I finally answered the phone to see what this company wants with us and found out that they try to sell you on lowering your credit card rate to 9.9%. She didn't even know my current rate on my cards or the balance on cards. Just general total on my accounts. I asked her if there is a fee involved..she said "No". (I asked what's the name of the company and the girl on the phone said.."Financial Services" which is just a "general" name if you ask me..the caller ID said Hope Financial and if you call the number back it answers as Financial Services).Anyways...9.9% sounds good, right?...but wait..there is more. She then asked for one of my credit card numbers to "get started", but doesn't tell me that the reason for the number is to CHARGE their fee. In my case they wanted to charge my card $1500!!!! I didn't find out the fee until I refused to give my card and the girl handed my call to her "manager John" who tried all kinds of methods to get my card number. Yes, like the other person mentioned, he got angry and pushy. Tried everything possible to justify the $1500.00
I don't know if they are who they say they are, but in my book anyone who is not telling me up front that my card will be charged x amount of money is not a company I want to work with.

FYI: There is a non-profit organization called Hope Financial USA and this company was recommended by CBS Evening News..their number is 800-242-0500.
 Jul 14th, 2009
Scam BEWARE! Lady put someone else on the phone when I started asking her questions about how she was obtaining information about my personal finances.....
 Apr 10th, 2009
The conversation turned bad when I wouldn't give them my account number over the phone. Manager name was Derek Johnson and said he was with Financial Services. Caller ID says Hope Financial. I asked for a phone number and he gave me a bogus's a number for a Canadian dry-cleaning company.
 Mar 27th, 2009
I am sure it is some scam trying to pilfer money from me. They became very belligerent on the phone when I would not "produce" my husband; clearly if they were a true company business would not be conducted in that manner.
 Nov 04th, 2008