Called me just to tell my my account was in good standing. Made zero sense. I said "Then why are you calling me?" So freakin' strange.
 Nov 10th, 2017
This is the 2nd they have called asking for someone else.
 Jan 06th, 2015
Did a google search for this number and it comes up on the AES student loans website as their toll free number. I do have a loan with them, but my account is current and I paid a few days early this month so I'm not sure what they want... They didn't leave a message.
 Oct 13th, 2012
who used to run Landis Law Office an illegal debt collector that could not get out of several law suits and it still being sued. Larry Weil and his wife Mary. Both are tax evader and are still running from the law on getting Western Union payments undeclared. Get a lawyer they will try to take you to court. Fight them www dot naca dot net
 Jan 21st, 2012
These people are the same dirt bags
 Jan 21st, 2012
They are calling my number in search of someone else, and they ask that if they're calling the wrong number, that I need to call back? I don't think so. Why don't they just listen to my voicemail message which says my name in it?? Idiots!
 Jan 12th, 2012
Called my place of work asking for contact information for someone with the same last name as mine but not a first name I recognized. The caller also had a wrong initial for my middle name; they are apparently looking for someone else. The caller had an Indian accent and was somewhat rude.
 May 24th, 2011
call 1-800-233-0557, hit 2, 0, 2, hold. Ask them to take your number off their servers, its a student loan/refinancing company.
 Apr 13th, 2009
I am recieving calls about a person I don't know haven't heard of and I work at night.I have called the 800-233-0557 number and I have spoken to the representatives to be taken off the phone call list several times.I called today and asked to be taken off the list again. I was informed that the phone number was up dated oct.29,2008 but that there isn't a notation that the the person called from my number.There is no one in my house to answer the phone or to make calls. I told them to stop calling me so that I can get some sleep and work to stay current with my own bills!!!
 Nov 25th, 2008
Called and said told my wife that they were AES and wanted to talk to me about a ?business transaction", but wouldn't say what is was. She said I wasn't here. They hung up. However, from the notes below it appears that this number 717-720-1500 may be a phishing number. DO NOT GIVE THESE FOLKS ANY INFO.

If you need to talke to the American Education Service arm of the PHEA then call THEIR NUMBER 800-233-0557. They should be ABLE TO TELL YOU OR VERIFY YOUR LOAN INFO.
 Jan 31st, 2008
left cell phone msg for someone else..i don't have student enough bills to pay.
 Nov 27th, 2007
Received a call today on my CELL PHONE. I have 2 loans BOTH of which are in good standing, next payment is not due for another 2 WEEKS. Called back 717-720-1500 and phone kept disconnecting.
Called AEI cust Service - 800-233-0557 and they have no record of having called me (???), AND my loans are both in good standing - rep gave me NO explaination. Ridiculous.
 Nov 01st, 2007
Former friend still had me listed as a reference. I called them at their main office number, 1-800-233-0557, and had them remove me.
 Aug 14th, 2007
This is harassment. My account is in in good standing with AES yet they keep auto dialing my cell phone, then putting me on hold while I wait for a rep to get to my call. I called AES. They said that my cell number was not associated with my student loan account and they were not sure how it ended up being dialed. Likely story. They said they were removing my number and I should not get any more calls. Call them call at 800-233-0557 and give them a talking to. This is inexcusable.
 Jun 21st, 2007
I was called three times today, once from this number, and twice from 717-720-7500. The AES rep the last time was Alex. The first two times they told me to hold on the phone for an important message. Right. Somehow they're open while if you call the main AES number at 1-800-233-0557 their call center was shut down due to weather (Valentines Day 2007, major snowstorms in the NorthEast today). I suspected shennanigans after that initially, but after getting my address and name and email, they could pull up my payment information without me telling them over the phone. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER OVER THE PHONE, especially if THEY call YOU.
 Feb 14th, 2007