they just keep on calling n im getting tired of it
 Jun 12th, 2011
Frontier Cable obviously sells the numbers too. We've had ours since Monday (this is Friday) and sure enough, "IRL Intl Reader" just called us.
 May 13th, 2011
It doesn't matter if your # is published or not. I had mine changed and unlisted to stop these types of call. Same day my # was changed they started calling my unlisted #.
 Apr 22nd, 2011
AT&T phone installed Tuesday afternoon; this call came on Thursday afternoon. I have the number listed to avoid paying a monthly fee and apparently this company bought/received my number from a list of new installations. I answered the call and no one responded which makes me think all I did was verify they reached a working number. However, AT&T permits blocking calls from a list of numbers. Goodbye 800-257-5722 whoever you are.
 Apr 07th, 2011
I just received this new phone number from Comcast several days ago. This morning I received three different calls from telemarketers saying I won a prize from the numbers listed on here. They received our number from a database. They collect numbers that are published. If you want your number to be unpublished you need to pay Comcast $1.50 a month. Also, here is a tidbit that I hope will help you! If you dial *60 you can turn your phone on to screen calls. You can also enter in their phone numbers to have them blocked on your phone so they won't be allowed to call you. If you dial *77 you can block people with blocked, private or undisclosed phone numbers from calling you. I hope this helps!! :)
 Nov 10th, 2010
Got a landline for our security system, but we don't have a phone in the house. However this number pops up on our tv about 4 times a day. We have Att uverse, and i got on here to google this number to see i know!
 Sep 29th, 2010
Just got a new number from Cox cable and have given it out to no one. Yet I'm receiving sales phone calls and they know my name. What an invasion of privacy. I'm getting ready to call cox and give them a piece of my mind.
 Sep 15th, 2010
IRL aka Interstate Readers Service
 Jul 10th, 2010
i have been getting these phone calls since the 25th service was hooked up (Thanks Comcast) on the 23rd and they call multiple time during the day. i asked them to put me on the do not call list the "lady" was very rude and kept trying to over talk me when i was asking her to please take my number out of the system. Then i asked to speak with the supervisor and she became upset still not listening to a word i was saying even the person that was "in charge" was not any better. who knows if they ever did put me on the do not call list.
 Jun 29th, 2010
This was from the "Dream Come True Sweepstakes," which the woman said I was "automatically entered in" because I was a customer of either Visa or Mastercard. She then asked me if I still held one of these and that's when I asked her what this was about. She replied that "if (I was) in a hurry we can end it here just by informing" me that I had "made it this far."
 May 25th, 2010
used to work for these sorry d-kheads. you have to say, exactly (or they won't do it): "Please, sir/ma'm, put me on the DO Not Call List." for humor, add in: "Type D-N-C, and tell Barry he can go suck a di*k." Barry's the manager.
 Feb 16th, 2010
look, I just got COMCAST SERVICE In Jacksonville, Fl -Gave NO ONE my number and started receiving these calls from Adt security and Viking Press and IRL Sweepstakes. COMCAST is selling these numbers AND Providing our names to these people who call at all hours.
Please send an EMail or letter to your state atyy or representative and DO NOT put up with this BS from COMCAST
 Jan 06th, 2010
I called and they put my number on the in house do not call list, and also said most of the numbers they acquire are from people doing online surveys, if you call and request your number be put on their "in house do not call list" they are more than willing to and it takes up to 48 hours for it to become in effect and it is indefinately. I hope this information helps you.
 Nov 03rd, 2009
So no matter what i do or say to these people they keep calling me
 Sep 24th, 2009
They call me everyday a few times a day, they some how got my phone number and i have nothing thruogh them, i have repeatedly told them to put my number on the do not call list and that they are breaking the law, and that it is a violation of the Fdcpa to contact me and to stop yet they will not stop, they say my husband owes money to them, but we never did we paid what we owed and they signed us up for more even after we cancled it. It wont stop no matter what so we are contacting our lawyor about this, we may even file something aginst them they are burning up cell minutes and even wake my daughter.
 Sep 04th, 2009
I just got a land line from Charter, I gave my number to my mom and my fiance's mom and then i get a calls from lots of 800 numbers. I answer and say put me on your do not call list and hang up!
 Feb 27th, 2009
the thing is i never got a call until i moved and i still have my same number Time warner cable and get SOO MANY TELEMARKET calles now i have sated calling them back and doing the same thing back to them about 5-9 times and then telling them to take me off of there list
 Dec 14th, 2008
2008-11-10 5:53pm, reported by Verizon Call Assistant...I did not take the call. From this site and, this was from "IRL Sweepstakes"

And like others, I've had this phone service/number just since Friday night, i.e., 2 business Verizon, rather than simply publishing, PEDDLING our numbers?
