I applied for a
Southwest Airlines Card through Chase. I received a follow up call needing to verify info including a reference number they left in the voicemail. She verified mailing address and used text to send me a verification code. It turned out to be a legitimate. It is sad that you have to to so suspicious today, but simply have to!
I got a voicemail saying it was the Chase fraud department and to call back with a reference number. I contacted Chase directly through the number on the back of my card and was told that call was not generated by them and it was probably phishing.
Confirmed as legit, we had applied for an Amazon Prime card (which is a Chase card), and they needed to verify my name, address, phone, and then sent a code via text msg. Shortly after received a confirmation email from Amazon that the app was approved.
 Jun 10th, 2019
I called Chase card services to confirm this number belonged to the bank. They transferred me internally to their fraud department and then to the fraud prevention department (which is the department the number belongs to). I highly suggest anyone skeptical about the number do this. That being said, the number is a legitimate number of Chase Bank. Those who are saying otherwise on this page have been given incorrect information.
 Jun 03rd, 2019
I called Chase (not the number from the voicemail) and they said it was them attempting to contact me. The rep then transferred me to the fraud department. They just wanted to send my phone a verification code which I read back to them and then they approved my credit card application. It's legit, but if you don't feel comfortable then I suggest you write down the reference number in the voicemail, then call the Chase official number.
 May 28th, 2019
800 278 8830 called and showed as restricted. Went to voicemail and left message referencing Chase Fraud dept and Amazon. I made 2 direct calls to Chase and they confirmed both times that they did NOT attempt to contact me and that this number is not a valid Chase contact. It is a phishing attempt only. Do not call them or give them any info.
 May 21st, 2019
This number is definitely legitimate. My credit bureau reported a Starbucks credit card applied using my name. Just when I got the time to report it as identify fraud, I got a call from Chase bank, giving me their customer service number (800-278-8830) along with a reference number. So it's valid thus far.
 Apr 04th, 2019
Here was the message left on my voicemail: “Suspension notice we have received against your Social Security number by the federal crime and investigation department we need to talk to you as soon as possible again this call is from Social Security administration number to reach department is 800-278-9015 I repeat it's 800-278-9015 thank you…”. Obvious BS.
 Mar 25th, 2019
I got a letter after my Amazon card application, they asked me for a reference number on the letter, my name and an address I lived at before, to confirm my identity. No questions about my SSN or any other non-publicly available data.
 Feb 27th, 2019
Got a call and put it to voicemail. They left a message saying there was possibly fraud and they gave me a reference number. Called the number, and they asked for my Social Security Number. I didn't proceed with them. Then called Chase Bank, and they say they do not have this number in their system, so they suspect phishing.
 Feb 25th, 2019
I got a call about a Chase Southwest Airlines credit card I applied for. I don't trust anyone that calls me, so I asked for a number to call back and they gave me this one along with a reference number. I looked it up on this site, it seemed legit, so I called it. They quickly answered, pulled up my application based on the reference number I gave them, sent me a text with a verification code that I read back to them, and was told I was approved and all set. This is legit.
 Jan 30th, 2019
Mine came in the form of a letter stating that I had applied for an Amazon Chase card and they needed to verify my application. I never applied for the card. I got a fraud department number from Chase's website (I didn't call this number from the letter). The letter was legit (as was the phone number).
New York
 Jan 09th, 2019
 Dec 26th, 2018
Got a letter from “chase fraud dept” to “verify an application “ which we never made. Is this postal fraud??
 Dec 20th, 2018
Actually finally got through to analyst #3 at Chase...this number is legit! They confirmed they did call me. Still ALWAYS call the # on the back of the card.

If this # calls you, take it seriously, but call Chase through the number on the back of a card (or their website if you're not a customer). Can't be too safe!
 Dec 12th, 2018
Seems very suspicious. They left a message about an Amazon card through Chase. Do not have an Amazon card and did not apply for one. Called Chase on a # on the back of one my cards--they have no record of contacting me. Said it was a fraud.

