I received this message about 3pm this afternoon and I called back out of concern. They stated that they received my so called

delinquent account Which after checking the cc # they stated on a Discover Card When I called discover card they verified that this number was non existent when I called back to dispute the call the recording stated this # is no longer in service
 Jan 29th, 2014
Always check the area code when getting calls from people/organizations like this. There's no way that any of my paperwork whatsoever should be processed in VA if I've never been there before in my life. Plus I'm under 18, so I shouldn't have any pressing legal paperwork anyways.
I'd recommend ignoring the call (don't take the bait and call back!), blocking the number, and if it gets really bad, file a complaint with the FCC.
 Aug 27th, 2013
Jack, ''a real legit company'' in some other category won't be afraid to give you a business name and a call purpose. Debt collectors are easily sued for doing just that due to a legal privacy mandate.

You and Joseph will never get the calls to stop through verbal demands. My advice for a ''not me'' case can be found here, in a comment from 29 August 2012:
 Sep 09th, 2012
Paper work on my desk -need to ask me some questions~ very urgent because legal papers~
but caller id was 757-296-0106~ but said she was Glenda Knight ~ but didnt give any company information~ i monitor calls on caller id and if i dont recognize i dont answer i have recorder on my phone if it's important i will recognize it from their message and this is definately not one~ a real legit company will tell u who they are and make it clear where u can understand~
I dont owe anyone anything and never have~ have received calls for another guy for about 2 years now~ and have answered it couple times ~ told them he is not at this # and they get aggressive telling me i am lying~ and keep calling~ so now if i answer i answer FTC agent jack here~ they usually hang up~ heehheheheh just as well have some good fun outta it
Reply !
 Aug 14th, 2012
They are rude...They keep calling me under different phone numbers looking for someone...though not me. I tell them there is no one here by that name and do not call me any more...this has been going on for several months...Do not pick up when they call...they never stop calling back!
Joseph C.
 Aug 08th, 2012
I think Tee is describing process service, or the threat of such, and very likely a false and illegal threat used by many bullying debt collectors. That said, lack of money is not a defense if you can be sued over old debt.

A few comments on 800Notes identify the caller as CKS Financial in Virginia, which touts itself as a ''responsible debt collector''. The piles of consumer complaints which appear so easily in search results tell otherwise.

It would be nice if people reporting here would confirm the business name they have extracted from the call source rather than making us all guess. Meanwhile, learn how to exercise your FDCPA rights as an alleged debtor at FTC-dot-gov. See also if your state laws are stronger.
 Jun 09th, 2012
Keep getting calls from 757-296-0106...also they use scam....stating that he already vrfd home address and employment and would be completing services..also he said that he is calling about peliminary paper work they are handling service...and I would need to contact this firm...GIVE ME A BREAK...GO AHEAD DO WANT YOU HAVE TO DO...UNEMPLOYED....DO U UNDERSTAND...NO MONEY....DO WANT YOU HAVE TO DO...
 Jun 08th, 2012
A David Wells called saying that he needed input from me regaring a mater. Wouldn't say what company he worked for nor did he say what he was caling about. I have not received any corespondence from him or whatever company he is representing. Do these people THINK I'm actually going to engage them in any actual conversation? Send me what you have, I wil review it, and then respond in writing accordingly.. Geez!
 Jun 08th, 2012