I used to work for this "Veteran Police Association", out of chicago, it's a total scam. Everything goes into a "general operating fund". Ask them, that was what we were supposed to tell you, and if you asked any more questions we were to ring the bell for the scummy jaguar driving owner to come smooth talk you. And people spend up to 1500 dollars on this crap! It's a bunch of ex-cons and pimply faced 15 year olds sitting in front of a computer with a headset calling you. There is no involvement with ANY police association, and no actual police officers working there, they just paid to use the name. They were paying us cash but were still claiming us on their taxes somehow, so we got screwed in the long run also. Theyre run by v.p.o. Inc. Look it up! And youre welcome!
John doe
 Feb 16th, 2009
Lucky me! I just got a call here in northern Virginia from the American Association of Police Officers. It sounded EXACTLY like the pitches I used to get from the Police Protective League (PPL), right down to the pressure for a donation within 20 seconds and the magnamious offer of a decal. Investigating a bit further on the Web, I discovered that the PPL is an offshoot of this shady group. I made the mistake once several years ago of donating a small sum to the PPL, and then I was never let along by them. If I am called again by AAPO, I will report them to the Virginia Attorney General's office.

In the meantime, if you are called again by AAPO, either hang up or, better yet, engage in guerrila warfare against them -- waste their time, get them agitated, ask them if their mother would be proud knowing their offspring is a slimy telemarketer. Unfortunately, telling them to put you on their do-not-call list will not work. I also recommend you bring this group to the attention of your local police force in the hope they will issue a formal disclaimer of the group's activities. This was done by many local police forces against the Police Protective League, with the result that when the PPL name was entered into Google, almost all the top hits were such warnings -- it's a good way to make their life more difficult and hopefully put them out of business.
 Feb 14th, 2009

 Apr 25th, 2008
"We need to speak with the manager." They don't ask they demand. I tell them take me off the list but they still bully and call everyday. Isn't that illegal? Harrassment!!! I would sue them if I could.
 Feb 28th, 2008
A man called. Said I was the babysitter and he got really rude with me. I would recommend NOT talking to these people..
 Feb 18th, 2008
I recommend being careful with the money you donate.
The call I got was from a local number (no listing in the on-line directories) that was number different than 1-773-202-4200. The caller said he represented "American Association of Police Officers" and asked whether I wanted to contribute again (I don't recall ever doing so).

This organization raised about $1,312,389 in 2006. The amount spent on actual programs was $104,407. Of the remaining, $615,662 was spent on admin & management and an additional $592,320 on fund raising! This information is from the organization's 2006 tax filing.
I found this on this WEB site (found by doing an internet search using the terms 'charity' and 'research'):
You can (should?) also use this one:
 Jan 16th, 2008
These people are extremely rude, not a smart way to convince someone to donate money.
 Dec 19th, 2007
One of the oldest scams since Bell called Watson. They are professionals... and they are "legal" in that they do give a small pitance of monies collected to a charity. But basically a guilt trip to get you to donate money to "police officers." The amazing thing is that if a person does promise to donate, they have a LOCAL "agent" come to your house to collect! Now that's dangerous!!
 Oct 26th, 2007
dude that sticker got me out of almost hitting the side of a moving cop car with no license or insurance. brought to the station, got three tickets, and then escorted back to my car where i drove home. went to court, they no show, and all charges dropped. buy the damn stuff it works, just dont be a dick about it when you get pulled over.
 Oct 25th, 2007
Called 4x in last hour. No message. I dontate religiously via speeding tickets and taxes. By the way, the window stickers don't help. Take it from me.
 Oct 10th, 2007
Same number--no message, just said Illinois call on my caller ID
 Oct 04th, 2007
Not only has this company called in excess of 20 times, brow-beating my employees and gate-keepers when they would not surrender my contact information or connect them through, but they have attempted to pose as officials from the Illinois State Police, American Association of Police, and several other local police officers.

Quick searches online turned up this link - showing that not only is this organization not associated with any branch of police, but also have an injunction against them since MAY of this year, to cease any solicitation in Illinois due to their questionable business practices an Pseudo-Charity claims.

