They are was holes they call to harass and that's all. Same thing home owners vs. You qualify for new windows new ac new roof they new specs on my home I said no thanks not I retested the first caller was nice and said ok have a good day. 2nd day diff guy i told him i already spoke to someone he said oh so they are coming out to your home for work I said no we aren't interested he then kept talking over me I said no and on and on...until I hung up. they call me everyday 2 times I hate them.. they are scammers
 Sep 29th, 2017
Received a call on April 20, 2017 at 6:46PM. He said it was regarding a homeowner's association of Yuba City. When stated "Please put me on your do not call list", he replied with "Say please or I'll blow everybody up! Say it nicely or I'll call again tomorrow!" at which point I hung up. Calling back leads to an automated menu for a do not call list.
 Apr 21st, 2017