This group is in total desperation. The whole industry is headed for disaster in a sinking, debt-based economy. 800-355-1085 - aka - 866-925-7109 - aka - 800-294-7691 - aka - 800-427-7142 - aka - 800-473-7994 - aka - 800-772-1413 - aka 757-961-3544 and SO many other numbers is a company called Oxford Law LLC - aka - Portfolio Debt Recovery - aka - Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC - aka - Portfolio Management Inc - aka - Enhanced Recovery Company LLC - aka - Credit Services - aka - PRA Disputes - aka - PRA, LLC - aka - Portfolio RC - aka - 800-Service. They have been calling my business for a few weeks now, and the calls are coming in between 11PM and 7AM! My business isn't even open at those times. They never leave a message, so I have no idea who they are or what they want, but after a little digging I found out the above info about them. My business does not have any debt, so I'm curious as to why they keep calling our main office line repeatedly. Either way, the calls are being reported to the website as Harassment, to the FTC for clearly violating the FDCPA, and finally to the AG's office in VA.
Portfolio Debt Recovery
 Sep 26th, 2014
800-355-1085 - aka - 866-925-7109 - aka - 800-294-7691 - aka - 800-427-7142 - aka - 800-473-7994 - aka - 800-772-1413 - aka 757-961-3544 and SO many other numbers is a company called Oxford Law LLC - aka - Portfolio Debt Recovery - aka - Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC - aka - Portfolio Management Inc - aka - Enhanced Recovery Company LLC - aka - Credit Services - aka - PRA Disputes - aka - PRA, LLC - aka - Portfolio RC - aka - 800-Service. They have been calling my business for a few weeks now, and the calls are coming in between 11PM and 7AM! My business isn't even open at those times. They never leave a message, so I have no idea who they are or what they want, but after a little digging I found out the above info about them. My business does not have any debt, so I'm curious as to why they keep calling our main office line repeatedly. Either way, the calls are being reported to the website as Harassment, to the FTC for clearly violating the FDCPA, and finally to the AG's office in VA.
 Mar 31st, 2014
I was continuously receiving calls from this number but they never left a message. After three weeks of this nonsense I CALLED THEM! It IS a collection agency (I don't owe anyone money!) but they were looking for someone who evidently once lived at my home address:(I also get mail for the same person!!!) They used the physical address to obtain MY landline number.
Party at the 800 number was courteous and removed my number from their records. End of story. SOOOOOO, you know what YOU need to do to stop the incessant phone calls from that number.
 Apr 27th, 2012
This number showed up on my caller id this afternoon. I did not answer it.
 Mar 07th, 2012
Just called the house and I did not answer the call.
 Jan 23rd, 2012
hung up
 Aug 26th, 2011
I keep get phone calls from this number and sometimes numorous times a day. I never answer them and they never leave a messege.
 Aug 25th, 2011
Buttercup: It's been explained repeatedly here. DNC does not apply, FDCPA does. No one is ''receiving the message'' from you until you actually deliver one, namely a cease-comm.

Stephenson: Document all calls and CID carefully and record clean phone audio if possible. You have a swell FDCPA case building with those violative calls.
 Aug 14th, 2011
These goons call at least 10 times per day at all hours. They will not identify who they are, and don't leave a message. Calls as early as 6AM and as late as 11PM.
J Stephenson
 Aug 12th, 2011
We keep getting calls from this number. We are on the Do not call list, but I guess they haven't received the message yet.
It never leaves a message and when you answer no one is there. They need to stop calling.
 Aug 09th, 2011
They call every hour and when I answer they won't give any info. Sick of them.
 Jul 15th, 2011
That telltale "lag time" can be of use in working up a TCPA lawsuit. Call abandonment is something regulators frown on, not tolerating any more than 03% of all calls placed. Automated calls to mobile phones can rack up heavy fines fairly quickly.
 Apr 25th, 2011
I have had several calls from this number and when I answer there is a hang up. After reading the postings below I knew there had to be an error. I called the number and they did answer. I told them I have been receiving calls from them but there is never anyone there. He asked if I was calling from the number in question, I said yes he told me they were looking for Fancis ******** I told him that I have had this number for over 10 years and that no Francis ****** was EVER associated with this number. He appologized and said my number would be removed. I then asked him what they can accomplish my hanging up when I answer and he said that they use auto dialers and there is a lag time between when we answer and their collection agents. Regardless .... call them and if you are not who they are looking for they will remove your number and they were very polite about it.
 Apr 25th, 2011
3 times a day for the las 3 days. No says anything?
 Mar 17th, 2011
"What gives" is what I'd discussed an entire month before your question, Mr. Smith.
 Jan 31st, 2011
they keep calling and calling. they ask for someone and no one lives here with that name or they just hang up with out leaving a message. so what gives?
mike smith
 Jan 05th, 2011
How dizzy am I today, confusing Portfolio Recovery with Allied Interstate? Actually, they both stink so much as lawbreaking collectors it's not that hard. I need more sleep ....
 Dec 21st, 2010
Heh ... I know, it's unusually rash of me. There is a percentage of apathy on this board, higher I think than other mystery caller forums.

