Us skype to call them every 5 mins for free.

Get couple hundred theses going and best luck allied interstate.
 May 06th, 2010
If you have no clue why they called, do the following.

On the first call, collect as much information as possible.

Name and account. go find an obituaries with same first and last name. Get date, call them back and say they died and you read that x and y name died, as you read it online.

Caller: Allied Interstate.
Call Type: Debt Collector
 May 06th, 2010
Allied Intrastate must have a new number 866-458-9453. I received a call today from Vick, and he said he was with Allied Intrastate. I'm not late yet with anything maybe he's calling to give me money.
 Apr 19th, 2010
We have had our # for 20+ years. They asked for someone other than us. I told them they had the wrong # and I got attitude from the caller and hungup on. I called back and the so called manager yelled at me would not let me talk and hungup on me. Whoever they are this is illegal.. I told them to never call again. If they do, they will not like what they get in return
 Apr 13th, 2010
this company and phone number keeps showing up on my caller ID and they never leave a message. After doing the research and discovering they are a collection agency don't know why they are calling as I have a credit score of over 800!
 Apr 13th, 2010
Received mobile phone call from 775-319-1502. They could NOT leave a message since I have registered all of my phone numbers on the "Do Not Call List". Phoned Verizon customer service and had them "BLOCK" that phone number from calling again. Next I contacted all three of the Credit Reporting Agencies - Transunion, Experian and Equifax online and put Fraud Alerts on all of the Credit Reporting Agencies for 90 days. I no longer receive phone calls from Allied Interstate in Nevada!!
 Apr 10th, 2010
This number showed up on my cell phone. The message beginning was cut off, but it did say they are a debt collection company.
 Apr 03rd, 2010
This number calls everyday, 5 times a day. I finally answer the phone. No one says anything when I pick up. I finally called back 775-319-1502 and they were looking for someone else. They removed me from their calling list. I recommend doing the same.
 Apr 02nd, 2010
They called for the 1st time today, left no message. We have no debts, but I called back just in case. It was an error on their part and they will have it remedied within 2 days. Problem solved. By the way, don't avoid collection calls ever, even if you think you have no debts!! I had AT&T send me to collections on -$25 without warning for an accounting error they made, and it was a nightmare to fix!
 Mar 18th, 2010
I started recieving multipule calls from this number but a message was never left. I just got a call from my sister saying they were calling her about some bill i owe. I don't have any outstanding bills and If I do then send my proof or q
Allison Stack
 Mar 14th, 2010
Have received numerous calls from Allied Interstate finally got P.O.'d this morning and called them back they asked for my name and phone number. Then stated the Name of the person they were looking for, whom I do not know. I told the lady to remove my number. She stated she had removed my number but it could take up o 48/hrs, I told her that was fine because I jut put them on my Call Rejection service. If I receive even 1 more call I will file a formal complaint!
C. Gallup
 Feb 13th, 2010
i believe this number has been calling me for almost a year. Several times I have told them they have the wrong number. The calls still continue
 Feb 04th, 2010
They hang up on me every time they call they call at all hours . 6 am on sat. 1130 pm fri night ...... how do i stop them?
free me
 Jan 30th, 2010
We don't owe anybody. STOP CALLING HERE!!!
 Jan 18th, 2010
All you need to do is make a complaint with the federal trades commission.This can be done on line.
 Dec 29th, 2009
I have been getting phone calls from this number for 3 weeks now and have received 3 today already. I have never answered as I dont answer unless I know the number or a message is left with information. I have received no messages. I'm glad I googled this number. This collector needs to be stopped...this is ridiculous. I was shocked to see how many people are having this same annoying issue.
 Dec 18th, 2009
Ive been getting called every day for the past few weeks. I answered a few minutes ago, and they (for the first time) didn't immediately hang up. They asked for some loretta person I dont know. I said this was the wrong number and the extremly rude lady said "This call is being recorded. Now is this STILL the wrong number?" And I responded yes. she then asked if I was sure and if I knew hsaid Loretta...and said to keep in mind that this is being recorded. I said I dont know her. and she said "Ok, Ill mark this as a (pause) "Wrong" (pause)number. She said this with lots of emphasis on "Wrong".....I hope they stop calling >.
