This was a follow up customer satisfaction call after a purchase i made with the company. The recorded voice message gives a prompt to enter 1 to be put on their do not contact by phone option during the recording.
 May 14th, 2013
calls everyday leaves no message. I guess the do not call list is bogus. It is a catalog.
New York
 Jan 31st, 2013
this number is from health needs catalog
New York
 Jan 24th, 2013
I ordered from Carol Wright, too. The trouble is, do you need to give a phone number to order? May we should give them the Do Not Call Registry number as our number. Think they'd get the hint.
 Jan 16th, 2013
How about we call them and sell them stuff. Bug the hell out of them aswell..
 Nov 14th, 2012
I ordered from Carol Wright's Gifts two weeks ago and now this number is calling. No message. Immediate hang-ups when machine answers. According to many posts on, this happens AFTER an order is placed with Carol Wright's Gifts. Supposedly, they sell your name and number to telemarketers. Just dandy... One lady that called CWG's customer service department was told that there is a blurb on the catalogue and ordering form. I ordered online and I guess I should have verified their privacy statement before ordering. I will answer the next time they call and tell them to put me on their No Call list. See if that works... Not a good business practice by CWG to be sure...
South Carolina
 Apr 16th, 2011
Don't know who this caller is but they've called twice now.
 Mar 12th, 2011
They started calling about a week ago. They call two or three times a day and hang up when the machine answers.
 Feb 08th, 2011