I was reviewing the local court calendar today. There must be a couple hundred entries through the end of February; perhaps half or more are debt collection suits. PRA comes up a lot as a plaintiff. You know what else is displayed a lot? Either "Date of Answer" or "Motion for Summary Judgment". In order that's "Will you offer defense?" and "You have no valid defense, you're gonna lose". Also saw a few hearings for Attachment, meaning wage garnishment. Not much indicated down the middle of a case, where parties might actually duel over details.

What will you wager most if not all those debt cases are steamrolling the defendants, because they did not take the proper defensive stance early enough? That is what happens when you don't take charge of your problems, when you rely too much on dumb luck and faulty instant answers. That is why I get upset. If anyone's feelings are bruised now, just wait until that last gavel pounds a new dent in your heart, then a gaping hole in your assets.
 Dec 21st, 2010
47, don't be so rude
Resident 48
 Dec 20th, 2010
For the love of Cripes, people! You CAN find your mouse scroll wheel, right? Are ANY of you going to bother reading prior comments here? I and a couple others in this thread have been pointing you to resources for your questions for seventeen months! Nothing is stopping you from searching the other numbers associated with PRA, either. This is a message board, not a blasted instant help line.

Get this through your heads .... "The Gubmint" and attorneys general are great at class action takedowns, so please keep filing complaints. BUT .... your particular problem with a runaway debt collector is YOURS to solve. You cannot be spoon-fed your homework. What answers one issue will not answer all. So get cracking or get out of the way of those who will.
 Dec 20th, 2010
This company will not identify itself and calls at random times, tying up my phone and not answering when we pick up the phone, They call every day and all day long. What can we do to stop these ignorant people
ken smith
 Dec 20th, 2010
That's right, keep filing complaints where they don't belong. Did I not just say 3.5 weeks ago that the DNC registry _does not_ apply?! Proper collector complaint venues include the FTC, state attorneys general, bar associations for collection lawyers, and any relevant state agencies.
 Dec 08th, 2010
I have filed numerous complaints on the DO NOT CALL webpage. Please everyone, do the same.
 Dec 08th, 2010
Is that nine calls total or for each person, Mr. Brack? The difference could mean grounds for a harassment or annoyance charge under FDCPA. Anyway, the collector should not be repeatedly pelting people when skip tracing.

Debt collectors must answer to privacy regs within the FDCPA, hence their obfuscation in messages and demands for identifying data in live calls. It's about the only consistently followed rule, as being shadowy works in their favor to make call targets anxious.

Calls to mobile phones are also prohibited, but you'd likely have to notify the collector. Certifed Mail would be best as with any demands you might make of collectors.
 Dec 01st, 2010
They've called my grandmother, wife, and me repeatly (9 times). They refused to give out information, so I think its a scam, they called me on my cell phone which is registered through my wife names which hasn't been changed yet, so everyone beware
Thomas Brack
 Dec 01st, 2010
Aside: Do not put too much faith in the profit-driven advice of lawyer shills like "JC" and "position". The former is in particular a chronic spammer of WCU, pushing the same lame web site for months, one which wants you to slide into a paid "representation agreement" for defenses you can mount yourself for a few dollars in USPS fees. Notice how they wave the statutory prize money in your face but neglect to mention they will be charging twice that or more. Their goal is not about your welfare but theirs.