 Dec 15th, 2009
WARNING TO ALL!!! Phone calls from anomynous sources whom do not leave messages have plagued us for years. This is yet another example. Word of advice, from being victim of this fradulent plague, do not answer and do not return their call. If it is a collection agency a common tactic of theirs is to instill baseless fear (they can not legally prosecute you in any way, shape or form) and to get any information they can from you. DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!! They will share any and all information they get from you and/or anyone who knows you (a process referred to as data-mining) with other collection agencies. When the statute of limitations is up what the collection agency does is that they simply sell off your debt to another collection agency, thus, re-activating your debt for another 7 years. It is a vicious cycle. It is a scam. Beware of internet scams as well. Especially those with sensitive information. From my personal savings account I had 3 US passports purchased under my name. I do not even have a personal US passport. They also withdrew small amounts of money, within $1.00 - $3.00 range from my personal savings account. Within 6-months it added up to appoximately $3,500 dollars and only about $200 was recoverable by my bank. I had to contact the FBI, the Postal Inspector, file a police report and close/re-open my bank account. To make matters worse, I had lost my job two weeks prior to my taking notice. Just BEWARE of who you talk to. It can and will be used against you.
 Oct 20th, 2009
Called, left no message no answer when I call back.
 Oct 19th, 2009
Caller ID say Allied Interstate
 Oct 16th, 2009
They call almost everyday and never leave a message. They seem to always hang up when answered or after 3 rings.
 Oct 09th, 2009
they hung up as soon as i answered.
 Jul 10th, 2009
This number just called me. They didn't say anything. Judging by the comments here, I shall expect more from these people.
 May 29th, 2009
These people have called me several times. First they had the name of my sister in law. (NO idea how they were able to connect us) When I said it wasn't me, they said sorry and they would take my name off the list. They keep calling. I just now answered again right now and they asked for John, who could be my brother in law that lives in another state. I said no one lives here by that name and she hung up just as I was telling her to hang on so I could ask more questions.
Mrs. W
 May 22nd, 2009
Since March, this number calls me every day, at least once, sometimes 3, and never leaves a voice message. I eventually called them to find out that they are a collections "financial institution" of some sort, calling themselves Allied Interstate. They will not give me any further information about them, unless I give them my telephone number which I refuse to do. And, the representation?? FLAT OUT RUDE!

Let it be known that these people are out for your monies to pay off a bill that has been forwarded to a collections agency. And, they are pretty sneaky in their approach(es), too.

 May 12th, 2009
This co. called my sister in law looking for me..... gave her a name of "Ruff" and gave her a ph# for me to return the call that is NOT in working order..... Who is this company? And, if it is a collection agency why are they using wrong numbers and "wierd" names??? this is really scary! And, how did they get my sister in laws number??? WOW! Ugly world out there!
 Mar 12th, 2009
This number started showing up on my cell phone on 2-1-09. I answer and no one says anything. I never called it back because I don't want to pay some crazy charges for being stupid enough to call back a number I don't recognize and they won't leave a message, so it must not be very important. Out of curiosity I did a search on Google and came up with this. Thanks for all your info people. Next time they call I will answer with an airhorn :]
Suzi Q
 Feb 27th, 2009
Calls come in several times a week. We have asked them to stop calling but they will not. What is the real scam here? They don't want to talk to you in the first place (they hang up if you answer), then they pretend they don't know why you got called when you inquire. Please tell me this isn't one of those scams where when we call back it's routed to Jamaica or someplace and wil result in ridiculous phone charges!!

These people are slime and need to be stopped.
 Feb 10th, 2009
who in hell are these people. They keep calling, never leave a message and I never take the call.