ALWAYS call the # on the back of the card.
 Dec 12th, 2018
Seems very suspicious. They left a message about an Amazon card through Chase. Do not have an Amazon card and did not apply for one. Must be phishing for info.
 Dec 02nd, 2018
I received a call today(10/26/2018) from 847-426-2909 in East Dundee, IL & let it go to voicemail. The VM was from a lady named Karen & said she was with chase fraud department & I needed to call them back right away to verify my account info at 800-278-8830 & provided a ref#. I've not had a chase account in 15+ years, but I looked up Chase's fraud phone number (it wasn't either of the two numbers) & called them advise of the VM & what I was told. They advised me that the phone number from/to was NOT A CHASE NUMBER & to NOT call them. To be safe I'll be going to a branch tomorrow to ensure there is nothing going on.
 Oct 26th, 2018
I have not applied for any credit lately, Amazon or Chase.
However, they called with all the same info others are saying; Chase Bank Fraud Dept. from 800-278-8830 with a reference # and needing verification. When I called my local Chase Bank and Chase credit card services, they show no notes that I had been called and see no suspicious activity on my account. So I am NOT calling it back to have them get my card numbers, SSN and other verifying identity info that they are using surely for nefarious use.
 Oct 18th, 2018
Totally legit. Chase following up on a credit card app.
 Oct 04th, 2018
I just called that number back and I got this person on the phone and she was aware of my application of a Saphire Chase credit card yesterday- she asked me to verify my name - I did not see any harm on this and I give it to her , then she asked me to verify my phone number - I told her I wasn't comfortable providing this info, she told me I can verify directly with Chase Bank if I wanted and call them back - so I decided to give her my phone number, she send me a verification code that I read back to her then she told me the card have been approved and give me the amount, also told me the cards will be on the mail within 1 to 2 weeks - lets see if that is true and not an seems legit...
 Sep 25th, 2018
Received a call from this number about fraudulent charges on cc. Called Chase # on back of card and was told this number is NOT associated with Chase.
 Sep 16th, 2018
I was so wary about this, just like many other commenters but it was legitimate. I applied for a Chase credit card yesterday. I called the general Chase credit card number rather than the one in the email just to be careful but after getting transferred a few times, everything checked out. You cannot be too careful and Chase definitely should take better steps for the process to not set off red flags but it is real.
 Aug 29th, 2018
NOT a legit number. I got a letter that looked like it was from Chase, about an application for Intercontinental Hotels GRP, with "your name and Social Security number on it. We need to verify that the application is yours." There was a reference# and the closing said "Sincerely, fraud Department. If there had been fraud, Chase would have contacted me directly, not sent me a letter. I phoned Chase and they said the letter was a Fraud. I did phone and played them for the fool. Might as well has some fun with it. Well of course, they would need my SS# to verify, which I did not give. LOL
 Aug 19th, 2018
got a call from this number to prove my chase sapphire credit application. sounded sketchy because the voice was muffled on the voicemail. called them back and verizon said it was a wrong number. confused but will look out for mail from chase
New York
 Aug 03rd, 2018
Received letter from Fraud Dept @ Chase. Valid, never asked for any personal info, only a reference number on the letter.
 Jul 19th, 2018
Received letter from Fraud Department- Chase. Valid number and they never asked for any personal information, only a reference number on the letter. I would not release any personal, identifying info over the telephone as people have suggested. I was never asked for any and I do have protection alert on my credit.
 Jul 19th, 2018
I applied for chase credit card online and that number called me to verify my application. They texted me my code I had to tell them back. It was real.
 Jul 03rd, 2018
It was legit. I applied for a Chase Card and it was to confirm that I applied for it. They identify themselves as Chase when they answer. They did not ask for personal info other than my cell # to text me a code to read back to them.
 Jun 21st, 2018
NOT a legit chase number. Dont give them your information. Called chase customer service to comfirm.