If you are receiving calls from this organization, it would be wise to research at this link:
IL Business
 Sep 25th, 2007
no message / hung up
 Aug 28th, 2007
these guys are jerks and keep harassing me. I've now blocked them from calling me. Sweet sweet digital voice service!
 Aug 21st, 2007
DO NOT *NOT*NOT*NOT* cave to the Napoleon-syndrome (small d*ck) dudes who call you with their LOW-LIFE Brooklyn or Chi-town 'SOUF SIDE' accents! They're NOBODY. They're SCAMMERS. They have NOTHING and they will finish with nothing. Ya gotta consider -- what person who already has a few bucks, spends their time making phone calls on behalf of a *SCAM* organization? RIGHT! A dude with a very small ......... you know. ;-) Tony Soprano they AIN'T! LOL!
 Aug 17th, 2007
Stick it up yer hairy arses, k? NO "DONATING" to Napoleon Syndromed Soprano wanna-be's. GET IT? Go sleep with fishes (because you awready stink like 'dem'.. see?) lol ... I crack myself up. Wheeeeee!
 Aug 17th, 2007
I WANT you to send that LETTAH!!!!! ;-p
 Aug 17th, 2007
Listen up, you mafioso wanna-bes. We will donate ZERO to wanna-be-a-Soprano organizations. CLUE: You ar NOT organized and you HAVE already been slapped with numerous lawsuits regarding your thug-like tactics. We are NOT afraid of your Brooklyn accent and guess what else? We pay TAXES and tax covers ALLLLLLL of our police protection. You don't like that? Go back to Sicily where you can continue to pretend to be somebody, eh? Bah-Fun-GOO! ;-D
 Aug 17th, 2007
This is a shady organization. Please see the following links:


Apparently only a small percentage of the fund they raise actually goes to police officers. They rest goes to "fundraising expenses." States don't try to bar charities without good reason. Using police officers as bait to get money is truly disgusting.
 Aug 13th, 2007
The American Association of Police Officers, a 501 c3 non-profit organization, is the administrative home to Junior Police Academy and the Police Protective Fund.
www.policeusa.com is the hub for..........
Is that better FRANK?
 Jul 23rd, 2007
I bought a membership from the American Association of Police Officers. They send me a monthly newsletter, and I got a Decal for my car window. I live in bad neighborhood and the Decal keeps the thieves away from my car. I dont care where the money goes...all I know is by being a member I feel very safe.
 Jul 23rd, 2007
If it is a real non-for-profit organization, it should not have a .com suffix, but a .org, or a .gov....just something to think about.
 Jul 23rd, 2007
I joined the organization. They do many good thinks for the community. The webiste for this organization is www.policeusa.com
 Jul 23rd, 2007
This is a scam. The American Association of Police Officers is not recognized by any law enforcement personnel. The Illinois Attorney General is trying to get an injunction against them to bar any solicitations for contributions from Illinois. Apparently they keep 90% of contributions for themselves. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY.
 Jul 23rd, 2007
They have been calling nonstop for days but I haven't picked up.
 Jul 20th, 2007
Caller ID said VPO.. I picked up, the woman said the call would be recorded & she also knew i had just moved and started telling me about their memberships to get all their decals, tshirts, caps.. etc. .. she told me the price.. I said no, then she kept insisting there were several other options.. i kept saying no, eventually she said okay (seemed a bit mad) & hung up. I wasn't sure if it was really the police or not.
 Jul 13th, 2007
Same number as Stan has. Said they were the American Association of Police Officers. Caller ID says "VPO". He didn't care about anything but to talk to the doctor who is currently not in. If all they want is money, then I'll let the doctor know.
 Jul 12th, 2007
They called many times, even on Saturday. Left no message, stated that they need to speak to my husband in a authorative voice. I stated that he was not available, and the caller still did not leave a message, he was kind of rude.
 Jun 11th, 2007
these people call me at least once a day. they say my name came up at the public awareness office and that they'd like me to donate to the fundraiser for the public police officer's fund. they're way too casual for the cause to be legit.
 May 16th, 2007
this is just like the mafia "encouraging" people to make "donations in their best interest"; ie. protection payments!
 May 15th, 2007
No answer, nobody in the other line
 Apr 19th, 2007
They called and started off by saying this call is being recorded. I hung up and dailed back, but my call did not go through because I have my number blocked and they don't accept blocked calls!
 Apr 03rd, 2007
This guy went on & on about donating money, as soon as I told him that my brother-inlaw was a county deputy & did not mention this to me he hung up real fast.
 Feb 19th, 2007
they called numerous times..when i pick up, it's my husbands name they state and some guy who sounds like cliff on "cheers"...complete pain in the ass!
 Feb 13th, 2007
I got a call from this number. I answered it but they didn't pronounce my name right and I acted like that I wasn't here. Who are these people.
 Feb 06th, 2007
This the the Veteran Police Organiziation. I would advise now answering unless you enjoy being bullied into donating money.
 Jan 26th, 2007
same number said VPO
 Jan 11th, 2007
773-202-4200 called and did not leave a message. The name on the caller-id was IPQ.
 Jan 02nd, 2007