 Jan 22nd, 2009
This guy named Juan called and stated he was from a "financial institution", named a name and the last four digits of a SS #. He said he had information for me, but needed to verify that he was talking to me. I asked him to identify his company and what specifically he was calling about. He said that he would not give me that info until I verified my identity. I told him that I wouldn't give him any info until he properly identified himself and his company and told me why he was calling. He then said that he would " back tomorrow when I was in a better mood" and then hung up. I drew up his number from "recent Calls" and called back. The answering header message was electronic and did not identify the company. Text was standard automated switchboard stuff "... wait for the next available rep..." This guy answered (Same voice. What're the odds?) I asked him for his name, which was John, this time. Imagine that. We ended up doing the verbal sparring again with the same results. I told him again that I would never give him any such info without first receiving his proper identification, and told him not to call back. He threatened to keep calling until I did verify... this could have gone on and on, but he hung up again. His approach was similar to a shady Debt Collector, but even they will properly identify themselves and the subject of the call when pressed, if they are reputable. Beware of a hoax. I Googled the number and came to this site. There are many such hits on this number.
 Jan 15th, 2009
Call is from Allied Interstate Collections, They work for (Among other companies) Qwest. And yes I do owe them money. I called qwest and paid them. Hope that ends calls. I will let you guys know if not.
Frank Semonious
 Dec 17th, 2008
allied intrastate (or something like it)
Stop calling!
 Nov 26th, 2008
these people called me asking if i give head. I of course said yes
 Nov 20th, 2008
I get calls from this number all the time. It just rings once and they hang up. It's just some collection company looking for someone in my family or my Ex wife any one of which owes money to someone. The reason they hang up is so you have to call them to find out what they called for. You get charged for the long distant call instead of them. I don't answer the calls or call them back. If it was important they would leave a message.
 Nov 20th, 2008
I am retired and do not have any debts...I have gotten calls from this Allied Interstate saying to call a 877 number somewhere in Nevada..concerning a debt owed. I have not called the 877 as I know it is a phony company.
I am reporting this to the D.A.'s office as someone needs to look into is a form of harrassment and should be stopped. If you get these calls you should report it to the D.A. Office and have it investigated.
 Nov 13th, 2008
 Oct 20th, 2008
I get calls from this number 3-4 times a day everyday! I am so fed up.....I have called it back to only get a machine no live help and the one time I did get someone I could not understand what he was telling me! I stopped answering the calls I have looked at my credit report I don't see anything that is connected to this "Allied Interstate".
 Sep 23rd, 2008
they had the last four digits of my social securtiy number and wanted to verify; when I asked who was calling for the second time, they hung up on me
 Sep 23rd, 2008
my sister got a phone call from this company called aliad(something) and they were asking for me, which is weird, and they told her i had her down for contact, which i know i dont, only person had have down for emergency contact would be through the doc office and that would be either my mom or sister.. and then when you call the number it rings and goes busy so i think its a telemarketing company, from las vegas, as i had a call not to long ago from las vegas that showed up on my caller id at 3am, and it was some guy saying hello, i hung up and he called back, i felt like telling him maybe its party time in nevada but here in oregon we tend to sleep
 Aug 26th, 2008
 Aug 25th, 2008
This is a collections agency. They frequently hang up, so you have to call them back (SO YOU PAY THE LONG DISTANCE CHARGES). They are used by Qwest (phone company), and likely other companies. The number is from
 Aug 12th, 2008
I was finally home to answer this number and got the 877-754-7388 number to call. Can't believe they were looking for my ex who I divorced 22 years ago.. really idiotic folks that don't do their homework!
 Aug 11th, 2008
Two calls from this number. I get several per week, recorded messages for a deadbeat debtor who had my cell number before I got it. I plan to file a claim with the Attorney General.