 Nov 12th, 2008
You must use the exact words: "Put my number on your DO NOT CALL list." They are required by law to do so immediately and MUST hang up the phone within a certain number of seconds (not sure but it's like 30 or less). They usually just hang up immediately or say something like "thank you." If you keep a note pad near your phone, write down the number that called, the time & date your told them 'put me on your do not call list'. If they call back after that, they can be reported to the Attorney General (different states may have different procedures) and the company can be fined like $10,000 per violation. It does take a time to get the National Do Not Call registry listing in place. Marketers are required to update their lists on a regular basis.

So don't ignore, they'll just keep calling. Don't say, "Stop calling!" Just answer and say, "Put my number on your DO NOT CALL list." It works.
 Oct 16th, 2008
I just got my phone set up at the beginning of the month and I've messed with them. Just ask who is calling, when they say it's IRL or fill-in-the-blank sweepstakes, tell them to hold on, see how long they hold for. If you're really evil you can string them along with a, "yeah, he must be outside, let me go get him..." after making them hold for a while.
 Oct 14th, 2008
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 Oct 11th, 2008
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 Oct 11th, 2008
they didnt answer so i calld back th man knew who i was..told me about it tried to sell me another magazine n i said no he hung up on me..i called back got another lady and i asked hw we were entered how they got my number and she began 2laugh so i spoke with a manager and he culdnt care less..they are rude n its probably all bullshit sales...
 Sep 08th, 2008
2 times today starting around 8am..only says toll free call. Didnt answer and no message was left. Recently got new phone number through AT&T
 Sep 02nd, 2008
Oh my goodness. Sounds so familiar. We JUST got an unpublished brand new number and
this number calls and noone speaks

who is this?
anyone know?
 Aug 15th, 2008
New Phone number since 07-21-08. Answer and no one is there.
 Jul 23rd, 2008
just got new number from comcast. this phone shouldn't be ringing, i have given it to nobody. also gotten calls from voxeo, des moines iowa, dixon california. crazy stuff.
 Jul 18th, 2008
Just had this number for a few days, keep getting calls from this company. Joined the do not call list, hopefully this will stop them
 Jun 27th, 2008
We have only had our phone hooked up for 2 days and I haven't even given my number to family yet. The person asked for my husband and I said he wasn't home and they hung up on me. So I called back and a gentleman said we were entered into a sweepstakes I said how is that when we just had our phone hooked up and nobody has our # he said they purchase names and phone #s from List services and your local utility companies sell your information to list services. That is rediculous that they can do that! I told the guy don't call again and hung up.
 May 21st, 2008
Brand new number, not 2 weeks old. Using Cox telephone provider. They at least have my name; this is scary scary! Somebody is selling numbers!
 May 21st, 2008
Received call from this number twice today. However, they are calling my fax number which is not on the "do not call" list. Hope they get an earfull of the squealing and squalling. Guess I will put my fax number on the "do not call" list. Bet it doesn't help.
 May 20th, 2008
We just updated our comcast phone service to their new digital service. We kept the same phone number, which is on the do not call list and has been on it for the past two years. However, upgrading our service meant comcast reassigned our number back to us I guess and sold it because hours after the tech left our house the calls started. This number calls day and night and no one answers when you pick up. We have a newborn and I am so sick of the phone ringing off the hook with telemarketers. I am really angry at comcast over much so that we are considering dropping our landline service and only using cell phones.
 May 08th, 2008
just got a new number from comcast digital voice, the 800 257 5722 called and and said it was Publisher's Clearinghouse, I told them remove it and do not call again or get reported to the AG office. I also signed up for the Do not call list. This appears to be a back room run type of group. they also call from 800-505-6495 and 800-562-3557.

Next time they call can someone get a location on them, play it up and ask to mail them some money, to see if they give a POB or address!
 May 01st, 2008
i aslo recieved calls they didnt speak it sounded like computer typing in the background, i just had my number changed prior to that aslo
 Apr 19th, 2008
When these "sweepstakes" folks called me, I had just had my phone activated only a couple days before. He asked for me by name so I know he got the listing from BellSouth (aka ATT South). Since I just started giving out this number and only to those who absolutely need it, I knew it was a telemarketer. Having worked for a legitimate telemarketing firm (yes they DO exist), I chose to take the easy way out. I simply hung up on THEM. That was 3 days ago and not a word since but I have gotten two other telemarketing calls. One hung up on me as soon as I answered and the other politely thanked me before hanging up when I told her I was not interested. Of course the first thing I did was go to the DNC registry and register the number but I know it takes time...
