Complete scam artists. Keep calling them back talk to whoever you can and be rude, eventually they will block your call and will never call you back.. I wish I could orchestrate a navy seal team similar to the one that took down the piece of shit Bin laden and take out each and everyone of them. Even though I was warned of all these horrible things that we're coming down the pipeline nothing happened and nothing will happen. Be careful out there and never give out any important info, ever. FUCK THEM
 Nov 27th, 2013
Received call stating that there were criminal charges pressed against me. I know it's a scam because they are foreigners and when you call back they block you. They also won't give you any information unless you give then your social. They claim to want your lawyers contact info, don't give it to them. It's a scam, someone on the internet has sold your information when you filled out a form.
 Nov 22nd, 2013
Caller said he was Mike Brenner from Williams Law Firm - asked me to verify my ss#. Told him no. He then called my home back, my husband told him not to call back and that we knew this was a scam.
 Nov 22nd, 2013
My fiancée and I have been looking for a loan, and ended up filling out a bunch of applications that just send you to different applications. Since then, my fiancée's phone has been ringing off the hook. Today he got a call from this, 720 324 2649 number, and talked to a supposed James Howard. After several phone calls, getting hung up on and treated extremely rude, they claimed to be from a Williams Law Firm in Colorado. Obviously everyone that works there is NPOT from Colorado. And trust me. I talked to a few of them. They told me my husband was going to jail tomorrow because of a criminal claim filed against him. I asked them who had filed the claim and they hung up on me. I assume they blocked my number, because neither he or I can get through to them. They have also been calling his work. So just a word of advice... Be extremely careful when filling out those loan apps. We actually went through money mutual, I think was the name.
Jenn D
 Nov 21st, 2013
Just got a call.. my identity was stolen.. I would not answer any questions.. it is against the law to threaten anyone over the phone.. this is a scam, so I blocked their number. There is a thing called due process... and these people are thieves something is terribly wrong here the # was 720-324-2649 ..
 Nov 21st, 2013
I am an Ilinois Licensed Attorney. A client of mine was called by 720-324-2649 which claimed to be the "Williams Law Firm" of Colorado and they had her social security number and threatened to have her arrested. There are several lawyers registered with the last name of Williams and several law firms with Williams in the name. I spoke to a Ryan Coleman and I gave him my bar number asked for information and to speak with an attorney and was put on hold for 20 minutes and then they hung up. I have called back several times an received the exact same treatment. My office phone number must now be flagged because they don't even talk but just put the number on hold.

If anyone figures out if this is a real lawfirm or some other company please let me know because I might file a class action. 815/229-7246.

It is a violation of the Colorado Code of Professional Responsibility to threaten arrest or prosecution to collect monies. Here are the Code Provisions.

Rule 4.5. Threatening Prosecution
(a) A lawyer shall not threaten criminal, administrative or disciplinary charges to obtain an advantage in a civil matter nor shall a lawyer present or participate in presenting criminal, administrative or disciplinary charges solely to obtain an advantage in a civil matter.
(b) It shall not be a violation of Rule 4.5 for a lawyer to notify another person in a civil matter that the lawyer reasonably believes that the other’s conduct may violate criminal, administrative or disciplinary rules or statutes.
[1] The civil adjudicative process is primarily designed for the settlement of disputes between parties, while the criminal, disciplinary and some administrative processes are designed for the protection of society as a whole. For purposes of this Rule, a civil matter is a controversy or potential controversy over rights and duties of two or more persons under the law whether or not an action has been commenced.
[2] Threatening to use, or using the criminal, administrative or disciplinary process to coerce adjustment of private civil matters is a subversion of that process; further, the person against whom the criminal, administrative or disciplinary process is so misused may be deterred from asserting valid legal rights and thus the usefulness of the civil process in settling private disputes is impaired. As in all cases of abuse of judicial process, the improper use of criminal, administrative or disciplinary process tends to diminish public confidence in our legal system.
[3] The Rule distinguishes between threats to bring criminal, administrative or disciplinary charges and the actual filing or presentation of such charges. Threats to file such charges are prohibited if a purpose is to obtain any advantage in a civil matter while the actual presentation of such charges is proscribed by this Rule only if the sole purpose for presenting the charges is to obtain an advantage in a civil matter.
[4] This distinction is appropriate because the abuse of the judicial process is at its greatest when a threat of filing charges is used as a lever to obtain an advantage in a collateral, civil proceeding. This leverage is either eliminated or greatly reduced when the charge actually is presented.
[5] Moreover, this Rule does not prohibit a lawyer from notifying another person involved in a civil matter that such person’s conduct may violate criminal, administrative or disciplinary rules or statutes where the notifying lawyer reasonably believes that such a violation has taken place.
[6] While it may be difficult in certain circumstances to distinguish between a notification and a threat, public policy is served by allowing a lawyer to notify another person of a perceived violation without subjecting the notifying lawyer to discipline. Many minor violations can be eliminated, rectified or minimized if there is frank dialogue among participants to a dispute.
[7] Rule 4.5(b) provides a safe harbor for notifications of this type. Other factors that should be considered to differentiate threats from notifications in difficult cases include (a) an absence of any suggestion by the notifying lawyer that he or she could exert any improper influence over the criminal, administrative or disciplinary process, (b) consideration of whether any monetary recovery or other relief sought by the notifying lawyer is reasonably related to the harm suffered by the lawyer’s clients. Where no such reasonable relation exists, the communication likely constitutes a proscribed threat. For example, a lawyer violates Rule 4.5 if the lawyer threatens to file a charge or complaint of tax fraud against another party where issues of tax fraud have nothing to do with the dispute. It is not a violation of Rule 4.5 for a lawyer to notify another party that the other person’s writing of an insufficient funds check may have criminal as well as civil ramifications in a civil action for collection of the bad check.

