The same place called my mother's number looking for me. (??) I am assuming since the phone bill is in my name that is why they called her number, but anyways, My mother gave them my number and they tried to tell me I owed $5,000 and that the government was ready to put a lien on my house...... ummmm.... sorry but I don't own property (I didn't tell them that but haha) She tried to pry for information such as have I always filed taxes every year and did I already file this year. She really tried to sound empathitic to my so called situation and how she wanted to help avoid the lien on my "house". Too bad she dialed the wrong number at first shot, mistaken about my 'house' and did not know I already filed my returns. I have reported them to the IRS.
Just Me
 Feb 20th, 2014