called with no message. i recently signed up for aaa auto club, so perhaps they sold my #? that's the only thing i recently signed up for with this cell phone number. i never give this number out otherwise. it's a spam number, if you have sprint you can log into your account online and add this # to your blocked list and they won't be able to get through to you!
 Sep 20th, 2013
Received a call from this number; they did not leave a message. I called them back. Pressed "1" to talk to somebody. "Mary" asked if I knew that car insurance prices went down this week (today is Monday) due to a new DMV law? Just to dink around with them, I first said I wanted to be placed on their "Do Not Call List" but still wanted to talk about car insurance. Bang! They hung up. Called them back. Got as far as giving them my zip code and POOF! They hung up again. This tells me they are not legitimate AND that the Do Not Call List really does work! We'll see how things go from here. I DO keep a "Do Not Call File" and jot down the telephone number so we will see how well this works! I will say I never received any such calls until this last month---when against my better judgment I signed up for InBox Dollars---a survey answering company. I deleted my account a few days ago but imagine I will continue to have some fallout from it for months to come. I do not know WHAT I was thinking!
 Jul 08th, 2013
This person had called me fifteen minutes before I had found out I had a missed call. The voice mail was only one second long so I know this wasn't a professional company. I call back and it goes to a recording about signing up for some insurance companies, then listed Statefarm, Nation Wide, Progressive, etc. So I hung up. Does anyone know who this is?
 Jul 08th, 2013
you can tell by the backround noise it's some boilerroom call center calling. I answer with some fake business name like 'Acme Plumbing... how may I direct your call?'... usually get a hang up then.
 Jul 03rd, 2013
Keeps calling my work cell (not published) and my personal cell not published back to back without leaving a message. Odd thing is only my co-workers have my work cell and no one should have my personal cell because I don't give it out.
 Jun 25th, 2013