Automated voicemail left on cell phone
 Nov 11th, 2015
I asked them to remove my name from their list. They asked if I had an account. I said NO & I wouldn't have on a bet. I was then told I had an account. I said I did not, that no one made an account for me either. THAT WAS THE GOVERNMENT. So is the government exempt from the do not call list too.

On top of that they called me on the LORD'S DAY. Sounds like our current government!
 Nov 08th, 2015
I've just gotten call on cell, and there was no voicemail. No ID other than this #, but who knows whether this is actually where call comes from. The # is listed on website as Obamacare info.

If it was legit, you'd think they would leave a message ... so in this particular case I'm skeptical. If it was just a reminder they would have left a simple message.

Aware that call numbers can be 'spoofed' (faked), so I generally don't give info out to someone calling me - you don't really know who is calling even - or especially if - they are using an ID # that might be official. If its for info I just say I'll have to call them back. That way I can confirm the real # and dial it direct.

I work thru an approved agent, and that is who I will work with, not someone calling me.
 Oct 28th, 2015
Calls alot but Never leaves a message..?! If I try call back, I either can't get thru or No One knows what the call was for.
ON DNC list, but that has never stopped ANY "Co." or ANYbody!! 'Reports' do nothing either.
what's the point...
 Mar 28th, 2015
I got two calls tonight. They said they couldn't take me off their list. I am on If it is does this count as a political call? My nest call is to my state Attorney General.
 Dec 10th, 2013