I've recieved 3 of these calls. I traced it back to Monmouth Telecom as their provider 732-704-1200. I called them, at first they told me to call the police, when I told them that the number has been disconnected they said that they will contact the company and get it rectified.
 Feb 09th, 2007
Called again. They hung up when machine answered.
 Feb 03rd, 2007
Same thing. Got the call, answered and they hung up on me. Called it back and there was a message saying the number has been disconnected.? Is this a case of someone using that number to block their actual number.
jen from CO
 Jan 30th, 2007
Same MO. Called, no message, reports disconnected when dialed back.
 Jan 30th, 2007
I have had 5-6 calls from New Jersey lately.When I answer this in particular number no one is there .When I call it back it says it has been disconnected.1/29/07
Dee Bentley
 Jan 29th, 2007
Got the call TWICE today...both times I answered within 2 rings and they hung up. When I dial the number back it says the number has been disconnected 5t908...

annoying to say the least!
Stephanie C.
 Jan 26th, 2007
I received a call with no message and want to know who it is from since the area code is from NJ
anita watts
 Jan 25th, 2007