Yes, you may, if you realy need the help, be able to hire legal aid on contingency, but the object of FDCPA is not to win consumers jackpots. The opposition pays your legal fees IF IT LOSES. Go in swinging recklessly at every nuance of law and case precedent, and the gamble could cost you dearly. Anyway, why would you choose a long distance shark if you can find a decent consumer attorney and/or NACA member closer to your home?
 Nov 14th, 2010
CL and Ed, you can play Reverse Phone Tag and cite Federal DNC until the Spring thaw and get absolutely nowhere, or you can actually read prior comments and do your homework on other threads and/or forums to corroborate and extend what I'm about to say.

Collection calls as late as you report are punishable offenses under Federal collections law, and the same law gives you private right to serve the punishment. Hope you two have been documenting the time and content of all Allied calls. Sue them yourselves or hire a consumer attorney and you'll probably win a settlement check without ever seeing a courtroom. Either way your legal fees are paid by the opposition. Now to cite that law which is your new best friend ...

If you are receiving repeated, misdirected, and/or abusive calls from a third party debt collector, you may find relief in the provisions of the FDCPA, the Federal law which regulates collector behavior and provides you simple tools for your own defense. It grants you control of how you are contacted, and collectors can be sued for their crimes. Learn your rights and first response tactics at FTC-dot-gov. See also your state laws for additional support.

True, Ed, not all phone pitchmen scrub the DNC registry as they should, but like many people you are thinking of the wrong caller category. The DNC registry is for telemarketers, meaning sales. Charities, debt collectors, political speech, and surveyors are all exempt as they are not included in the FTC definition of "telemarketing". This was made known to you when you registered your numbers.

A parting thought for comfort: Allied Interstate recently has been quite busy hustling accounts, in proportion with a new surge in consumer complaints. Last month they racked up a $1.75 million bill, the second largest for the debt industry, for chronic violation of the FDCPA. I guess they figure they should pay their bill with your money instead of theirs.
 Nov 14th, 2010
I am receiving calls from this number every night at 10:05 and 10:45 p.m.! going to ty to block the number
 Nov 14th, 2010
I am on do not call list and recieved a call from this number at 10:58 pm. Seems telemarketers dont pay attention to do not call lists.
 Oct 13th, 2010
I have received many call from them and when I answer there is no one on the line. I wait and it eventually goes dead.
 Sep 27th, 2010
Call from a male who asked for a (mumbled) female name. I asked who is calling and he mumbled his name (a phony) I am sure and mumbled her name again. Said I didn't need to know his name because I didn't know him (and I'm sure I don't want to). I told him I have never heard of such a person. He hung up. I have had this number more then 15 years; how stale are these accounts?
Cincinnati Joe
 Sep 08th, 2010
Allied Interstate is a debt collection company. The "Do Not Call Registry" has absolutely nothing to do with debt collection calls. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) regulates all debt collection activity including harassing telephone calls. You can collect $1,000 under this federal law for harassing phone calls, doesn't matter if you owe the debt or not. If you are getting called from Allied Interstate, check for violations of the FDCPA at

Here is some of the info I've seen:
Allied Interstate Inc
435 Ford Rd #800
Minneapolis, MN 55426-1096

