They called and said my computer was infected and asked for private info I think they hacked my computer said they were McAfee needing to do an Update. I need help finding these guys 9mm fully loaded and ready to blow some smoke laying them all down. Lab in flames Mexican Stat rolling them roaches up ! I want there address in Princeton MN. They Left me this note....................................................................... Tune up and clean up of the computer
Analysing the drivers of the computer

Application installation
1. Com application
2..Net framework
3. Application identity software
4. Malware Protection software
5. Drivers installation including antivirus update

4 years of service (1 year extended service)

19/7/2013 [My Name/Number] Firewall Issue McAfee

$299.99 pay in 2 parts to fix problems ! SPAMMERS -Me and the Family are coming for YOU ALL !
Caller: McAfee Worker pulling to get my info and hi- jack my computer. I will see them all soon Gas, Grenades, and AK spray for them Cockroaches !!
Mexican Familia
 Feb 06th, 2014
Appears to be some sort of phishing scam. They want you to go to Walgreens and purchase a $500 scratch off ticket and give them the numbers. They said that I was a second place winner is some sort of drawing (they asked if I heard of Reader's Digest trying to lead me into think I had won something from them. I don't remember the exact amount they said I won but I think it was something like $1.2 million.
 Feb 01st, 2014