Mildred: Calls past that time violate federal law as well. What's likely is that AI uses a predictive dialer and needs staff available to receive calls whenever that dialer is active. Any canned content won't be on tape in this decade, but some form of digital storage.
 Jan 03rd, 2012
These people call after 9:00 p.m. every evening which is against our state law. They did not call on
Xmas eve, Xmas Day nor New Year eve or day, so they can't say it is a tape, they had the nerve to take
vacation from violating our state law.
 Jan 03rd, 2012
Fun fact: In October 2010 the FTC hung Allied Interstate out to dry for $1.75 million, the third largest fine the debt industry has seen, for chronic violation of the FDCPA. They spent the rest of that year hammering people for debt with renewed vigor and the same old lawbreaking, to judge from the surge in complaints. I guess Allied execs figure they should pay their bill with your money instead of theirs.

Debt Collector Will Pay $1.75 Million to Settle FTC Charges [press release]
 Oct 29th, 2011
Annon, I'm having great difficulty believing you have a bathroom stalker from a debt collection agency. Seems to me for a thorough test of this theory, you could try offsetting your shower to unpredictable times and stay at a friend's house a couple days.

High volume debt collectors like Allied Interstate are notoriously deaf to verbal requests. Third parties to the alleged debtor like yourself don't get a lot of coverage by FDCPA, but it does say ''any person'' cannot be abused or misled by a collector.

To a ''not me'' case I always recommend putting the agency on notice, just as you would if you were the target and the debt claim was invalid. Send a cease-comm notice via USPS Certified with return card. The FTC and many consumer watchdogs explain how to draft one. This will set a legal landmine, as such a notice is ignored at their peril. This can also help pull the agency under the shadow of TCPA, which carries treble damages for ''willful'' violation.

Learn how to exercise your FDCPA rights as an alleged debtor at FTC-dot-gov.
 Oct 29th, 2011
this number appears on my caller I/d at least 5 -times a week. i believe this person is a male stalker. and the reason i say that is because i recieve this call whenever i am in my bathroom, showering or whatever. the call is too precise to the action of my activiy while in the bathroom. i also believe he is a scammer. all he wants to do is to get you to answer and say "they don't live here" or "I am not that person", and bingo --- he has a live human to match a name with that he has already researched. be wise and do not answer at all. this stalker could be using hi-tech spying tools to look at you when he gets you to answer the phone. wise -up and get smart just as he is. i have registered this number with the "do not call" registrar but he comes back with another I/D such as: toll free caller - unknown name - unavailable - 800 service caller/
 Sep 30th, 2011
They said they were calling to collecct a debt. I asked the person's name that they were trying to collect for and immediately told them that person doesn't live here and for them to remove my number from there list and never to call again. The lady said,ok, but we'll see. I don't like calls trying to collect someone else's dabt just because we have the same last name. That is very irritating.
 Jul 03rd, 2009
They called for someone i do,nt know asking about a debt this person owed so i told them he was,nt here. I will probably hear from them again. Then i will just hang up on them but i can go to my cell provider and block their number so the joke is on them hahahaha.
 Apr 30th, 2009
It is Allied Interstate- they do collections for Sallie and Fannie Mae for student loan defaults.
joe blow
 Dec 08th, 2008
Possibly a collection agency looking for someone who used to live here 4 years ago.
 May 13th, 2008
This phone number is for Allied Interstate. Among other things, they are the collection agency for federal student loans issued by Sallie Mae.
 May 09th, 2008
Call 3-4 times daily. Student Loan collection agency. Call my family weekly and pretend to be calling about a job reference.
 Aug 30th, 2007
"pamela schroeder" asked for payroll, said it was really important. said her extension was 8494
 Jan 04th, 2007
I did not anwer but they left a message on New Year's day asking me to call at my earliest convenience. I'm SURE they are a collection agency!
Norman Mayer
 Jan 02nd, 2007
A fellow that identified himself as Jeff Corbett (no company name indicated) called looking for a friend of mine, but addressed the call as if he had my friends phone number. He said the call was of a "personal nature", but I've the distinct impression this is probably some sort of collector hinting around. The number that showed up on caller ID is a number out of Seattle WA, but the call back number he gave was 800-367-1822 x 8864. If it is a collector, I don't appreciate them calling my cell number, harrassing me. Find another way to track down your customers. Don't call their friends, at the friends cost-cell phones, nor their rates, are free.
 Dec 05th, 2006
Fellow by the name of Jeff Corbett, extension 8864, called my number, asking for a friend of mine. Said the call was of a "Personal Nature". As this is my cell phone number, and it is a number listed on the National "Do Not Call" list, this angers me that they have the audacity to call, at my expense for someone other than myself. I've filled out the form on this web-site to report them for violation of the "Do Not Call" list. Hopefully they'll get fined. But even if they are fined I'm sure it won't be enough to reign them in from further privacy violations. If this is a collections agency, and they're calling for a friend of mine, what right do they have to call me? My credit score is over 800. I pay my bills. So bug off!
 Dec 05th, 2006
collection agency...looking for someone other than me...repeatedly called even called my neighbor when letting the phone ring.
 Nov 30th, 2006
I believe this is a person who snoops around getting phone numbers of debtees from their unsuspecting family members. He said his name was Bill Hebert and his extention was 8617.
 Nov 08th, 2006