Also call using #773-288-8156
 May 25th, 2010
Received a call from Comm Group Mitch caller id 1-773-288-8156. Caller spoke very quickly. Lots of background noises(Like a party) Said I won a car in a contest and to call the number to receive the prize. I did a reverse call and found that Kea S. Kim 5326 South Cornell Avenue, Chicago Illinois 60615 lives at the address listed for the phone #. Feel free to call Kea to let him know that his little prank didn't work.
 Feb 24th, 2010
Same as the other 4 comments! Scammers!
 Dec 19th, 2009
This is a follow-up to my comment below. AT&T lists the phone number to Hea S. Kim - 5326 S Cornell Ave - Chicago, IL 60615. Whitepages.com shows it listed to Marie - 538 E 63rd St - Chicago, IL. Wish the jerk had repeated the 866 number so I could put it in the FTC complaint.
 Jul 25th, 2009
My scenario went pretty much the same way as Jeff's below. Tony called to tell me that I have won or are eligible to win something. He was talking fast but it sounded like I won a car. He gave an 866 number with extension to call but I didn't have a writing stick and paper in hand and he did not repeat the number. He did say that it wasn't a telemarketing call so the do-not-call list did not apply. Regardless of what he said it's time for an FTC complaint.

Jeffs comment about the credit card scam was interesting as I have received two recent calls that did not display a number on the caller ID and displayed Unknown Caller as the name. Both calls had to do with credit cards. I stopped receiving those calls when the FTC nailed the outfits recently that were trying to sell the car warranties. Wonder if they have started up again with a different ploy.
 Jul 25th, 2009
Tony called and said that he was from the prize winner division and that we have won 1 of 4 major prizes from a contest entered 12-14 months ago. (Never entered anything). Has tried multiple times to reach us (hasn't) and this would be the final time. I looked up Group Mitchell from Chicago and they apparently are trying to scam credit card numbers from unsupecting (stupid) people. Deleted message.
 Jun 11th, 2009
they said i entered sweepstakes, (which i didn't)and this would be my final notice
 Mar 10th, 2009