I have a chase account, i first got text stating it was chase fraud and asked if i used my card at a gas station, I di not respond ot the text. I got online and checked my account and didn't see any pending transactions. I then got an automated call from this number about 5 min later stating they were from chase and had my name. They said ot press 1 for english, when i did it gave me an error to call 1-800-307-3131. I called and cancelled my chase card immedietly. Then called the other number with *67 to block my number and it went to some lady stating she was from a medic alert 24/7 bracelet system, i went and looked up that company and they were closed and actually have a different number. Crazy things goign on here with these folks, they have my card number, phone number and name.... I do IT security and this is some really good targeted phishing.
 Apr 16th, 2018