repeated calls no voice or precorded message
Bill jackson
 Sep 12th, 2013
Ms. Barnes: Your caller does not maintain this site or this web page. Your caller cannot magically determine which numbers should not be called based on anonymous comments. You will not get compliance with your orders until you deliver them *directly* to your caller.

FCC notes on various ways to combat nuisance calls (at least from legitimate sources)

Continental Finance appears to be a subprime lender with a trail of complaints behind it, many regarding collection practices.
 Sep 26th, 2012
Please take my name off your call list......thank you. Glenda Barnes
Glenda Barnes
 Sep 26th, 2012
Just recieved a call from them. All I heard was, " Man, My cousin has millions of dollars." Then they hung up! We've recieved calls from them before..but never answered.
 Aug 05th, 2009
Hi, again--

That Website is Sorry about that.
Debra Clarke
 Mar 23rd, 2009
Hi, everyone--

I just contacted an attorney's firm here in California by the name of Krohn and Moss. Their telephone number is 323-988-2400. They just told me on their live chat at that they would give me a call and give me free advice on how to stop these people at 716-844-3197 from calling. Give them a call, or go to their Website and talk to them. They seem to be very professional and nice. I just thought I would put this information out there for everyone who gets harassed by these people.
Debra Clarke
 Mar 23rd, 2009