These people call me up every day, some days multiple times, from many different numbers. This week, I've been tracking their calls, and this is the ninth call since Monday, although the first time this number has been used. On Monday, I received 4 calls, Tue and Wed one call each and Thurs two calls. Now they're starting up today. It is not even 1 pm on Fri. They call all week and weekends, too. It is always a prerecorded message. They always lie. They say it's my final notice but they will call thousands more times. I've already received several thousand calls over the months. I don't know what to do about these harrassing calls and their intrusions on my privacy and my life. There is never a real person, and in order to "get off their list" I have to follow their instructions. I do not trust them to press any number in response to their message; others have not gotten off a list from doing so, anyway. What can we do to prosecute, penalize or otherwise stop those who invade our lives and harrass us on a daily basis over a period of years?
 Dec 21st, 2007