scammers....from another country as usual
 Dec 07th, 2013
Same telemarketer called Friday evening 6 times, called Saturday 28 times started at 10:43 am, 10:46 am, 11:02 am, 11:34 a.m and so on..., called Monday 18 times all from different numbers. When I called back a couple of the numbers it was the same people, either a poor english speaking man or woman who would either hang up on me or would get into a shouting match with me after telling me I applied for an internet loan. Everytime my son or self would answer, we told them to get rid of our number and stop calling. My husband called several of the numbers back Monday evening after answering a few calls from 6:45 p.m to 8:00 p.m and one lady cursed him out calling him John and then started telling him she has problems all while you could hear the other telemarkerters in the background. Everytime I blocked a number through Time Warner Cable including the unavailable ones in which would show, they'd call from a new one!! Numbers are: 818-666-8155, 312-473-9828, 786-600-1146, 209-315-5456, 111-111-1111 and there are a few more ranging from Modesto Ca, Miami Fla, Riverbank, Ca, Chicago, Ill, Oklahoma. We have unplugged our phone since my son works 3rd shift and sleeps during the day. The calls started up at 11:12 am Monday 10/28/13 after calling all day Saturday 10/26/13 and Friday 10/25/13, evening time. We are also on the no call list with the NC registry as well!!!

We have noticed other complaints regarding harrasment from the same numbers all over the web. I've also complained with Time Warner Cable as this started after we switched our phone service over to them July, 2013. We have NEVER had an issue with telemarketers the whole 19 years we've had the same home phone number until we switched service to Time Warner.
 Oct 29th, 2013