Number showed up on my caller ID 714-551-6996 as US Choice. No message left on my voice mail or answering machine. That's good because some of those jerks will leave long-winded and unwanted messages.
 Jun 01st, 2013
This cretin called at 5:00 AM! Later on I looked at my caller ID and it said New York. The person left a message on my answering machine, but it was very hard to understand what the idiot was trying to say.
The accent was very heavy, perhaps from India? I'm not at all clear what this foreigner was trying to scam about, I thought I caught something about a "Majic jack" WTF??? Why in the hell would a low life telemarketer- whose call is extremely unwanted and intrusive- from the get-go, have the audacity to call at 5:00 AM???
The number showed up as : 347-568-5144. Four hours later I get another scammer calling from an 888 number which said "Unavailable" so they weren't able to leave a message. Then around 2:00, I see there's a 3rd unwanted call from 714-551-6996 US Choice. Grrrr.... I have registered with the Do Not Call... doesn't seem to work with many telemarketers and scammers!!
 Jun 01st, 2013
Unanswered. Left no message or name.
 Apr 18th, 2013
They called me today asking about changing health insurance. (Luckily, my school has a strict rule about that.) Then they asked if I had a few more minutes. I said no. they hung right up.
 Apr 08th, 2013