 Aug 04th, 2008
I recently moved and got a new number which is not even in my name. I have no debts but started getting calls from this # 4 times a day all at the same time. They just don't stop even though some of us work 8-5 they call daily during this time. Now in the last few weeks they call at night as well. They just called 8:45pm! As I am trying to get my kids in bed GIVE ME A BREAK! So I answered expecting the same thing as always (nothing) but this guy said my name which through me off so I said No and before i could say anything else he hung up on me. Talk about rude service ! How the heck could I pay a bill if I had one with these people not even being professional. I think I will go back to not answering for them...scarey
Annoyed again
 Jul 25th, 2008
One call per day for the past two months. I have answered a couple of times to get no answer from them. Must be a really great collection agency. Obviously the actual persons that they are looking for have already gotten rid of these phone numbers while we the unfortunate heirs to those numbers get the calls from this lazy agency. How much money do you think they really collect . I have now put a silent ringer on my cell phone for their number . ahhhhh silence is bliss
 May 13th, 2008
they asked for privat info, which I said I would not provide(last four digit of social)I asked to be taken off imidiatly, got tired of having my answering mashine full of their recorded messages, at times 3 times a day...from the number above AND from a recorded 800 numer to call back a Mr. Roberts
VERY anoying!!!!!
 Apr 30th, 2008
Just called the number back, they asked for someone that I believe previously had my phone number. She said they would take me off the list.
 Apr 11th, 2008
My daughter has been getting calls 10 plus times a day from a number that registers as 0 (zero). When you answer it sounds like a dead line but one time I waited and it rang to someone who said he was from Allied Insurance and looking for someone I have never heard of. Well today I (on a different #) got a call from the number listed above and when I called them back they said it was Allied Insurance. I asked why they were calling and she asked my number and couldnt find anything in her data base, neither could she find anything under my daughters name. When I asked if they were an insurance agency, or what...the call was disconnected. I guess i might have just given them two numbers to use for whatever they are doing. What a pain.
 Mar 27th, 2008
I am in my first bill dispute with Qwest. Thanks to this website I know that this is probably my first pre-collection call. Thanks all.
Martha B
 Mar 26th, 2008
They are a collection agency that piggy backs off of real reputable collection agencies. Theyr'e sneaky, they will also call from 877-541-8420, and 775-319-1502.They are trying to collect a legitemate bill most of the time. the only way to get off your back and get even is to find out what bill you owe, pay it, and tell them you paid the debter next time they call. They will ask you for the payment info, don't give it to them. tell them that it is their job to make sure that theyr'e collecting legitemate debt, don't call me again or I will sue you under the provisions of the fair debt collection act.
They will call you again and then sue them for $1,000.00 for harassment.
 Mar 15th, 2008
called number back and they keep on ending call , thay called six times and never once ansered my call back
very anoying when a person can't answer after they call you all night long and last call being at (:10 PM
mad bull rider
 Mar 13th, 2008
Was called from this company twice today (12.13.07). Two different people left similar messages with the same call back number. I called them at 7:30 and after short wait somebody answered. They probably detected my phone # and my name and man asked me "Am I S*** M***?". I told that I am not and he told that he exclude my number from there's DB.
In 10 min I realized that they likely are looking of previous tenants of the house I bought recently and got my # by address (I transfered this phone to this address 3 months ago).
I tried to call them back again but got constant busy signal. I expect they don't answer numbers which are not in theres DB.
 Dec 14th, 2007
They called and asked for my son. My son does not even live in this state. I said, "He's not here. Who's calling?" They just hung up.
 Sep 18th, 2007
It'e a tape saying there a debt collector.My phone number is about two months old & I don't have any debt.They have called twice.I owe them nothing.
 Sep 12th, 2007
This is a collection agency, calling my cell wanting money for my final Bill with Qwest. When I try to explain they argue and get hostile. So I labeled there phone numbers DO NOT ANSWER and any subsequent number with a ,#
 Aug 29th, 2007
I try calling this number but it is always busy.
 Aug 22nd, 2007
Starting a week ago, I started getting calls 3 times a day from this number. I don't want to answer, so I haven't. But it's getting on my nerves big time. I haven't gotten any messages from them.
