Scam call from unknown.
 Mar 12th, 2014
This guy called me several months ago when I was driving with my bluetooth. I told him to call back in two hours when I would be home & came home & checked him out online. He's selling a program and is completely unassociated with Microsoft. He just called again today 3-3-14 & I entered him in my contacts & edited him & set the ringer on Silent. Won't be bothered by him again.
 Mar 03rd, 2014
Have received three phone calls in the last four days from the above number and ID says it is an international call, I don't answer it.......
 Sep 28th, 2013
This guy called who sounded like a muslim man told me that he was calling from microsoft because my computer was sending error reports...I asked him several questions because I believed him to be a scammer. He said his name was Patrick Watson and that he was from Africa....But I told him first of all he didn't have an African accent but an Iranian or Muslim accent and that no Muslim or Iranian that I ever met had a name like Patrick Watson which is an Irish or American I told him not to call but the number showed up again on my ID at later time...I also recognize the same guy called me before with a 0000 number stating the same things. I also told him that for all the years I owned a computer and had computer errors noone has ever called me...but YOU ARE THE FIRST PERSON....why is that so SUSPISCOUS?
 Sep 27th, 2013
When I answered "unavailable" there was silence & no voice or recording said a word after my repeatedly saying hello.
 Sep 25th, 2013
I think this is a scam to try to get you to call them back and then you get a charge on your phone bill for thousands of dollars. I answer and no one is there and they hang up after about a minute. They called me yesterday and again today.
 Sep 24th, 2013