These people keep calling. I'm sick of it... Isn't there anything the FCC can do about this??
Fran Russell
 Feb 13th, 2013
This is the message I faxed to their phone provider... I then stored the letter in outlook along with the fax info ..So I can send it to the provider with just a couple of click every time they call me.

Ymax you issued the number 773-340-4844
This number uses a robo-dialer to harass the general public.
I received calls on
Feb 1, Feb 5, Feb 7, 2 on Feb 9th and 2 on Feb 11th.
This company will not remove my number from their calling list, I am on the do not call registry but that does not matter to this Chicago based crocks and phone spammers. IF You will simply do a Google search for this number you will find a multitude of people complaining about this number and the practices of this company on numerous websites.
Many have attempted to be removed from the calling list I have not seen anyone claim success.
Please reconsider providing your services to companies that harass and defraud the general public.
Thank you
 Feb 12th, 2013
Did a little research, found that the telecom company that issued this phone number is Ymax Communications Corporation. I think that perhaps a campaign of phone calls and faxes may help stop this company for a while. Ymax phone numbers are 561-594-2140 and 561-5865-3380 the fax number is 561-722-0433. May I suggest that every time you get a call 773-340-4844 that you fax or call Ymax and request that they STOP making their services available to spammers and crooks. You can send a free fax thru We wont know if it works until we try. Thank you
 Feb 12th, 2013
Called 2/8/2013, 3:45 PM. They have called me repeatedly, and when I asked to be removed from the mailing list, they hang up. So, I invested in a good air horn. They just called me, and I was at my desk (where I have my air horn). "Tiffany" will hopefully think twice before calling me again! :)
 Feb 08th, 2013
Call left recorded message stating caller was a Mark Whitfield of CRS and Associates. He said that call was about a returned item from our bank. He said we had 48 hrs to resolve the issue or they would file a "formal complaint with your residing county". He also gave a case number and their above phone number. I have not responded to this call because I know there are no problems with our bank account. I think this is a phishing scam!
 Feb 02nd, 2013