Received multiple calls offering a job related to VISA and MASTERCARD Merchant accounts that was a very easy sounding job description with good pay for the work ask of me. On one of the calls, I heard what sounded to be a boiler-room in the background. One caller had the brains to mute his outgoing side when he wasn't speaking so I didn't hear what sounded like a boiler room background sound. Each time, it was represented as a limited position. Each time, the job just opened up in my area. One of the callers went so far as to claim he saw that someone had just applied for one of the two positions open. That was last Friday. Today is Jan. 3, 2014. He said he's talk to his boss to see if they couldn't hold one open until Monday. He knew I was more than qualified. Did not hear back from that man. Today around 11:30 to 11:40 a.m. I received another such call from a woman. The return number was 77-945-5517 with the following numbers just below what appeared as the phone number. They were: V031-132-0100032. I explained that I believed it to be a fraud, to which she said, "If it were a fraud, we would have been shut down by now." I said not necessarily and that I recently discovered multiple criminal and civil frauds against Wells Fargo Bank from the beginning point of 1992, when we refinanced our home. The orig. stated lender/beneficiary and holder of the trust deed never existed. Since then, Wells has been trying to cover it up by creating even more fraud. I then explained about some of the back-room U.S. government (Wash DC) games that have been fraudulent for well over 100 years and what her Soc. Sec. # represented. It was her I.D. # of her "person". All persons of the united states including those in the United States reside in Washington DC and her social security card was akin to a stock certificate and her number was like the Cusip number on a stock certificate. I continued with more until I could tell someone had joined the conversation. She was interested in my words but suddenly became nervous and said she had to get off the phone. That was immediately after I said, "If the position is real, I would very much be interested. She abruptly hung up. VISA, MASTERCARD and FBI should be alerted. My address is 17692 Anglin Lane, Tustin CA 92780. My phone she called on is 714-731-5661 and is supplied via cable by Time Warner Cable. That should be enough to trace it back to its origin. I'm 68 and a lifetime small entrepreneur with keen senses and intuition. It's worth checking into. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the company she may have said to work for if she did so state. I also did not get her name. Sounded middle aged.
Ron White
 Jan 03rd, 2014