07-23-2013 (4:08pm EST)

Received a phone call with a return number of
707-818-2352 but no message was left.

Upon discovering this number on my caller ID, I telephoned it back and received a response from an investigator Green who avoided all my questions regarding who he was, what was the nature of his companies business, and generally what was the purpose of his contacting people. He refused to provide any information other than to imply that his company was involved in some sort of credit investigation and that he needed to know my identity to discuss the call further. I refused. Mr. Green had a recognizable "Bronx" accent and became very "testy" when I persisted in demanding identification and the purpose of his business.

As a retired Federal agent and criminal investigator for the Treasury Department (24 years), I knew that this Mr. Green was a fraud and did not represent NCCI Services (a legitimate, national data business).

I hung up on Green when I realized that this clown was pulling a scam.
 Jul 23rd, 2013
I've been recieving calls from this # for a couple weeks now & every time I do answer the phone they have the same story that they were calling someone with the same name & that they were up for check fraud.Right they asked me for they last 4 digits of my soc.#,,which I never give. Mind you this is always before they say who is calling...My belief is they are fraudulent..BEWARE,,these people are not ligit.....I DON"T EVEN USE CHECKS!!!
 Feb 07th, 2012
Got a call saying they were investigating me, but they did not state where then were from or for what. So I called back the they were bussy for a couple of times which was more odd as they did not have an answering system in order to hold for anyone. So I looked it up and aparently it is a fraud to get your information.
Freaked me out.
 Oct 15th, 2009
Asset Investigative Dept of NCC
 Mar 09th, 2009