Added to my list of blocked numbers.... why can't non-Voip providers give this service? I will never go back. This in itelf is worth my $15.95 bill each month.

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949-255-7532 [ Remove]
732-512-9800 [ Remove]
866-275-7387 [ Remove]
732-518-9800 [ Remove]
866-836-8338 [ Remove]
214-283-1316 [ Remove]
300-000-0001 [ Remove]
000-000-0000 [ Remove]
484-395-0022 [ Remove]
800-995-4532 [ Remove]
800-511-1839 [ Remove]
866-831-4847 [ Remove]
866-290-6227 [ Remove]
866-290-7821 [ Remove]
800-470-0768 [ Remove]
850-475-5122 [ Remove]
401-828-4545 [ Remove]
413-283-9609 [ Remove]
(508) 294-0263 [ Remove]
(508) 248-7240 [ Remove]
(508) 826-6855 [ Remove]
(508) 797-3978 [ Remove]
(413) 283-9610 [ Remove]
(508) 919-0900 [ Remove]
(850) 648-6744 [ Remove]
(785) 735-2215 [ Remove]
(800) 931-6388 [ Remove]
(866) 290-6519 [ Remove]
(904) 398-4657 [ Remove]
(866) 290-4961 [ Remove]
(561) 963-3697 [ Remove]
(305) 408-6643 [ Remove]
 Nov 26th, 2008
I got a call from this one also. Calls originating from 723 or 202 area code is usually an organization trying you to contribute to some GOP fund raising events. I'm ignoring all until they educate themselves, and secure the border without any kind of Amnesty. I doubt they will do it and I tell everyone who does not, they need to be looking for a career change in 2008. I'm tired of the corruption in Washington and elsewhere. If they won't secure the borders, we need to replace them with someone who will!
Tom Rodeffer
 Jun 16th, 2007
I got the calls from 732-518-9800 and 732-512-9800. I used to get call 800 service, I blocked all the 800 service, and now they started calling from this number. I am blocking these numbers that with my Sunrocket VOIP.
 May 11th, 2007
5 calls today ....

BELLEVILLE, NJ 0 Min(s) Apr 18 08:37 PM

USA(Andover-Gloucester-Lowell Area ) 0 Min(s) Apr 18 06:32 PM

(732) 512 9800
ROCHELLE PARK, NJ 0 Min(s) Apr 18 04:31 PM

(732) 512 9800
ROCHELLE PARK, NJ 0 Min(s) Apr 18 02:51 PM

(732) 512 9800
ROCHELLE PARK, NJ 0 Min(s) Apr 18 11:24 AM
 Apr 19th, 2007
I did not answer. Its probably the State Trooper donation call.
I am going to block it. I am on the do not call list so I wonder why its going through.
 Mar 30th, 2007
I don't know anyone in NJ. This area code calls me from Newark several times a month. As soon as I block one number, another from Newark comes through. I press caller ID and get a fast busy signal.
 Mar 05th, 2007
Claimed to work for local PBA. I asked who was our polic chief and police captain. Did not know either. Asked him the actual name of his organization. He hesitated then went on with his pitch without answering my question. When I pointed it out, he asked me why am I against the activities of the police trying to help the community. (interesting as I spent 3 years as the governmental laiason to the local police).

It is a scam that gives about 20 cents of every dollar to your police.
 Feb 23rd, 2007
no one at other end when I answered.
tried to call back - fast busy signal
 Feb 17th, 2007
Calling for xyz State Trooper fund/donation. Block this telemarketer number, for only about 20% get to any Law Enforcement agency. Donate directly to local State Police/Trooper fund drives.....
 Dec 29th, 2006
Shows up several times over the last week. Exchange search shows it's a common prefix for 'calling card' in NJ.
 Nov 25th, 2006
tried call back. fast busy.
being quiet
 Nov 14th, 2006
I did not answer.
 Nov 14th, 2006
ID shows "Privat Name", but Found they are from:732-518-9800 which is a land line based in South River, NJ
The registered service provider is Global Crossing Local Servcies, Inc**.
Detailed listing information is not available...unless I pay. I want to know who they are as I sleep days......
 Nov 14th, 2006
Who is this ?
Silent One
 Nov 10th, 2006