I have been receiving calls from this scammer off and on for a few months. There have been numerous times that I have gotten very short when they say are from "Microsoft Support" and there is a problem with my computer. Today the guy caught me at a bad moment, and I asked "Why in the f*** do you keep calling me?" The foreign guy literally replied with, "Because I want to f*** you." Needless to say, I flipped out on the jerk and hung up, he was still talking in detail, elaborating on his reply.
 Nov 22nd, 2016
Called 3 times in one morning. No message left.
Rhode Island
 Nov 22nd, 2016
Called four times in three hours left no message. Caller ID read wireless caller two times and out of area two times.
 Nov 21st, 2016
Was called by this number 3 times in 3 hours. When I called back the message said not in service. Must beva roboscam.
 Nov 19th, 2016
No voicemail left, tried to call the number back and I get the recording that the number is not a working number.
 Nov 18th, 2016
 Nov 18th, 2016
Gotten about ten Illinois phone calls today and a couple from this number with no message!
 Nov 18th, 2016
"is this "_____" birthday of "___" last 4 "_____" "we have a serious criminal issue is this you "nope sure isn't" it's a scam trying to get money. MN
 Nov 18th, 2016
We are in Oklahoma and know no one from Chicago, but this stupid number has called 3 times today and left no message. Bet it's another stupid scam.
 Nov 17th, 2016