This number calls my little sister all the time trying to get my phone number by telling her that he's "my friend". My sister refuses and the bastard argues with her until she hangs up. She's told him to stop calling her and they refuse to do so. Typical debt collector (if that's what it really is), assholes who think they have the right to say whatever they want to because you have some debt (I'M SURE THEY ALL HAVE NONE....)
 Oct 07th, 2009
SHADY debt collector. Look up MN case files and how many Consumer Credit lawsuits have been filed in that state alone. They use illegal practices, including saying they will be garnishing your wages IF you do not pay them. The federal law says that's a no no. They also call repeatedly when told to NOT contact you at work, or home, and than will call your employer. Again, once they have knowledge of where you work, they cannot contact your employer. They have no reason to, nor do they have the right to. They also do not send out proof of alledged debt.

If your dealing with this company, you need to take detailed notes on when they call - date and time, how many times they call a day (that's also against the consumer protection law), who calls (they are NOT allowed to give false names either, so the company will need to prove that the employee who called IS an employee), and make sure they send you proof of original alledged debtor, as well as original credit applied for, etc. That's THEIR job to secure and send to you. If they do not, or cannot not, they are SOL.

Make sure to protect yourself. Just because you may have some debt, that doesn't give them the right to violate your rights, and when they do, YOU get to collect $1000 for each and every time they do. File a complaint and get these people to work ethically, as well as legally.
 Jul 29th, 2008