Allied Interstate Inc
12655 N Central Expressway # 650
Dallas, TX 75243-3723

Allied Interstate Inc
3111 S Dixie Highway # 101
West Palm Beach, FL 33405-1520
 Aug 23rd, 2010
they keep calling even though i tell them not to
nik faulk
 Aug 05th, 2010
Here is the alternative number they use to the 866 number- 800-294-7691. As with the 866 number, when they answer, some will pickup and just say "Hello" and others will say "Allied Interstate." Call them back successive times and hangup in their face after you hear them make their announcement and you will see what I mean.
 Jul 25th, 2010
Got a call from this number on 07/17/2010 at 8:42pm wanting my name stating that I have a overdue Acct. with National City Bank from 2005, when I told the man that I have been with US bank for the past 10 yrs the man was Rude and Smart on the phone because I wouldn't give him My Info and told me that I would tell him my info. When I asked to speak to a Supervisor he put me on hold and then hung up.
Johnny Adkison
 Jul 19th, 2010
This number belongs to the collections company Allied Interstate. They were calling me to try and collect a National City Bank debt of $400 that was discharged (under another collections company actually) in 2006. Luckily, I did some investigation into the origin of this number, since they never left a message, and learned much from the posts I have read. Knowing I did not owe anyone anything anymore, and armed with my current credit report and bankruptcy papers, I answered their phone call. I told them they were attempting something illegal, gave them my case number, and the name of my attorney (he's moved up in the county and his number has changed I'm sure, so I didn't let them waste my time looking it up, just left the name). That was Thursday afternoon and it is now Sunday night (they called twice last Sunday). My advice is, if they are looking for you, be armed with your credit report and anything else you think you may need!
 Jul 19th, 2010
Called and asked for a combination of names from my house. Spoke with a foreign accent barely intelligible. Said they were collecting bill from a bank we have no relationship with. Said they were Allied Interstate. Asked for last four digits of SS#!! This is obviously a data mining scam and they are trying to pick up on every bit of data they can glean from the call. BEWARE!!! Report to
 Jul 18th, 2010
I've gotten 4/5 calls from 1.800.294.7691. When I answer, the number comes up but no one in on the line and I can't help but feel there is some purpose behind it and that they may, somehow, be subourning my minutes just by my answering the call.
 Jul 07th, 2010
called twice in 20 mins. first time i didnt answer. second time, they didn't say anything and hung up.
 Jun 17th, 2010
They are back! I posted a year ago about my problems with this number. I talked to someone about getting my name of their list and that worked for awhile but they have called me every day for a month now.There should be a way to have them cease and desist before I do!
 Jun 15th, 2010
Ever since the local police gave out our UNLISTED number to people we called them on (for domestic violence, among other things), we have been getting an ungodly amount of phone calls from all kinds of debt collectors. All of them are looking for the scum we called the police on! We asked someone how they got our unlisted number, and they said the police gave it to them! wtf We have no debts, we don't know the losers that we called the cops on (other than they used to be neighbors), and we don't know where they are. What do we have to do to get these losers to stop calling us?
Anon Ymous
 Jun 04th, 2010
i picked up and they hung up on me
 Jun 02nd, 2010
Recording says they are calling to collect a debt. No one gets on the line. They need to be reported.
 Jun 01st, 2010
I am a police officer and this idiot from pakistan called my work issued phone looking for Money, To whom ever reads this, this is a scam and they are phishing, and calling my police issued trelephone proves it.. BEWARE
 May 31st, 2010
A legitimate business would state their name, the person they wish to speak to, and their reason for calling.
To file a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry- 1.You may file a complaint if you received an unwanted call after your number was on the National Registry for 31 days. 2.You may also file a complaint if you received a call that used a recorded message instead of a live person (whether or not your number was on the Registry).
Federal Communications Commission regulations prohibit telemarketers from using automated dialers to call cell phone numbers.
Each time they have called I filed a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry.

The numbers BCR has used to call me- 202-607-2746, 202-607-2748, 202-607-2806, 800-294-7691, 858-201-6747
 May 29th, 2010
These guys keep calling and calling every single day leaving nasty messages.
THey are collecting on student loans for Dept. of Ed.... When i finally spoke to them they kept telling me to pay something I couldnt afford. They wanted me to open a bank account and do all sorts of stuff that I WASNT WILLING TO DO.... I kept saying NO but they kept callling my work and calling my bosses.... Kept telling me that I was gonna get garnished...
I finally got fed up...

