Received a message from this number stating they were with Discover Card and wanted me to return call regarding a credit application. I returned the call to inform them I had not submitted a credit application and was immediately asked for my social security number. When I would not provide it, I was disconnected.
 Jan 31st, 2014
"After being turned down for a Discover card, this call was to SELL the HSBC discover card with the $80 yearly fee and 29% interest rate. Boo on Discover."

If you got turned down and they tried to offer you a product so you could have credit that's their job. They make money on finance payments and transactions with merchants. Don't take it personally. If you don't see the opportunity in using it to rebuild your credit standing (and make purchases with it that you pay off each month on time) So really there is built in opportunity here. People must be agreeing to it otherwise they wouldn't have a program like it. You can also say No, like you did. This is no different from choosing from a menu at a burger joint. If you don't want the over priced fries that are 150 that they paid a nickel for you don't have to buy it. You just have to evaluate how yummy the credit is to you.
Why bad
 Jan 23rd, 2014
This was actually a legitimate call following up on a credit increase I had asked for.
The phone bank is tasked with the responsibility of reaching us and their job is to get us
to the dept. that collects your proof of income so they can approve you. For privacy reasons they won't
leave a specific message on a tape but since I remembered asking for a increase I called the new different number so I could follow up. All they were trying to do was give me a higher credit limit. No need to panic here. I get 5-15 or so blocked call hang-ups, toll free and out of area phone spam and telemarketers, so I pretty much stopped answering my phone. The do not call list PUTS YOU ON A LIST, so that's a waste. If you owe money they simply want their money. If you ever expressed interest in the Credit Card, they are trying to give you credit.
 Jan 23rd, 2014
Received a call from this number and the caller id read "Who's Who". I have been receiving calls from some firm asking for my personal information to put me on some list of the top people in the business world, I think this is them. I don't know who signed me up for this thing but I do not want any part of it, and I am definitely not going to give any of my information over the phone. Another number for them is 1-800-347-4736.
Graham Stewart
 Jan 08th, 2013
After being turned down for a Discover card, this call was to SELL the HSBC discover card with the $80 yearly fee and 29% interest rate. Boo on Discover.
 Feb 11th, 2011
I did apply for a Discover card last week, so this isn't just for collections. Unfortunately, their auto-dialers suck and hang up on my as soon as I answer.

If you didn't apply for a card and don't owe them anything, I'd call them back and make sure someone hasn't tried to open an account in your name...Identity theft is a real headache if you don't catch it early enough.
 Jan 05th, 2011
I've seen reports of collection calls purporting to be from Discover all month. The opinions are split as to legitimacy. I would momentarily ignore whatever return numbers you were given and find a DFS customer service number yourself. See if anyone in Collections or any other department has ever used the numbers you were given, or if there are records of having called you or your family. Could be a spoof job.
 Oct 17th, 2010
Got another call from this number. This time I answered. A man asked for our son about correspondence he had sent in about a Discover Card. I responded that our son was not home but that I know that he does not have a Discover Card and doubted that he had sent in any correspondence about a Discover Card. The man said he would call again later. Our call blocking function is full; I would have to delete a number in order to block this one (which I may do.)
 Oct 17th, 2010
We have received several calls from this number over the last two weeks, twice on one of the days. Today was the first time that a message was left. A woman said she was calling from Discover Card about some correspondence that we had sent them and that it was important for us to call back within 24 hours. We do not have a Discover Card and have never sent them any correspondence. She left another number for us to return her call: 800-951-0514.
 Oct 15th, 2010