Someone with strong middle Eastern accent called asking for me by name, told me I was diabetic and could get money...... IT'S A SCAM...
 Apr 10th, 2018
They call me several times a week, and when they give a call back number, it is busy and they'll connect you. So, I then hold, and it goes to voicemail of a male, and after that it goes right to there was a error made, and it hangs up. I do have some back payments owed to our medical account, but they say it is an attempt to reach me for my account that has been turned into a collections issue> Well, if they really wanted to talk to me, this is no way to do it. OH And they did not leave a call back number. I got it from caller ID. If they don't give any more info, they might as well forget it. I am not a game player!
 Apr 09th, 2018
 Mar 08th, 2018