I found some book called "The student loan blue print" written by a collector
I usually hate collectors but the book explained what i needed to do...
It boiled down to the fact that these collection agencies are just OUT TO GET MY MONEY....
I have 2 kids and my work cut my hours.... I was on the verge of getting laidoff.... and these guys were not listening....
Anyways... Just do your research... I did my research and it saved my family... I sleep better at night....Seriously..
read about your options
 Apr 29th, 2010
they call my house everyday and ask for Rick. I told them 100 + times not to call me, we don't know anyone named Rick. This India guy keeps saying he's sorry and he will not call again, but then low and behold the very next day...same damn calls! I answer it, they ask for Rick. WTF is up with this crazy-ass collection agency and how are they even still in business? This is insane!!!!!!!!!!!
 Apr 27th, 2010
Has kept calling for 4 months. He is a scam artist and he will rot in hell for waking us on weekends. We have to small kids and he needs to stop harassing us. We WILL sue him if he does not stop.
 Apr 08th, 2010
I receive calls from this number a couple times a week on my cell phone. I don't answer it and they never leave a message. So I entered this number on my contact list as DNA (Do Not Answer) and change the ringtone to "No ring." Now I never hear it ring and only see it as a missed call. Works Great!
 Apr 01st, 2010
It's Allied Interstate - they even call my cell number (and I never give that number to anyone).....I've already asked them NOT to call my cell and they still do!!
 Apr 01st, 2010
The person on the line sounded like he was from India and would not say who he was calling for or identify why he was calling.
Anna Horton
 Mar 30th, 2010
I, too, have been getting these phone calls. A quick Google on the phone number tells me it is Allied Interstate, a collection agency. A number of people tell me these people calling are from India and are hard to understand over the phone. There is a legal firm out of Independence, Ohio, Krohn & Moss, LTD, that handles harrassment cases such as this. It costs you nothing and the collection agency pays you up to $1000 in damages if found guilty of harrassment. They can be contacted at: 323-988-2400. Michelle Saluja is the paralegal there and her extension is 260. Peter Cozmyk is an attorney with the firm and can be reached at extension 213. It costs you nothing.
 Mar 04th, 2010
Oh! And always looking for someone who isn't me. I've told them before, but they keep calling.
 Feb 28th, 2010
This number constantly calls. They ever say who they are when I ask until I assure them they're talking to who they want to talk to. Which I don't do. They call at inappropriate times. And are flat out rude.
 Feb 28th, 2010
list of calls so far, nevers leaves a message
01/11/10 1:04 PM 800-294-7691
01/15/10 3:41 PM 800-294-7691
01/25/10 7:21 PM 800-294-7691
02/03/10 1:55 PM 800-294-7691
02/05/10 6:14 PM 800-294-7691
02/10/10 8:52 PM 800-294-7691
02/11/10 3:45 PM 800-294-7691
02/12/10 4:59 PM 800-294-7691
02/19/10 5:10 PM 800-294-7691
02/22/10 3:40 PM 800-294-7691
02/24/10 4:57 PM 800-294-7691
 Feb 24th, 2010
this assholes called me at 8am asking for my dad im 31 and own my own home when i tried to get some information out of there i got told to go school after i told them to speak english jackasses
hey you
 Jan 19th, 2010
They have been calling me for years. over a bill i didn't make and i made arrangements and never one payment went on the bill. they crooks. They can't be blocked by *60, they have another number 757-961-3544, 253-363-9001, 727-344-6293, 800-294-7691, 757-961-3545 and 866-428-6581. they will get rash enough to cuss u out. they are rude. and when you start asking questions they say well it must be u cuz you wanna know too much and i am gonna document i talked to you and you were rude and you did this and that.... and i said no - but if u want an answer from them i need more information otherwise this number is going in the trash.
 Jan 18th, 2010
I call it back and someone from India answers every time - they have been bothering me for almost 4 years looking for some dude named Grant that owes money. I don't know who he is and I keep telling them that but they keep calling. VERY annoying!!!!!!
 Jan 18th, 2010
They started calling two days ago. I have a Google Voice number, and do not give out my real phone number to ANYONE.

All my calls call-forward through my Google Voice number, and once I put this number in the blocked callers list, all they will hear from now on is "BEEP-BEEP-BEEP----THIS NUMBER IS DISCONNECTED OR NO LONGER IN SERVICE".

