I believe that you are wrong,
 Apr 09th, 2015
Car warranty robot call--I played along with the operator for a while trying to get him to look up the warranty on a 1990 Volvo!! Good times.
 May 12th, 2009
Just to let you people know here is 1 of 2 exercises I have tried on these people & it works because they don't speak to me when I press 1 > > You can hear people in the background without having to listen to all the mess you receive > Just press 1, If no one says anything just say you called me, I didn't call you in a blunt voice. They will hang up.

Also just in case none of you got my 1st communication with warrenty service > >It was quite interesting and FUNNY after I got off the line because I had to be serious but this is another way to get them to stop calling you.
After I received the call telling me my warrenty was about to expire, I pressed 1 to speak to a live operator. This persons name was William. When he answered asking the make and model of my car. I told him there would be some sort of problem with my transportation. He asked what. I told him my transportation is my LEGS > > He replied "LEGS"! I said ",yes there what you are born with and feet are on the bottom." I told him "unless my LEGS were under warrenty, then there was a problem asking him if he could insure my LEGS > > (NOTE: HE is STILL ON THE LINE WITH ME > TALKING). He stated are you telling me you don't have a car? I told him again. My Legs are my transportation & unless your company "has warrenties for LEGS", I'm not interested. He told me "we don't warrenty LEGS", finally got the hang of it & HUNG UP! ! DUH ---------! !
 May 12th, 2009
I missed the call and when I tried to call back, the number was disconnected. They called me at 11:07 and I called them back at 11:18. In that short amount of time, the number had already been disconnected. Hmmmm.... I wonder how they got my number.
 May 11th, 2009
We are so sick of these people!! We asked them repeatedly to remove us from thier list and still they call us! They even call our cell phones now! I hope these people get canned!!
had enough
 May 11th, 2009
Persistent little ****. They (Mortgage Solutions) start their spiel with "a message from our President". I have asked them repeatedly to stop calling my Business Cell Phone. They assure me each time that they will remove my number. They never do. WHO BUYS THIS CRAP?? Reps get NASTY when asked to stop calling. Dont patronize these parasites. 770-894-4848
 May 09th, 2009
This came to my cell phone, May 8, 2009 at 1:39 p.m. It was a robocall about my car warranty expiring.
 May 08th, 2009
I got this on my cell phone. I didn't answer. No message.
 May 07th, 2009
As if it is not bad enough to get a call from a scam company, they play a recording of the illegal president Barack Obama, talking about helping people with mortgages. I tried to talk to a rep as well and he hung up on me. There has got to be something that we can do to stop these people. The number they call is at the school for troubled teens, that we work for....sheesh.
Bob in Maine
 May 06th, 2009
I keep getting calls from random #'s with the same automated message telling me my vehicle warranty is about to expire. I do not have a vehicle warranty. I bought a used car 2 years ago. I always wait until the end of the message...the part where the voice tells you to press 2 to be removed from the list. I press 2, then the next day (or later the same day) I get another call, from a different caller ID, with the same EXACT automated message. WTF????? I'm sick of these people calling me. I put my # on the National Do Not Call List two years ago. A lot of good that did!

One time I pressed 1 to speak to a rep. I told the man who answered to take me off of the list (since pressing 2 does nothing). He tried to skate around my request by asking for additional info. I told him that it is against the law to continue calling a number which has been requested to be removed...he hung up the phone.
 May 06th, 2009
yup, healthcare spam
 May 06th, 2009
Keeps calling my cell phone. Spam automated call about healthcare.
 May 05th, 2009