 Jun 06th, 2018
I applied for a Chase Card. I have Credit Protection and got a letter in the mail about my application. It instructed me to contact this number for fraud verification. I can tell you this number is legit. After the call I was approved and then called customer service for chase to see if this was really the case. They verified.
 Mar 16th, 2018
They claimed it as Chase number. when I asked them to authenticate the address what I filled in my credit card application they start telling stories. I asked them to read out address or email Id so that I could come to know it is chase bank. But nope. They are telling bloody stories. So I asked them to cancel my application.
 Mar 15th, 2018
This number gave me a call around 3pm while I was at a BDSM party mansion and I forgot I had a ballgag in my mouth and wasn't able to verify until I called the number back, but it seems legit.
 Mar 08th, 2018
It is legit, happened to me w/ an Amazon card application, issued by Chase. Chase customer service on the phone did not know about this number, but that seems to depend who you fall on. To be safe, if they ask you to fax a document or info, you can go to a Chase branch and ask them to scan it and send it -- which I did.
New York
 Mar 05th, 2018
Legit number. I verified it calling direct chase credit card dept
 Feb 07th, 2018
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 Dec 05th, 2017
Received letter from CHASE re application verification for an AMAZON.COM VISA Signature account. Never applied. Checked directly with CHASE was told it was NOT from them therefore, it was phishing or fraudulent. Do not call number on letter or in text. Call CHASE directly!
 Nov 21st, 2017
Legit number. Applied for Chase card and got a letter a week later saying to call number to verify it was me who applied. Called Chase and they confirmed it's legit.
New York
 Nov 14th, 2017
This is legit, I called Chase directly and they verified it.
 Nov 01st, 2017
this is real. Similar story as people mentioned below. I applied for a Chase credit card yesterday, then got a call from a blocked "unknown" number today. The guy told me he was from chase and wanted to confirm that i was the one who applied for the card. He asked me for my cell phone number so that he could send me a verification code. When i told him that he could use the number that he reached me at, he said that he only has the last four digits and that id need to give the whole number to him. At that point i said that i was busy and would like to call back later, he gave me the number 800-278-8830 to call back.

I then called chase's 800 number that they list on the back of their credit cards (which is a different number) and a rep connected me with their fraud dept who ended up asking me the same question and made me go through the process that i described above. So this is not a scam. However, i would always err on the side of calling chase directly to confirm just in case there are scams out there
 Sep 12th, 2017
Got a call this morning, from a "Chase Fraud Analyst" She left voicemail with a verification number and call back number. Googled her number, and number provided both weren't linked with Chase. I called the chase number on the website and they said they have no idea who it was and most likely bogus. What is scary is I applied for chase card a few days ago. If this is real they are doing a piss poor job proving authenticity.
 Sep 12th, 2017
Received call from 1-800-878-8830. Claimed it was Chase Fraud department. They then gave me a verification number to type in. I called the number and received nothing but advertisements from various legitimate American Businesses. The one I responded to was identified as Allstate Fire and Security I spoke to the Allstate sales person who told me that as far as she was concerned the number was routed through a legitimate service. The reason I called was because I had requested a credit card for Amazon.
 Aug 11th, 2017
I called the number on my Chase Card. This is a fraud number.
 Aug 01st, 2017
Same as below. Suspicious call, obviously from a phone bank, not a native English speaker. The guy was very rude when I asked him to for more details around why he was calling, told me it wasn't worth his time
 Jun 23rd, 2017
Chase told me today this was a legitimate phone call. They said that although they can't verify the # they can see if someone from their fraud dept has contacted you.
New York
 Apr 25th, 2017
Same as all you read below, also include the Amazon credit cards issued by Chase. The number appears in a letter they send you. It's a little scary when they start asking questions about your credit history but it's real. I do wish they would use native English speakers and high quality headsets. (I could hardly understand the young lady who was trying so hard to help me) That would go a long way towards easing peoples fears, it does sound a lot like some cartel phone bank on some island somewhere.