My normal calls come in fine. Check it out: - the answer to bill collector harassment!
 Jan 09th, 2010
got a call from 800-294-7691 no one on other end called back and on hold 45 min no one would pick up
bill jones
 Dec 28th, 2009
I answer and no one is ever there!
 Dec 24th, 2009
RACHEL is the Female afro sounds like her accents is JAMACIAN 800 service 800-294-7691
 Dec 08th, 2009
calls her self RACHEL
 Dec 08th, 2009
 Dec 08th, 2009
I have received at least 2 calls per day, including weekends, from this number. I finally got someone on the line from Allied Debt Collection Service. I asked them why they are repeatedly calling my residence. They were looking for someone I have never heard of. I have lived at this address for 20 years. I don't know where they get their information from. Told them to stop calling or I was going to file a complaint. Noticed on my caller ID that they have called again.
 Dec 02nd, 2009
called my cell phone twice but i didnt answer either time since i dont answer to numbers i dont know
 Nov 30th, 2009
11/20/09 10:34 am, caller id "Toll Free" 800-294-7691. Do not answer 800 calls. Reported to, and I hope everyone else does the same. I, and the others in my household, have perfect credit, are not behind on bills, our number is on the do not call list at, and we have had this number for 20 years.
 Nov 20th, 2009
recieved call on my cell phone, when i answered they hung up. i called back and they hung up again. i dont owe or give out cell number, so i dont know what they want if they are collecting.
 Nov 18th, 2009
Just got a call from them...came here immediately. I answered..said Hello twice, no response. Debt collector? I have no outstanding payments, so I'm not sure what they want with me.
 Nov 10th, 2009
Every single solitary evening. If we answer, they hang up, if we let the answering machine take it, they hang up. I mean, seriously, what is the point? SPEAK UP! I am thinking that I may be able to press some kind of harassment charge if they don't try to talk to me. Am I right?
Another Victim
 Nov 05th, 2009
I get the calls on my cell phone, at least once a week, but usually don't answer them. So much for putting my number on the cell phone "Do NOT call list". Because I'm finally out of debt after a year, I answered the call yesterday and also heard an Indian speaking male voice asking for a woman's name that I couldn't even pronounce. I told him he had the wrong number. He repeatedly asked me if I was this woman several times and I said NO, do I sound like I'd have a name like that??? I just kept telling him I he had the wrong number. I think Chris Hanson should be informed of this one. He'll get to the bottom of it. LOL And I for one will watch the TV intently as he and his camera's NAIL this SCAM organization.
 Aug 22nd, 2009
Have been getting calls everyday for ten days. This is a collection agency looking for someone with my same last name.
I have called and told them repeatedly that I do not know and have never known anyone by that name. The calls will stop for a week
or two, land on another person's desk, and start again. Every time I call it is a challenge to get through to a real
person. When I finally do, I ask to be taken off of their list. They say they will, but that never happens.
These calls have been coming on and off for over two years. How do you get off their list??????
 Aug 21st, 2009
You know, Im starting to wonder about this company. You will see that I made a post about this company about two weeks ago and told them whoever they were looking for, did not live here. Well, they called again today. Same MO. Phone rings, dead air, terminated call. I call them back, and get a woman, again, with a thick Indian accent, again, saying "Hello". I asked who she was looking for. She asking for the same person as before. Needless to say, I went ballistic and hung up the phone.

I decided to call back to find out what the deal was after checking my phone. They have called here several times which I have missed since the 07/13 call. Needless to say, I asked the woman, again, a woman with an Indian accent, what company this was and was told Allied Interstate with home offices in Columbus Ohio. I asked this person why they continually called here asking for someone that had been identified as NOT living here, NEVER living here, and us NEVER knowing this person. They looked through their records and said the number had never been marked as a wrong number, yet they did have the call they made from 07/13 as noted below. She was having a hard time understanding me, so I finally asked if she understood english, and she said yes. I said well, its hard to believe that you can understand English when you are not understanding my questions, and Im having a hard time understanding you because of your accent. We went back and forth for a minute or two, and I finally had it, as it didn't seem they were going to take my number of the list. I finally asked where are you located, and she said again "Our corporate offices are located out of Columbus Ohio." I said I didn't ask that question, I asked where she was located, and she said she was not allowed to divulge that information. I said, "gimmie a supe". After three minutes of arguing she finally got me one, and I asked him the same question, and he answered with the same Columbus Ohio. Is aid no... WHAT COUNTRY ARE YOU LOCATED IN. He gave me the same "not allowed" answer. I then threw the FCC law at him, briefly, and asked again. He repeated his name, and was obviously reading off a script. Meanwhile, I looked up the code for identifying calls. I then stated to him the exact law from the FCC requring him to tell me where he was calling from. "India".