Mrs Mac
 Mar 10th, 2008
They called asking for my husband telling me we were entered in a sweepstakes don't know how. Asked if we had a discover card and another credit card I say no and then she asked if I had a checking account i said no and she said ok good look to you on the sweepstakes. WE just recently changed our cable to Time warner so I think they must have given our number out.
 Feb 27th, 2008
Sweepstakes, supposedly. At least I know Time Warner WILL SELL your phone number, because there's no other way they could have gotten it. Possibly harmless but irritating.
 Feb 22nd, 2008
I have the same problem as others posted. I just moved and hardly anyone (especially spam callers) has my new number. While I don't have Verizon (they suck anyway), I think these calls maybe automated calls.. Just my opinion though.
 Feb 11th, 2008
ID says, "Toll Free Call". Didn't answer it.
A. Valle
 Feb 04th, 2008
A HAH! IRL sweepstakes. Call them (when I dial from my caller id it tells me I can't) but when I dial the 1-800-257-5722 number it works. Spoke to a gentleman and asked him to put me on their do not call list. He said he was very sorry and would do so. Let's see if the calls stop. If not, I'm calling them, getting their address and mailing them a cease and desist letter.
 Jan 19th, 2008
They called AGAIN and they continue to call EVERY MORNING. It won't stop! I put my name on the nat'l do not call list but that takes 30 days? This is annoying! I called the number back and "this number could not be reached as dialed" is the message I get. So mad. Keep getting other solicitation phone calls as well..not happy.
 Jan 19th, 2008
I got my number changed a few days ago. Verizon is my carrier, too, like another commenter on this page.
This number came up today PLUS a Viking Magazine. 515-369-5701

I just put my new number on the Do Not Call list. Maybe Verizon really DOES sell our numbers :-(((
 Jan 18th, 2008
Called 1/16 at 11am to my FL number. Just got service with Verizon DAYS ago. I wasn't home to pick up and there was no message left. Already getting solicited? Ugh.
 Jan 17th, 2008
I called back and offered to trade their souls for a bottle of bourbon or a pack of cigarettes.
 Dec 19th, 2007
your all morons. look.... all you have to say is "put me ON your do not call list" not take me off your list. or we will just keep calling your dimwit asses.
 Dec 13th, 2007
i got a comcast phone internet and cable package and i get this call only one it sucks wish they would loose it i am on the do not call list.
 Dec 10th, 2007
The "rep" said it was Publishers Clearing House, and that I was in the running for a grand prize of $25,000.00. She said I was on level 3 of the prize giveaway, and congrats for making it so far. Then she said, "This opportunity is available only to Visa, Mastercard, and Discover card holders. Do you still hold one of these Mrs.Thomsen?" I hung up after that. What bothered me is that asked for me by name on the phone, and I'm not yet listed.
 Nov 24th, 2007
We just got this number. It's UNPUBLISHED - we've only had it two days and 800-257-5722 was the first call to us. We haven't given out the number to ANYONE. We picked it up but didn't say anything as no one knows this #.. they hung on the line and didn't say anything. They called us at night.

We use Verizon as our phone provider, and we do not have cable with them. We don't owe money so it's not a collection agency. Our number is a personal number not a business #. I too suspect Verizon must have sold our number.
 Nov 08th, 2007
We have new service through AT&T, but signed up via AllConnect. It's been on for seven days. We've gotten several solicitations from multiple numbers, but this is the only one that has called multiple times. Based on previous posts, I think AllConnect is the one who released our number, but I haven't researched it. I signed up for the donotcall list, and now I'm counting down my 31 days.
 Oct 30th, 2007
Just got a call from them--said they were just making a courtesy call. I live in a small town in North Mississippi...who knows how they got my number!
 Oct 25th, 2007
Just moved into a new apartment and our first caller besides testing the number is IRL sweepstake.
 Oct 15th, 2007
Called in North East Ohio on a new "unlisted" number from Time Warner.
 Oct 08th, 2007
called in KY within a week of having service connected
 Sep 28th, 2007
Had this new phone number from Brighthouse for 3 days. This 800 number started calling on day 1!
 Sep 05th, 2007
just got this # a few days ago and I'm getting all these calls from 800 #s even though I haven't given the number out to anybody yet. If I don't know who it is, then the phone doesn't get answered.
 Aug 31st, 2007
new # too. TWC sells numbers immediately. i requested an unlisted # and will contact the AG if i start getting calls from a new # they assign.
