Telemarketer for Solar Panels
 Dec 27th, 2013
PEOPLE, do not do business with anyone who calls from a fake caller ID number.

In fact, if you haven't called a company, don't do business with anyone that calls you to do business over the phone.

1st, they use a fake number
2nd They violate the do not call list 3rd they use some sort of deception to "re-introduce" themselves (spoke to you and you were busy but said call back ~ left a coupon on your doorstep when we were in the neighborhood ~ you asked us to call you the next time we had a special.... lies)
These are professional liars, designed to separate fools from their money.

If we can't trust them to not violate our preference to not receive these marketing calls, then how can we trust them with our money, our home, our safety, that they are the best option, that they are the best price, that they will do what they say???? WE CAN'T.

Besides the people calling are usually telemarketing mills. If you ask for a website, a license, a phone number, or anything that might tie them to a legitimate business, they can't answer because they have not SOLD YOU to anyone yet.

First, they deceive you, then they sell you to the guy who has to live up to their lies. The guy who can't get business without employing these liars.

You've been warned!!!
TMs Nightmare
 Sep 23rd, 2013
Calls repeatedly and will never leave a message
 Sep 12th, 2013
I second the comment of RDW. The Panasonic system is the most cost effective at this time.
Hopefully they will increase how many numbers can be blocked and will allow the turning off of the single ring for blocked numbers.
 Jul 16th, 2013
When will all of you understand, these people are nothing more then email scam turned to phone scam, using unreal phone numbers with un-locatable business addresses, and no one on the other end if you call back. The heck with the Gov.’s/do not call list, it can't control what they can't locate, please read the following carefully, its time to get the government to change a few laws, I would like to pick up the phone and know it's a real number I can call back and get a real answer.The phone company won't help, we need to write congress, senators and take the phones back..................If you want to see something interesting search "SPOOFED PHONE NUMBERS" of which this number or 000-000-0000 is only one of whatever number you desire to hide behind and map location provided by web pages and some search providers are useless. You will see how helpless you really are and why the GOV_Do Not Call List Can’t Work because these numbers are spoof (unreal). Your only hope for complete relaxation is to do what I did. Look around on Ebay or any where on the Internet for a phone ring controller or a incoming call blocker, I see ebay has a couple at around $50-$60 but read the specifications carefully and make sure they will block "OUT OF AREA" and "000-000-0000" so don't go as cheap as possible, as of right now, this is your only hope. Verizon would not help me block these numbers, the Do Not Call List cannot work, it's not possible. There is equipment out there "Panasonic with 30 number blocks" are OK but they still leave one ring get through, I have one in the garage and one in the bedroom. My main weapon sets on the desk called a "Caller ID With Ring Controller". I have it controlling the main phone on the desk and one large aux ringer, all other phone have there ringer shut completely off. You must check the specifications of what you buy but I see no other way out at this time,
 Jun 15th, 2013
If you are tired of this and other calls and you are part of the Do Not Call list. File a complaint.
I also get calls from this number and I just did a report of this on the Do-Not-Call Complaint Registry site
 Oct 19th, 2012
 Oct 03rd, 2012
Call, left no message
 Aug 07th, 2012
I am tired of receiving calls where no one answers and then hangs up! I am on the don't call list.
 Mar 09th, 2012