V.
 Sep 10th, 2013
We just received a text message - this looked suspicious so we went to the Citi Card website. There was a message to contact Customer Service - Fraud Dept., which we did. This wasa real text from Citi Bank Fraud Dept. Thanks Citi Bank!
Robert S.
 Jun 22nd, 2013
This is real. After I got an e-mail from them to call this number, I checked my online account for Citi, and sure enough, there was a hold on my card due to what they thought were unusual purchases (even though they were really my purchases)
 Dec 13th, 2012
I got call from this number saying it was Citibanks fraud department. I called the nu,ber on the back of my card, instead of this number, and they said it was a phising scam. Citi told me that a credit card company will NEVER ask you to call any number that is not published on the back of your card...
This is a fake
 Oct 20th, 2012
I received this text: "Free Text Msg: Citi Cards Fraud Dept.Did you make a charge at MARSHALLS #____ in the amount of $___.__ on mm-dd? Yes, reply 1, No,reply 2.You may also call 18003866624..."

I first checked my account online and there certainly had been someone using my card information to go shopping. I then called the number using another phone line and call blocking. Once I input the given PIN, I was connected to an automated Citibank Fraud Hotline. Just to make sure it wasn't a phishing operation, I input a false ZIP code when asked of mine. It confirmed it was not what they had in their records. I then entered the correct ZIP and was directed to a live agent.

They resolved my issue.

This was a legitimate notification. I don't usually take the time to fill out information like this. But if it helps a few people, I've done a good deed for today. Best of luck!
ID Theft Victim
 Oct 20th, 2012
This is a legitimate call, I called the number on the back of my Citi card and spoke with a rep about the previous call I received. Citi Bank had denied my purchase on the card because I had not used this card in awhile and wanted to verify the transaction as a legitimate purchase and not fraudulent. However crooks & scammers do sometimes spoof the caller ID info with Citi Bank name & numbers so it's better to call the number on the back of your credit card and speak with a legitimate rep to verify any issues and not trust an incoming call that could have been spoofed by a criminal trying to get your credit card information.
 Jul 19th, 2012
Received call from this number stating there was suspected fraudulent use of my credit card. I called the number on the back of the card, and they in fact did place a hold on a transaction that I made. Apparently the fraud detection folks at Citicards are diligent in doing there job, but that was a tad inconvenient for me. In any event, the number is valid for Citi, but I would still call the card issuer directly, rather than give information over the phone.
 May 08th, 2012
Caller left message this morning. Message consisted only of "to resolve this situation, we may contact you at another number. Thank you for choosing Citi. Goodbye"

Returned the call and got placed on hold by an automated switchboard. Got suspicious. Hung up.

Called Citibank at their main customer service number. Gave the phone number to the rep. She says everything is okay with my accounts, and 800-386-6624 is NOT a legitimate phone number for Citibank, and thanked me for my report.
 Apr 19th, 2012
This Is a legitimate call. I had registered my card on their website so I could access information on my account from the net. The recorded call I received informed me that some one had registered a card with there website (which was true, ME) and and to verify it by punching in my zip code (nothing more). The recording went onto say that if it wasn't me that registered I was to contact them from the phone number on the back of my Citi card immediately. So I believe it was a legit call, however when it comes to phone scams there is nothing wrong with being vigilant about it, research everything, better to error on the side of caution.
 Jan 18th, 2012
I got a missed call from this number at 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning with no message left. I thought it was probably a telemarketer, until I looked up the number on this site, which indicated it was Citi Cards. I logged into my account online, which advised me to call customer service immediately to avoid interruption of service. I spoke with a representative, who advised me that there were three attempted charges on my account that I didn't initiate, one of which had been authorized. The representative said the account would be closed and a new card would be overnighted to me. She also said the security department would mail me a fraud claim form to dispute the charge that had been authorized that I would receive within 7 days. This is the second time one of my Citi accounts has been compromised (an identity thief changed the mailing address on my savings and checking accounts and had a new debit card mailed to another address). I'm beginning to think my information may have been compromised as part of the recent Citi data loss, though the representative at my local branch insisted that wasn't the case. I wonder.
Call recipient
 Jan 08th, 2012
This is actually a legit call from Citi if you have a credit card. I had tried to use my card yesterday to buy 3 gift cards for Christmas. The store did not allow gift cards to be put on credit cards (debit cards only) and I had scanned the card and tried it twice before using my debit card. Apparently it was noted by Citi as they thought the card may nave been stolen. They had put a block on the card to prevent it from being used. Actually impressed with this. And they do not ask you for any confidential information, only if you have your card in possession, the billing zip code and did you authorize the purchase.
Bob D
 Dec 22nd, 2011
WOW, I am impressed. I no more hit the order key for an on-line order using my Citibank card and then my phone rang and it was Citibank verifing that it was truly me that placed the order. Love that kind of service. Just wish they would ID themselves on the caller ID, but I am making a note of the number they called from so the next time I will know that it is them calling to make sure no fraud is happening on my card!!!
 Dec 03rd, 2011
Suspicious email said Citibank had tried to call me about suspicious activity on my card. I NEVER TRUST THIS STUFF! I went to the Citi website and accessed my account, and there WAS a note in red to call cust. svc. right away. Citi DID try to call me: this was a legitimate call! (the suspicious charge was OK, the merchant had just entered an incorrect expiration date). But I told the Citi representative:
Your phone number shows up on caller ID as "Out of Area". I NEVER answer this type of call. And you did not even leave a message. That tells me you are a telemarketer, and I will ignore every call from you! If I were the president of your company, I would want my employees to be more productive: Fix your phone to reflect that you are Citibank. And if you call 15 people and 12 don't answer, LEAVE A MESSAGE! Don't call those same 12 people back 4 times and continue to get no answer! What a waste of company resources!
 Apr 14th, 2011
Why would you trust that this is really Citibank?
Why would Citibank ask you to call a phone # that isn't listed on their web site?
Unless you know for certain that this is REALLY Citibank, which you probably don't, don't call this number.
If you do, let us know how we can also verify that this number is really Citibank.

If it is really Citibank, there are some people at Citibank that need to be fired for allowing these messages to go out, asking callers to call a random 800 #. It trains customers to follow bad security practices.
Matthew Elvey
 Mar 01st, 2011
Automated message about activity on my credit card.
 Dec 04th, 2010