 Aug 08th, 2007
Ha Ha Ha!!! Ok, I was digging around in my husbands incoming call history to get a phone number I needed. I saw this number in there so many times I started freaking out. I did a reverse look up and it said it was a landline in Nevada. Then I got more suspicious of the hubby. I did a search with just the phone number and found this site. Thank God it isn't some hoochie calling my husband. Whew!
 Jul 25th, 2007
Someone called from nevada 775-319-1502 and when I called back, they acted like they were the ones calling and said may I speak with so and so. I told them "Wrong number" and theys said "ok" quickly and hung up fast....what the? Who the h...runs that company and what's there issue with calling random numbers?
 Jul 06th, 2007
this number keeps calling my home,i just got this about a month ago. they dont answer when i pick up the phone.
 Jun 29th, 2007
I get them all the time. Have no idea who it is. I never answer it, as it uses minuts ya know. All i know is that they are in nevada.
 Jun 27th, 2007
Be careful, if a relaitive or friend is a non-bill-payer, they may use your phone # as their # and you get stuck with the collection calls.
 Jun 07th, 2007
They are a collection agency for utilities, etc. If you are delinquent on a bill, that is why they are calling you!!!
 Jun 07th, 2007
Got a call from 775-319-1502 for my sister. Caller Id said "Allied Interste". Guy named Patrick said it was a "Business matter". Told him she hadn't lived here for quite a while, and he said it was "new". Left the 877-754-7388 number for her to call back, and would remove my number. I called back pretending to be her, and was told the business was Allied Interstate, a collection agency. Lady I talked to said that since the phone number had been removed, that the only way she could look up information was by my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!! Obviously, couldn't give it to them.
 Jun 06th, 2007
Called today looking for my sister. Said she hadn't lived her in very long time, but would get msg to her. They said it was "new business", left his name, and said he would remove my phone number. I called back pretending to be her, talked to a lady who said since the phone number had been removed, they could only find info via my social security number. Obviously couldn't give it. Very suspicious company!!!
 Jun 06th, 2007
It only rang once so I called the number to see who it was and they were looking for a person I didn't know.
 Jun 05th, 2007
I spoke with them. They told me they were looking for a specific Terri Barker???????
Terri Barker
 May 30th, 2007
I called them and they were looking for a person who gave them my number and I asked four times to remove my number. They said I couldn't do that since I wasn't the person they were looking for. Bunch of losers for sure. Have had my number 11 years and no one else has used it.
 May 23rd, 2007
They call a lot I just don't answer them.
Rick Faccenetti
 May 03rd, 2007
I have gotten three calls from this number. Each time i answer and say hello there is no response. ON the last call someone finally did answer and asked for Tom Minske.
 May 03rd, 2007
called back the 877 number (message indicated they were attempting to collect a debt) - I know I don't have any outstanding debt issues so I called back. They were looking for X name. Told them it wasn't me & my number is being removed. Not sure what the deal is, but it's a bit suspicious.
 May 01st, 2007
Received a call yesterday and today from this number. No message.
 Apr 27th, 2007
Same deal. Morons calling about a Qwest bill that is disputed. Even had Qwest representitives on the line and gave them a conf. # but they would not accept it as payment proof. They said they will keep calling. Attorney involvement as of today.
Terry Mickelson
 Apr 25th, 2007
i got a call from this number and they hung up before i could get to my phone. i called them back, they were looking for the previous owner of this number and they took care of the issue.
 Apr 23rd, 2007

never spoke to anyone. they won;t stop calling my cell phone
 Apr 11th, 2007
i called them back at 877-754-7388 and they were looking for somebody I'd never heard of. They said they took me off the list.
chuck buck
 Apr 05th, 2007
I've gotten calls from this number every day for over a week. Either they don't answer, or I get a recording, never a live person. They claim to be Allied Interstate, regarding a debt and want me to call back. Now I don't have a debt, and no one has my number. Losers!
