This number has been calling my phone all day yesterday atleast 10 times. I was at work and thought it was an April fools joke, they left a message having sex on my phone. I finally answered and they claimed I knew them through friends but would not give me their name or any specifics, he said that one of my girlfriends was playing a joke on me. I didn't hear from him again until tonight when he called around 11pm claiming that I knew him, he said his name was Michael. When I realized It was not an April fools joke I told him to stop calling my phone and decided to do some research for my own safety.
 Apr 03rd, 2009
This person called my boyfriend last night so I called the number back from my phone. I got a message saying it was no longer in service and then 10 minutes later received a call back from this number. I asked who it was and the person would not give me their name. They called back again three times and I ignored as it was after 10p.m. I called them back this morning to ask who it was and say I had a missed call from the number. The person claimed I knew them and that their job took them out of town 7-8 months ago. They claimed they say a friend of mine who was trying to play a joke on me. Then they called back while having sex with someone on the phone. I hung up and have not heard frmo them again.
 Feb 19th, 2009