This number calls me just about everyday. It is associated with Taylor Construction. I signed up for a free home makeover at a festival that I attended and two weeks later, they started calling me to try to sell me windows and gutters. At first, it was fine, I understand that is their process of getting new business. I told them that I was actually in the process of getting windows installed by Taylor Construction at the time. Even after I told them that, they continue to call me back - everyday for almost 2 months now.
 Sep 23rd, 2011
The following number 770-992-1278 is no way our number. This number has NO affiliation with Taylor Constuction. Please let us know if you receive a call from this number.

Thank you,

Taylor Construction
 Jul 22nd, 2011
This place keeps calling me saying it is Taylor Construction. They are trying to set up a time to come look at my gutters. I once had a legitimate contact with Taylor Construction via BJ's Warehouse in Woodstock. Is someone selling our number? Who has this number 770-992-1278
 Jul 13th, 2010
Man called saying he was with Taylor Construction. Would not give a callback number. I called the listing for Taylor Construction and was informed that their numbers do not start with 770-992. I think this man is running a scam. If he calls you- Hang Up.
T Daniel
 Mar 30th, 2010
A person using this number called and tried to sell me windows. I said no thank you, and he kept on talking. I said no again and hung up. He has called back two times so far and hung up when I answered the phone. I need to report him to someone.
Timothy Shannon
 Mar 30th, 2010