I read this on another site and, yes, I did just sign up for our local StarTribune newspaper at the time I started getting these calls. They're harmless.
I've been receiving calls from this number 704-817-0527 also and I can tell you it is simply a "subscription verification service" out Charlotte, NC area. I was until the end of yr.-2006 working as a Circulation Manager for the only NH State-wide newspaper (NH Union Leader and NH Sunday News).
There are a number of these service-oriented companies and they are hired by various newspapers to verify your information with regards to new or renewal newspapers subscriptions. I called one of my former supervisors and he confirmed that it is just a company (new to my former employer) that makes the call to verify your newspaper subscription has started and your satisfied with the service.
Additionally, if you call back to that number an automated message will inform you that you can have your phone number removed from their database. So, if anyone wants to stop these calls instead of answering them, there's your answer for stopping the annoying calls.
Caller ID: Verification Fr.......
Caller Type: Telephone Surveyor
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 Feb 28th, 2009