They called... No message... I never answer.
 Aug 21st, 2013
This is a collection agency. I have made an agreement with them on an old Sears account and they hardly give my payment time to get to them before they start calling. I don't answer anymore because I know I have already mailed my payment to them. I'm a very sick person and the least bit of stress sets me back into a deep depression. They like to ask for people that I don't know or has never even heard of. Is this legal after you have made an agreement with them? Payments are mailed on time, I can't control the postal service delivery system.
 May 29th, 2013
Three years ago my husband's company closed, no one will hire him because he is management level and in mid-40's - he is being called overqualified or over experienced. He never had a problem finding a job his entire life, and now even dumbed-down resumes don't work, and people are afraid to hire him because they think he will take their job. His unemployment ran out, we lost our old fixer home, my car, and had to sell family heirlooms to get into an overpriced apartment in a bad neighborhood. I am disabled and unable to work, and we are living off my disability. We asked anyone that called to mail us a bill, so that we could verify what we owed - we never got one. Looks like all those vultures out there will have to wait until I'm dead to collect anything, because I'm not starving myself or my family for them. Oh, and they also like to call looking for someone else that I've never heard of.
 Oct 11th, 2012
It's a collections call from "Vincent Gray" from Leading Edge Recovery Solutions. Don't respond... move on with your life :)
 Aug 07th, 2011
Recorded message, this is {whatever he said his name is} please call {gave an 800 number I didn't bother with} after 8am Pacific time.

Never said WHO he wanted to call him. If that is all the info, I guess he will be waiting a VERY long time for a call.
 Jun 26th, 2011
called from this number but wanted a return call to 888-306-0517 - collections
 Jan 25th, 2011
called number back and person that answered said Median or Remedian Recovery solutions
 Jan 14th, 2011