 Aug 28th, 2007
just got comcast phone, kept same number, unlisted/private before switching and requested same from comcast, yet days after switching been getting MANY junk calls (never happened before). Comcast must be selling the numbers or something very annoying.
 Aug 27th, 2007
Add me to the list of Comcast Digital Voice subscribers whose new number and name were sold. Telemarketer called ten day old number asking for "Mrs. Mylastname" who doesn't exist.
 Aug 25th, 2007
it is a telemarketer. that got my unlisted number from a company called new connect, which is part of a company call telematch a gannett company their phone number is 800-523-7346.
my number has always been unlisted until I move it to Comcast.
The telemarketer not only had my number they had my name.
maybe telematch should receive alot of calls
 Aug 12th, 2007
I just got my phone installed 4 days ago and they asked for me by name. The phone is in my husband's name. When I said "she" wasn't available they asked for my husband by name. Said they were with a sweepstakes company. I advised the owners of the phone does not accept solitation calls. Lets see what happens.
 Jul 31st, 2007
I found out that Comcast has a call screen option. Follow these directions:
 Jul 31st, 2007
Just got Comcast after switching from Vonage and received this call for the first time today. I'm NOT looking forward to getting it repeatedly - if that happens. I'm not real happy about having to pay $4.95 a month either with Comcast to be unlisted! ARGH!
 Jul 31st, 2007
I just moved to Indiana, got a new Comcast # and have been receiving numerous telemarketing calls -- registered at but that takes 31 days to kick in -- I find that saying I'm on the Do Not Call list and threatening an FCC complaint usually gets these companies to stop.
 Jul 27th, 2007
I'm just answering the phone with fake accents and blubbering and annoyance. kind of like crank yanker style. I turn the tables on them and get a laugh out of it. always fun to do wacky stuff with them.
chain yanker
 Jul 26th, 2007
Just got this number, didn't answer call. Looks like AT&T sold our number to these people, wish they would stop
 Jul 17th, 2007
Called my home phone. Just opened this line with Comcast last week and already received several rubbish calls from several toll free numbers.

I answered this call, no one was on the other line.
 Jul 16th, 2007
Came up as "TOLL FREE CALL" on our new Comcast phone only a day after being installed. FREAKIN ANNOYING. Calls everyday at least once. Them and Spectracom. Whoever that is.
 Jul 14th, 2007
This is a new number through Comcast and they call everyday! They call from 8AM to 8PM. Since getting my new number I get phone calls from over 10 different unsolicited companies. I'm changing my number again!
 Jul 10th, 2007
No answer from the caller. Hung up.
 Jul 09th, 2007
I'm in KC, and IJUST got my phone turned on 2 days ago by Time Warner Cable, already getting calls from all sorts of 800 numbers. This one came this morning and the caller ID said "NOT PROVIDED", so we of course did not answer. I'm REALLY going to get ticked if these numbers don't stop interrupting my sleep!
 Jul 05th, 2007
Our new number from Comcast, in the Atlanta area, was just connected a week ago. The call from 800-257-5722 was our very first unwanted call.
 Jun 27th, 2007
Add another company to the list: 702 Communications in MN. They called the DAY I had service hooked up and have been calling since. I have yet to answer. Been 2 years since I've had a land line - now I remember why!
 Jun 23rd, 2007
They called on my 2 day old Verizon number which I've never given out. I had the directory listing set to a name other than my own, and they asked for the "fake" name.

 Jun 21st, 2007
New line from Comcast.
 Jun 14th, 2007
They called an unpublished number that I just transferred from Vonage to Comcast. My home office phone that I don't even give the number out. I use GrandCentral to provide a number that rings my cell and home office at the same time.
 Jun 06th, 2007
I got a new number from Comcast in Tallahassee, FL and after reading this, I called them. They DO sell their customers' numbers. I had to "opt out" with the girl over the phone. I told this policy of Comcast has to stop, but it sounded like she was more interested in going to get a coke from the fridge as soon as was done with her. Comcast, I hope you read this. -Not the way to treat your customers.
 Jun 01st, 2007
Unbelievable. We have just signed up with Comcast and have only had this number for 3 days...number reads "Toll Free Number" on Caller ID. Thanks to all of you and this site, this caller will recieve a piece of my mind even before I say hello! Comcast def sells numbers!
 Jun 01st, 2007
These people are a big nusince they dont get the point when you tell them to stop calling
 May 19th, 2007
I started recieving these calls as soon as I had Brighthouse installed and even though I have a private line and my name should not appear when I called the number back she picked up saying my name..
