To DC,
To be candid, you owe and you sound like a person who hasn't made any attempt to pay this old bill and be now, I'm rather sure it reflects badly on your credit report!
That sad, but still, you should not have been treated with such disrespect!
Also, think about all the butt-holes out there, who don't pay their bills and those people trying to collect that bad debt on a percentage are no better...
Just block their calls and don't give them any satisfaction. I'd bet, they ain't getting any money, not now...
 May 05th, 2016
This is a MAJOR Complaint against Moses and his Supervisor that I spoke with yesterday evening starting at 6pm. First I was woken up from a dead sleep by Moses. He has been told serveral times in the past that I work 3rd shift and CANNOT answer the phone after 2pm. He ignored that small request and YELLED AT ME several times to "Just pay the bill". I understand I owe the money, and have every intention of paying it WHEN I HAVE THE MONEY TO DO SO. He could not understand that my being on a fixed income means i have to wait to pay even the smallest of bills.

To be harrassed in this manner, regardless of the time of day, is unprofessional and inexcusable. To top it off, he even hung up on me before I could finish my sentence. On top of ALL this, I called back to speak with his Supervisor, and got a woman (didn't catch her name), who immediately jumped down my throat when I commented on her little speech about "this call being recorded". I was not rude, just very tired and wanted this matter settled before going back to bed. She proceeded to yell at me, making the same comment of "We just want you to pay this bill. Why won't you just pay it."

Once again, I do understand that I owe this money and these people have a job to do, but to be treated like this is a very shameful way to run your company. As the old saying goes, " you attract more bees w/ honey, than vinegar". This should be applied to ALL OF YOUR EMPLOYEES. I've worked in Customer Service in the past and would have been FIRED - ON THE SPOT - if i had spoken to ANY customer this way. Both Moses and the Supervisor need to be reminded that this can happen. If this is true when you say "this phone call will be monitored and recorded", please take the time to listen to all phone calls from Moses' phone # beginning at 6pm.
District of Columbia
 May 05th, 2016
Got calls every few days. They said Debt collection but they are definitely chasing the wrong person. Will file complaint with DONOTCALL.GOV
 Aug 20th, 2015
This is for Debt Collection. This company calls about 3 times a day, different phone number each time. I am not home when they call, but they leave long messages.
 Feb 07th, 2014
We have received recorded messages from this number multiple times - recording says "This call is for Mr. James Kyle. If you are not Mr. James Kyle please hang up...etc." We hang up. And they call again a few days later.

Filing a complaint with
 May 23rd, 2013
Getting daily/every other day calls from ATG Credit for about 2 months?
 Feb 21st, 2013
Regular calls from this number, generally about 8am on a Saturday. I've had my current number 4 years.
Fairbanks AK
 Jan 20th, 2013