Portfolio Recovery who also has several other names they go by in order to collect past due debts which normally would have already passed the statute for collecting (according to some states, collections on certain debts can only be collected during a certain time period, after that it is defaulted as non payable, google budhibbs). Here are other numbers by which PR goes by. file complaints against them, they should be held accountable for harassment calls and annoyances.
 Mar 09th, 2013
Rude debt collector that kept calling everytime I hung up. This account was in a ch13 and discharged and they tried collecting what the judge didn't let them in the ch13 so be careful when dealing with them.
 Nov 07th, 2012
This Law Office helps fight against abuses. Contact them, they are really good: Law Offices of Todd M Friedman, P.C.

direct - 323-306-4237

toll free 888-595-9111 ext 625

866-633-0228 facsimile
He Can Help You
 Oct 09th, 2012
Calls me every month, tell them every time they have the wrong person, (which is true) and to quit calling me, I have even provided them the address and phone number of the correct person but they keep calling and being verbally abusive
 Aug 15th, 2012
Bill is correct all the way. I've written about PRA on this site many times, but this thread should give everyone a pretty good start in raising proper disputes and deflecting this agency's abuses:


If PRA or any other agency thinks you owe something, be sure to respond on real paper to its federally required dunning letter with a dispute and validation request, adding that you either restrict or revoke consent to call again. Given the industry's documented need to break laws to get at your assets, you should dispute even if you agree slightly with its claim.

If the account is not legally collectable, or it's simply not you they want, you're free to send a full cease-comm, cutting off all contact. Send all notices via USPS Certified with return card. The FTC and many consumer watchdogs explain how to draft them. Pay close attention to all communication and document it well. If those contacts yield legal violations, you may collect from *them* through a judge or arbitrator.

Learn how to exercise your FDCPA rights as an alleged debtor at FTC-dot-gov.
 Apr 05th, 2012
This is a debt collector with a questionable reputation with seemingly unending quantity of available phone numbers from many area codes. Visit the internet and examine reviews of their unscrupulous practices. I believe they have been sued before and buy accounts to collect on that are very old and even beyond statute of limitations. Do not start dialogue or send them any money on accounts beyond legal responsibility as this may create an new beginning of debt.
 Apr 04th, 2012
dont know who refused to give name
 Jan 05th, 2012
 Dec 18th, 2011
I got 3 calls in one day, all recorded messages that are cut off because the voice mail doesn't start right away. The worst part is that this is my pre-paid cell phone (which I have on the Do Not Call list) and it cost me .20 each time they leave a message and I have to listen to it to get it off. Don't even know who they are, who they are looking for and what it is about.
 Dec 05th, 2011
I have been getting calls from this number 757-275-8578 for weeks now. Today was the second time I got to talk to a live person. They come up with this story that I have an account with city furniture that needs to be paid. I keep up with my credit report since have been scammed before, and my credit is excellent as well. All my accounts are up to date and have never had an account with what these scammers claim. Be careful since they ask you to verify your date of birth and personal info. I don’t know what the police can do but I am going to file a report today.

Thank You
 Nov 18th, 2011
Called my cell but left no message.
 Nov 04th, 2011
No message. Called back and greeting stated " Welcome to Portfolio Recovery Associates"
 Oct 27th, 2011
Portfolio Recovery
 Oct 27th, 2011