 May 18th, 2007
new phone from COMCAST, they must sell the numbers. First day it was installed the solicitation calls started. If they dont sell the numbers they give it out free, that way they can charge you $4.95 a month to have an unlisted number.....Makes me wonder about COMCAST. What a JOKE!
 May 10th, 2007
I just got new Verizon phone #, been getting call all day and evening. we never pick up the phone, we use it for fax but it is irritating. I'm in Florida
 May 01st, 2007
Calls multiple times per day! We just got this # too!!!
Raleigh NC
 Apr 28th, 2007
This menace continues to call my number and think it must be due to a change in my telephone service. Have gotten about 12 calls over the past three days. Never got these kinds of calls until changed from unpublished to published listing via Verizon. This is extremely frustrating.
 Apr 28th, 2007
Same Deal, I have a new Tel # at new home, Rec'd many calls as logged on caller ID (20+) I called the #, asked that they identify themselves. They are "IRL Sweepstakes". I asked that they remove my # from the list,young girl was cordial and agreed to do so. (We'll see...)
 Apr 26th, 2007
Well, I got this call over and over. Tried to answer a couple of times and got hung up on. Eventually someone answered when I picked up. She said she was with IRL and she asked about my credit cards and bank accounts, questions which she became frustrated with when I wouldn't answer them. I asked to have my name removed from their list. We'll see if that helps.
Jason in TN
 Apr 23rd, 2007
I just switched over to comcast digital voice and started getting calls from this number, even tho my number is unlisted!!! I guess theres no reason to have it unlisted and pay that 4.95 a month extra........
 Apr 22nd, 2007
It suck's having a new number and s like this happens. Now on do not call list. See if it works
 Apr 20th, 2007
I just got a land line 2 weeks ago - gave my # to no one and have been getting calls off the wall. Just put my number on the do not call list today.
 Apr 19th, 2007
800 service it says on my phone. I dont answer phone anyways. I always screen my cals
 Apr 10th, 2007
Time warner cable sold my # to them!!
 Apr 09th, 2007
I called the number back using Skype. She answered "Sweepstakes Center". The number is definitely junk.
 Apr 06th, 2007
Called and no one said anything. Even cursed at them and still no response.
 Mar 28th, 2007
Got this number on caller ID on a Saturday nite.
Shows up labled as "Toll-Free Call". As alot of others responding about this number, I have recently installed new service from NationsLine Phone Co. based in Roanoke, VA. Sounds like there isnt a phone company out there who doesnt sell off new phone #'s. Does anybody know if Vonage Phone service customers have been having this problem?
 Mar 26th, 2007
Just got a new number 5 days ago from CableOne. Have already received 2 calls in one day. One of the calls ask for my daughter because the phone is listed in, her name (she was at work) when I offered to take a message they ask for Mr.__. I replied that her father had passed away 3 years ago and again ask to take a message. They just replied that they would try back later and hung up.
 Mar 14th, 2007
They were the first to call us as soon as we got our new number. I usually don't answer 800 numbers but after the fifth or sixth time they called I picked up. They asked for the Mrs. I told them there was no such person. They then asked for my fiance by name. When I told them he was at work they hung up on me. This is a comcast number in Tennessee.
Katie P
 Mar 10th, 2007
They called and said they were from a police agency that wanted donations for an anti-DWI program and wanted to know if I could commit $25-$50 to their cause when I hesitated and told them I would have to ask my fiancee the guy then asked if he could get $10 and if my fiancee wanted to give more they would send me a self addressed envelope. I again said no I have to talk it over with my fiancee again and the guy hung up. I contacted the local police station and they said it was a scam.
 Mar 08th, 2007
Carlsbad ConVis hotel/motel info) 800/ 257-5722
 Feb 22nd, 2007
Talk about a pain, I actually have this number (257-5722) as my land line! Over the last 2 years I have received several calls from phone customers think that someone from our home has called them and hung up. We just thought it was some type of mix up at the phone company. I never thought to check to see if they were being called by a 1-800 number. A couple nights ago I received a call and actually talked to a guy that said it was a 1-800 number but he just called the local exchange and, of course, called me. Last night I received a voice message from another 'peeved' guy and was not pleased that my child has to hear his barrage of insulting 4 letter words. I don't have caller id or I'd call this guy back and tell him to call back the correct number and to stop harrassing me. This company makes my skin crawl!
 Feb 09th, 2007
I hate all these calls!
 Jan 30th, 2007
Yea...changed service and got comcast. Got call from IRL Sweeptstakes and they asked questions about credit cards and bank account info. I called them back and gave them a little "feedback" and then went to National Do Not Call Registry and got registered...we'll see!!
 Jan 24th, 2007