Have received 4 calls from 1-718-569-7903 left as voicemails in the last 2 weeks from Agway Energy Group "regarding my natural gas and electric accounts’ and wanting me to call this number, 1-800-968-3504 . I do not have accounts with them. I’ve never had accounts with them. It's always the same woman who identifies herself as Wilma Sipes or Stipes, sounding exactly the same each time which leads me to believe it's a recording. I called back after the third call, was put on hold after I gave the 2131 extension, and then got a man who was trying to sell me the Agway plan. I requested to be removed from their calling list, he said something like 'well you folks voted to be able to chose your utility service' I said again I'm not interested, he started the hard sell again, again I requested to be removed from their list and I hung up. Just received the 4th call today, October 4, 2012, same old Wilma again. So annoying!!!!! What a SCAM!!! I’m posting this to as many of this type of reporting sites as I can!
 Oct 04th, 2012