MCC/Sallie Mae call constantly like people below have said. They even call my cell phone. I wonder how they got that number. No message is left like some comments below state. Will not answer my phone if I do not recognize the number and/or caller. If someone calls me so often, it must be important. So leave a message!!!
FYI - I helped people who were being harrassed by debt collectors. Under Fair Debt and Collection Act, you are entitled to tell the collection agency not to call again. Check the law online. Many people do not know their rights. Collection agencies can be reported for harrassment such as the caller intimidating or threatening you in any way.
New Jersey
 Oct 02nd, 2013
I had a feeling this number was connected to Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae is the worst to get a human being on the phone. Names of reps are left with a number to call - but when you call, you get an automated menu. This probably has to do with collection/payments. My daughter is having problems with Sallie Mae even though she paid off her loan. They claim she didn't even though she has the papers to prove it. Coming after me for payments since I co-signed. FYI - if you want to make a payment over the phone, Sallie Mae charges $14.95. Unbelievable!
New Jersey
 Oct 02nd, 2013
leaves no message
 Jun 21st, 2013
i have a do not disturb button on my phone. i have that activated, so phone wont ring but will light up with who is calling, then it goes straight to answer it
 Jun 05th, 2012
I receive one automated call from MCC, (765)283-3253, every day at 2000hrs or 2100hrs (8pm or 9 pm). I have blocked that number (*60 + #01#) but still receive the calls. I am also on the national "Do Not Call" list. I am old, retired, and disabled and this call is very annoying.
 Mar 18th, 2011
no message, just repeat dialing
No Name
 Dec 02nd, 2010
they call 3 x a day or more and don not say anything.....just stay on the line!!!!!!! very annoying
Tina Constant
 Sep 07th, 2010
My step son lived with us during his last year at ITT Tech. After graduating, he moved with his sister. However, we get 4 or 5 calls a day from 765-283-3253. The name on the dislay is MCC. The calls come in 7 days a week, as early at 8am and as late at 10pm. My husband works nights and goes to bed at 4pm. These calls are disturbing his sleep, which is affecting his work at night. What can we do to get these people to stop calling?
 Aug 30th, 2010
Calls over and over, it's a recorded message with no way to respond, and the person the message is "for" is no one I've ever heard of.
 Jun 10th, 2010
Is this how telemarketers are getting around the "Do Not Call" registry? Someone calls and then, when you answer, no one is there, or you don't answer and they don't leave a message? This is just as irritating as the b*&*&#d telemarkers! And should be just as illegal!!
Mom in NY
 Apr 07th, 2010
We don't have any student loans. Our kids do but they don't live here. We have been getting these calls for over a year now. They call as late as 8:59 p.m. - we simply answer without saying anything and promptly hang up. I would really like to know how to stop these calls. It's worse than a telemarketer!!
 Mar 22nd, 2010
I do have loans for them but they are in deferment because I am in school but yet they call me every day up to four times a day starting at 8 in the morning all the way to 10 at night. They never leave a message and it is always the same BS. Even when I was making payments they would call. I wish I could win the lottery so I could pay them off. They are horrible they don't do anything but harm students who are trying to do better. I could see if I was a person not paying back my loans but I am and they still treat me horribly ...
 Mar 01st, 2010
Sallie Mae eats you alive...! They provided these private loans that have a ridiculous rate of 40-50% interest.
Stay away. Find schools that only offer government loans. They actually pay the schools to issue out private
loans. A big scam. Find out about your school.
 Jan 07th, 2010
If they can't leave a message, I don't need to talk to them.
 Oct 15th, 2009
I never have had any business with Sallie Mae. How they get my phone number. IT IS ILLEGAL!!!!
 Aug 07th, 2009
They don't identify the company who's calling and the name of the caller. I said do not call again, you have wrong number, but still calling twice a day. I need stop this calls to my mobile phone.
 Aug 07th, 2009
I am from Canada, with Rogers network. I called Sallie Mae to notifiy them of the wrong number. They agreed to take it of the call list.
 Jun 19th, 2009
Yeah they started calling me once every single morning around 9am or 12am and after two weeks they call twice a day once at 10am and once in the late evening. They never leave me a message and twice I've answered. They asked for my name so I said "Can I take a message, she's not here right now" and they hung up on me. It so ridiculous, Sallie Mae is so rude. I got laid off from my job and haven't found a good job yet I've been graduated for a year now and I can't pay anything, I've told them and they don't even care they want like 300 dollar from me every month that I don't have and they are harrasing. Somebody needs to sue them! Sallie Mae is a student loan company for big colleges like Harvard, top notch schools. I shold have never signed their papers!
 Jun 12th, 2009
Who is sallie mae?
 Dec 19th, 2008