Colo. RPC 8.4(2012)
Rule 8.4. Misconduct.
**reflects changes received through March 13, 2012**

It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:
(a) violate or attempt to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another; [for example knowingly allow employees to threaten arrest]
* * *
(e) state or imply an ability to influence improperly a government agency or official or to achieve results by means that violate the Rules of Professional Conduct or other law; [for example imply that you have power with police to have a person arrested]
Mark Rouleau
 Nov 21st, 2013
Just received a call from this number at my work. Stated they were a law office (Williams Law Office) and gave the name James Howard. When I called back, foreigner answered. Stated he would have to get the person who called me to give me any information.
 Nov 21st, 2013
i got a number from this number saying that i was going to jail for not paying loan and i was like wtf!...u never get me a loan...for 4,000 and they said they were gonna put me in jail..because i didn't pay it!!...this is a scam.....
 Nov 21st, 2013
I got a call today saying I'd be arrested tomorrow and lose my job because of a payday loan that I never received. I told them come on send the police then I said its a scam I've never received a pay day loan!! Politely said kiss my ass and hung up.
 Nov 20th, 2013
he told me i had fed charges on me i was going to be served by police tomorrow i need to get a lawyer i owe 793.00 well i just got married to my husband and ive worked for 23 yrs and i just got finger printed fed background to work a new job it came back as good so i got fear and called usa cash the lady said no ms johnson you been scamed
 Nov 20th, 2013
I received a message at work also. His name was Raymond and I could barely understand him. He told me to call back or have my attorney on record call. He wished me luck if I didn't return the call "as the situation unfolds"
 Nov 20th, 2013
called my job and said they were taking me to court for a loan i never recieved harrassed me and tryed to get more money outta me SCAM SCAM
 Nov 19th, 2013
Same bs here. I am hopeful they serve me so I can see my signature on whatever bs they have. You can barley understand Peter. If that's really his name
 Nov 19th, 2013
Said his name was Mike and he called my job. I reported it to the FBI's IC3 and to the Federal Trade Commission. He too told me that i would be locked up and that he wished the best to me because of what would happen if I didnt call them back. Well the number stays busy. I put them on do not call as well. If they continue to call, I will contact the district attorney's office in aurora to complain. then we'll see who really needs a lawyer!
 Nov 19th, 2013
Harrassed me and said I was going to jail for what I did if I didnt pay them money. Said they were Williams Law firm....when I threatened to report them they spoke a different language and hung up. Had family attorney call and they Blocked his calls once he said he was reporting them.
They find information on folks who owe debt or wrote bad checks. They say you have to pay THEM but if you do , they just scammed you and you still owe the debt to the Right people. Do not fall for this!!!!!!!
We traced the phone to Level 3 Voip phone in Aurora.
 Nov 18th, 2013
Who do we report this to? They know my work and home address??
 Nov 18th, 2013
I just got the exact same issue happening to me! Telling me I had to pay 800.00 dollars to not take this to a court. SCAM SCAM. Gave me almost a heart attack because I have never ever done any criminal stuff. We need to stop them!
 Nov 14th, 2013
Just received a message to not disregard the caller. Call my attorney. Wish me luch as the issue falls upon me?!!! WHAT THE FUCK! how do we report this. NOT COOL.
 Nov 14th, 2013
they have called several times today.... to a buisness line. Have made sveral threats to only the female staff in our office, and hang up instanlty when a male employee takes over the call.... very defined dialect on the other line.
 Nov 14th, 2013
Told me I had a payday loan that I never paid
and that I was gonna be arrested.
 Nov 14th, 2013
This caller is impersonating "the Williams law firm" asking for money and saying that you owe money and that you will be being sued.
 Nov 14th, 2013
Constant calls asking for Mike. No Mike here.Harrasing calls .Person can not speak good English
 Nov 13th, 2013
This caller is impersonating "the Williams law firm" in Denver,co.
Corey broussard
 Nov 13th, 2013