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 Aug 10th, 2019
Received 2 calls from this number 12/14/2018 1st call at 12:49 pm they did not leave a message. Second call from this number received 12/14/2018 at 2:08 pm same day and they left a message "Apple account has been breached, before using any Apple device please contact Apple support adviser press 1 to connect with Apple Support, press 2 to listen to this message again or if you wish to contact us later please call us on my toll free number 616-920-1163 thank you.
 Dec 14th, 2018
Received robo-call from this number on my landline stating my Apple iCloud account had been breached. Hit '1' to get rep who was clearly not an Apple person. I called the real AppleCare, reported it, and changed my password as a precaution. Don't be fooled. Call's not them calling you!
 Jul 04th, 2018
Would not stop calling...same company but new numbers, so blocked them. When they do speak they sound legit, however it soon goes south. Enough! I believe or hoping I have stopped them.
 May 22nd, 2018
Sigh.. same crap, different day. Will not take NO for an answer, will not remove name and number from their calling list. They have also called me from these numbers (notice that they keep changing, hiding their identity. A legit company would not be doing this crap!): 701-625-5003 253-382-9031 503-457-1792 260-969-9387 713-701-5930 503-457-1829 407-377-1080 503-457-1407 425-406-9028 206-496-0929 801-823-3446 360-474-3206 631-482-3381 360-529-6933 609-318-9785 503-457-1773 360-474-3901 417-800-2309 360-529-6807 360-474-3201 206-397-1421 973-273-7820 503-563-0345 704-230-0427 541-257-1290 347-502-2571 603-689-9692 253-382-9923 253-245-2701 849-963-4854 469-251-2025 417-800-2325 767-275-4471 308-210-8578 305-368-8857 312-589-7211 213-788-7627 845-459-3271 469-251-2273 458-201-0364 317-759-7561
 Mar 14th, 2013
I called Apple for service and this is the number that called me back.
 Jun 20th, 2011