I received a call on my cell this afternoon stating "that my vehicle warranty was about to expire so please hold for a representative", i have had these calls before where they tell me to press '2' to be removed from the list and it has never work, so i held for a rep. so i could talk to a live person. Immediately when the operator picked up the phone he said "what's the year make and model of your car" I told him that i wanted his name and the name and address of the company he worked for before i say anything more to him!! He told me his name was Elliot and he work for "Warranty International" but refuse to give me the address. Elliot then became very rude asking if I was from the "CIA" or if I was a "Private Eye" in a very mocking tone. I told I was on the Federal Do-Not-Call list and received repeated call from the same number and was sick of it and wanted his company to stop calling me. He told that he didn't call me that HIS phone rang and i was at the other end. I was shocked and annoyed by all this and am pretty interested in seeing if anyone else had this experience!!
 Jul 30th, 2008
I connected to the customer service rep and told her to take my number off their list and she hung up before i could say anything more. Still don't know if they took my number off their list or not. How can they get my cell phone number?
 Jul 29th, 2008