It takes an old 10 year telemarketer to argue with these people and to get this information.

However, I feel they will continue to call, based upon the following links, although the person they are looking for does not live here.

If you do get a call from these guys, make sure they are following the law for statue of limitations. Also to get them to stop calling you if you are the person they are looking for (whether the debt is valid or not), send a certified cease and desist letter to them. It must be certified. If they continue to harass you after this, call your State Attorney Generals Office and file a report. Also contact the FTC and file a complaint.

Here is an example of cease and desist letter:

Dear Allied Interstate, Inc:

On (insert date here), someone (put name if you know it) from your company contacted me about a debt. I do not believe that I owe this, and I dispute it. In accordance with Section 809 of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I am asking that you provide me, in writing, the following information:

1. What the money you say I owe is for
2. How you calculated this amount in a way I can understand
3. Show me copies of papers where I agreed to pay what you say I owe
4. Provide me with a copy of a judgement (if applicable)
5. Identify the original creditor
6. Demonstrate that you or your company is licensed in my state, and inform me of the license number.

Please provide this letter to the company for whom you are collecting so that they have notice of my dispute. Furthermore, please inform any credit reporting agencies to which you've reported this debt that it is being disputed. I demand proof that you have done so.

Finally, cease and desist from contacting me in this and any matter, except via United States Mail.

Your name/signature.

Allied Interstate Corporate Headquarters

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 369008
Columbus Ohio 43236

Physical Address:
Allied Interstate
A subsidiary of IntelliRisk Management Corporation
3000 Corporate Exchange Dr. 5th Floor
Columbus, Ohio

Info for India:

Allied Interstate, Inc
Jeff Swedberg, President
40 Intelenet Plot CST No 1406-A28
Intelenet Towers, Mindspace Malad West
Mumbai, Maharahtra, 400104

They also seem to have locations based in Chandler, AZ; Westlake Village, CA; West Palm Beach, Fl; Lawrenceville, GA; Minneapolis, MN; Charlotte, NC (which is suppose to be a location for debt collection for government accounts); Greensboro, NC; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Toronto, Canada.

Additional information:
 Jul 29th, 2009
Have received several calls from this number in the past week. Everytime I answer (and I do answer telemarketing calls, as I love to give them a hard time since I worked in telemarketing for nearly 10 years) there is no one on the line, and after about 30 seconds the call is disconnected. I called the number back, and got someone who said "Hello". I asked why they were calling and they said they could help if I told them my phone number, which is a new phone number. We just had our number changed two weeks ago, because for two years someone by the name of Earnest Proper had been using our phone number AND address for billing purposes (although bill collectors can not give out information on the debt unless you are the person, we did verify that the year of DOB and the last four digits of the SSN are not ours) and it had gotten to the point where we were getting phone calls from bill collectors everyday for this person. I did call the 800.294.7691 number back and verified that it was for someone not in this household. The woman, who spoke with a thick Indian accent, stated she would note that the phone number is not associated with the person she was looking for, and would not call back. So this is a debt collection company.
 Jul 13th, 2009
Allied Interstate Financial Services (a debt collector that has been in big trouble violating the Fair Credit Act)
 Jul 08th, 2009
I called this number and someone just answered. No company name, just "Hello".
 Jun 16th, 2009
Keep getting calls from this number on my work phone. Nobody ever picked up the line (probably because they hang up as soon as I go through my call-answer spiel). Had to *69 the call (I don't have caller ID on my work line), and got Allied Interstate asking me if my name was Mary. Said no and requested that they take my work number off of their call list. Hopefully they will stop calling, or the next stop will be the police department to report phone harassment...
 Jun 11th, 2009
They call all the time. I never answer and they never leave a message.
 May 26th, 2009
they call every day and always hang up as soon as i answer! grr.
 May 21st, 2009
Caller hung up when answered.
 May 19th, 2009
They keep calling every day wanting names. When told no, male caller(Indian) will start yelling if he doesn't get what he wants. Beware!!!!
 May 06th, 2009
dont know i didnt answer the call but it calls me from time to time... sick of it man
 May 03rd, 2009
its a bill collector!!
 Apr 28th, 2009
At least hire someone that us AMERICANS can understand on the phone!
 Apr 28th, 2009