 Mar 14th, 2007
By the way, if you want a list of almost 25 OTHER numbers used by Allied Interstate that I got from the BBB and some online forums, just do a search for Allied Interstate and you'll find literally thousands and thousands of irate people who have nothing good to say about this company!
 Mar 08th, 2007
These are the rudest collection agency creeps I've dealt with. Check out the almost 700 complaints filed against them at the Florida BBB's website! They hang up on people, cuss, and other rudenesss. DON'T ANSWER when they call.
 Mar 08th, 2007
got a call this day from this number. It was a recording asking me to call them back about a credit issue. I didn't bother to write down the call back number.
 Mar 01st, 2007
wow...thanks for all the input! I definitely made the number as a landline in Reno, Nevada....curious
 Feb 09th, 2007
Update: I finally answered instead of blowing them off. They asked for person X, who of course I'd never heard of. But they were very cool about it, apologized, and haven't called back since
 Feb 01st, 2007
I got this call 1 hour and 10 minutes after getting a call from 775-319-1502 today, which is apparently a scam outfit trying to intimidate people. I figured it was the same deal, because I only just activated my cellphone. These are not-so-random dialers phishing for the gullible.
 Jan 30th, 2007
I have had several calls from this number over the past couple weeks. They don't respond when I answer and they do not leave a message.
 Jan 26th, 2007
Like others, they left voicemail asking to call back to 877-754-7388. No info as to why or even whom they were trying to reach. No one has my cell# except family and friends, so I deleted.
 Jan 18th, 2007
I got a telphone call from 775-319-1502, Allied Interstate. The call back number was 877-754-7388. The woman calling was allegedly named "Lexie." She wanted to talk to Esmeralda Ochoa. I called back. I talked to a man named "Tony Turk." (Yeah, right.) I told him I am an attorney, he is calling my office number, I do not know Esmeralda Ochoa, and he needs to stop calling immediately. He told me that Esmeralda Ochoa had given me as a reference. I told him that is a lie, that I know they use "predictive dialers" and they call at random. (Besides, if she gave me as a reference they would have asked for me, not her.) I told him to not call me again. I am seriously thinking of talking to the media or my senator about this as I get up to eight calls PER DAY from different entities and have for the last seven months. I have flawless credit. I have even reported Wolpoff & Abramson (a law firm that calls all the time) to their state bar association (Maryland) and NOTHING has changed.
 Jan 08th, 2007
I got a telephone call from 775-319-1502, Allied Interstate. The call back number was 877-754-7388. The woman calling was allegedly named "Lexie." She wanted to talk to Esmeralda Ochoa. I called back. I talked to a man named "Tony Turk." (Yeah, right.) I told him I am an attorney, he is calling my office number, I do not know Esmeralda Ochoa, and he needs to stop calling immediately. He told me that Esmeralda Ochoa had given me as a reference. I told him that is a lie, that I know they use "predictive dialers" and they call at random. I told him to not call me again. I am seriously thinking of talking to the media or my senator about this as I get up to eight calls PER DAY from different entities and have for the last seven months. I have flawless credit. I have even reported Wolpoff & Abramson (a law firm that calls all the time) to their state bar association (Maryland) and NOTHING has changed.
 Jan 08th, 2007
These people call on a regular basis. Once, we picked it up and found out they are a collection agency trying to collect from the people who had our cell phone number before us. We told them to check with the cell phone company but, they keep calling us.
 Dec 18th, 2006
I did manage to call them back successfully. Turns out this was a collection agency, wanting money for my final Bill with Qwest which I had already paid but that was an issue with Qwest.
 Dec 07th, 2006
I just received 2 calls from this number, one right after the other and no msg either time...Very odd.
 Dec 07th, 2006
this number calls my cell daily. if you call bac, you get what sounds like a fax or static
 Nov 28th, 2006
message was cut off but it
left another # 775-754-7388
matthew dalton
 Nov 08th, 2006