Persistent fax to a non-fax line. Here's what I did: Print "STOP" in huge, bold typeface on over 100 pages... and fax it back to them - the number is to a fax line. Choose whatever message you want, and spam their fax line, hundreds of pages at a time. I will be sending this fax several times a day, every single day until the calling stops. I recommend others do the same.

(after 3 days of faxing) I faxed total over 300 pages and it WORKED!! I received a phone call from a real person asking for a fax number to reach "so-and-so" (wrong number). I googled the phone number that called [ 800-711-4555 ], it came up as United Health Care trying to fax over a "Medication Prior Authorization Request Form". I advised the caller of what was going on and she confirmed that it is UCH auto fax system. I have not received any more calls! ^_^
 Apr 23rd, 2014
This number had been calling my house land line phone for a couple days - many times each day with a FAX machine type beeping on my answering machine. VERY ANNOYING!
 Feb 22nd, 2014
The fax # is calling my cell phone.
Mr. X
 Dec 20th, 2013
This number keeps faxing to my personal extension day after day. I sent a fax to the message instructing them to stop and nothing has happened.
Dr. Wilfert
 Oct 02nd, 2012
fax machine calling us ALL night long!!!!!!
 Apr 18th, 2012