Called several times today. Don't leave a message. Says DUNN BRADSTREET, isn't that some kind of investment firm? Looking it up here it says Sprint collection. I don't have anything to do with Sprint. I just got an ATT cell phone a few days ago. Don't think they are related.
 Dec 18th, 2009
I missed two calls from this number, no voicemail. Odd sense I've never had a Sprint account.
 Oct 19th, 2009
Did you get a call from 770-612-7754? Got a call from this number and it turned up to be a Sprint collection agency. I think collection agencies do not leave messages because they are legally limited to one contact a day (a message or talking to a person) and if they leave a message, they cannot try you again later in the day (goal is usually 2X during varied times a day), and let's be honest their job is to collect so they chose to maximize their efforts. And while YOU might not, most people AVOID these agencies, and if they left a message for most people, they may never have the opportunity to reach a human. They also may be calling for another debtor who lives in your building. They do backwards searches (skip traces) by address and will try anyone at that address in an apartment complex for instance to see if the person is still there or if someone can verify he/she still lives there.
 Dec 27th, 2007