The prerecorded message said "IF I WANTED TO LOWER THE APR ON MY CREDIT CARD PUSH 9" I did and was on hold then got disconnected. Now I think it was one of those companies selling services to lower the rates for you but charge heafty fees.
Debbie Booker
 Jul 02nd, 2009
If you pick up the phone when it is ringing, it will more than likely be a collection agency on the other
end looking for any kind of info to connect you to an account or create one. If you see the number on your
caller ID and call it, you will actually connect to Quest Services.

It's called phone spoofing. This is mostly done by collection agencies. They pretend to be someone else
and getting enough info from you to create an account. Next thing you will get is a paper threat to pay
something in full or go to court. Some of us have been dealing with these bottom feeders for months and
years. We have programs that track and trace these numbers and then match them to the time and dates with
the phone company. None have matched the actual caller. They also spoof themselves as your neighbors.
Advice: take your bill or some proof to the phone provider and have them trace. If you owe money or have
ever in the past, you can bet places like these will be faking themselves as someone else to get the data
they need. Type:"phone spoofing" in your browser or here's a site for a start: . Everyone should be aware of these activities for their
own protection. Also see: "predictive dialers" and "VOIP".
Note: Two known collection agencies that were tracked: Law Offices of Joe Pezzuto - Collect America and
Portfolio Recovery Services
 Jun 19th, 2009