A female with a gravely voice has called this Psychologist clinic three times. At first, she left her phone number. I called her back when I was not able to reach the female psychologist she had called for. (The lady at our office works at another clinic as well, and I am not given her entire schedule; I am only told of the times she will be in the office.) I called the woman back to let her know the female psychologist was out of town and I didn't have her on the schedule for two more days. So I was able to reach the prank caller back at 765-252-6391. The woman then launched into great detail about sexual issues. She is not interested in an appointment. Due to the nature of strange sexual practices she tells me about, it seems quite obvious she is a prank caller. She also likes to call from a private number. She called again today, and I blocked her number from calling us again.
Office Manager
 Jun 08th, 2010