 Feb 24th, 2017
This is legit, the reason it seems suspicious is because it's actually a firm outsourced by several other financial institutions (Like Citi and Wells Fargo) for verifying credit card applications.
 Jan 27th, 2017
I also received a letter in the mail from "Chase" that listed 800-278-8830 as the contact #. When I called, the operator sounded super sketchy and couldn't give me any proof to verify I was actually talking to Chase. I contacted Chase directly and they verified my CC application was on file and did the additional verifications necessary while I was on the phone. That operator said 800-278-8830 was indeed legit.
 Dec 28th, 2016
I got a call from them saying they were from Chase... was skeptical so called back using the general Chase Credit Card department number... they routed me back to them. So IT WAS LEGIT! I was surprised because they were asking me many private questions at first when they called. But it ended up being Chase Security Verification.
 Jul 08th, 2015
Sorry, below I said "number given in email" but meant voicemail.
 Mar 14th, 2013
I have a Chase acct. I am incredibly cautious because I've had an old email hacked, my Paypal hacked, and a sister who has been the victim of identity theft. My husband is a signer on my account, received a call from this number and in the message they left a case number. We thought this was strange so I called Chase C/S. They had no record of the call and no fraud alerts. I asked to be transferred to the fraud department, they showed no alerts and said it was strange because fraud is open 24/7 - the number that called my husband had daytime hours only M-F. I then told the fraud agent that my husband had applied for a separate card in his name only and she asked for the case number given in the email. She put me on hold, called the department that issues new accounts, confirmed that this phone number as well as the case number were valid, and even gave me their M-F hours for him to call back. This is legit.
 Mar 14th, 2013
This is a legitimate number for Chase Bank. If you applied for a Chase credit card, which I did for the Southwest Airlines card, they will call you for verification of information as part of the process, as a fraud prevention measure. Your caller ID will likely show 224-222-5000.
 Jan 02nd, 2013
Received a message from this phone number today saying "Southwest Airlines Fraud Prevention Division". Gave me a credit card length referral number to use when calling back. Very odd.........
 Oct 26th, 2012
Chase Bank calls when you have a fraud alert on your credit bureau info.
 Oct 11th, 2010
You people are riduclous and too suspicous. I recently applied for a new credit card from Chase and was expecting a call. I got a call from an unknown number and did not answer, and they left a message with this number saying to call back they are from Chase Fraud protection and they needed to verify information. Tottaly legit people. You all need to stop thinking everything is a conspiracy. This is a call center based in the Phillipines. If you have your head stuck in the sand and dont realize that all these calls have been offshored to third world countries where the people speak broken English, snap back to reality. You arent going to get little miss perfect calling to ask these questions, its always going to be someone with broken English. Jeez! I called the number back, verified information (which they already had because I had applied for a card), and I got my card 1 week later. Oh my goodness its a scam!!! No, it's not. Chill out! It's all good.
 Oct 06th, 2010
This was Chase fraud prevention calling about a credit card application for an Amazon.con Visa. I had applied for the card and have a fraud prevention alert on my file. They called to verify information from that, DOB, mortgage amount, etc. Did not ask for SSn or any other account numbers
 Oct 20th, 2009
I just received a msg from the same number when I called it back I got an answering machine msg stating Fraud Dept, but not specifically telling WHICH fraud dept. which made me quite suspicious. So I called chase directly, and they told me that they had not contacted me, nor had anyone made an attempt to open anything in my name.
 Jan 18th, 2009
Just received a call from Chase Fraud protection. The caller id number on my cell was 224-222-5000, however, they asked me to call 800-278-8830.....sounds fishy?
 Jul 11th, 2008
I spoke to them. They say they are Chase fraud protection. I do not believe them, at least not yet. They were calling for my wife, and wouldn't talk to me about it. I'm not calling them back.
 Mar 04th, 2008
I let my machine take the call. Said they needed to verify info. I called Chase Bank to confirm a call. They had no record. This number is a scam.
 Jan 22nd, 2008